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How find imei number mobile phone ehow, How to find the imei number on a mobile phone. How find imei number mobile phone, Imei number international mobile equipment identity number unique number gsm umts mobile phone find stolen.
How find imei esn number cell phone, If ’ imei (international mobile equipment indicator) esn (electronic serial number) number cell phone, don’ . Please also note this post is not complete yet, I still need to modify it or add more content.
OK, another friend owns a Galaxy Nexus and the IMEI number changes to 004999010640000 after he tries to flash official Android 4.02 back.
So it seems to me that the IMEI number we change is the one store in the nv_data.bin file, not the one store in EEPROM. Some, however say that Samsung handset has a code that can restore data stored in EEPROM which helps to find if your handset’s IMEI has been changed, and the code is *2767*3855#.
But the whole thing proves nothing, we just know this is how the IMEI number is handled in the Samsung Galaxy series, it may not apply to other models from Samsung, not to mention Android devices made by other manufacturers. In theory, we need higher voltage to rewrite the EEPROM to change the IMEI number; I have no idea if apps alone could achieve that. In the meantime, we all know IMEI number is unique to any mobile device, so carriers and police can use IMEI number to block or track stolen mobile devices. For Android, there is an app called PDroid which enables you to provide any IMEI number to apps require it (does not change it). I know some people have been changing the IMEI number for profits because of shortcomings of the manufacturers’ warranty policy.
In fact, you can change the IMEI stored in this file to any number you wish but it’s a little complicated (if you do not backup then this method sure helps).
However there are apps out there claiming that they can change the IMEI in EEPROM which I will provide a list later. Each time a SIM card register itself on mobile operators’ network, the MSC and VLR request the IMEI number from the cell phone.

If it’s the same thing as typing *#06# on your phone, then the whole situation worsens.
I do not try them myself, if you need any of them to restore your IMEI, contact me for details. So always refer to your user manual and local law, you are responsible for any action you take. One of my friends owns an Android device, and he likes those little apps very much, especially games and mobile social apps. I do not know why and if this is legal since no laws exists regarding acquiring and utilizing IMEI number to deny service. It has various applications as it differentiates one phone from another, it’s just unique.
Usually someone buys a handset with warranty, he or she types *#06# and submits the IMEI number to the manufacturers’ official website, and things seem nice. This is still how we solve the issue in the first story too, we provide another IMEI number to the app and it accepts that, it works flawlessly!
Generally normal users would not care about IMEI, but those who lose the IMEI number cares. You can post a comment or send a message to me either on Facebook, or Twitter, or Google Plus which can be found on the about page. However his account for one social network (neither FB nor Twitter) got closed the other day for no reason specified. We however decide to try the two files from somebody else on the forum who has the same phone. In our case the IMEI remains unchanged, which means either our IMEI number never has been changed or it simply does not work. IMEI has certain effect on mobile device, the first story is a case in point, and there’s more. However, if IMEI number is not unique at all, then the criminals can change the IMEI number of any mobile device they steal, and sell them for huge profits.

The solution is to create two databases, with one containing IMEI and the other IMSI, and each IMEI is linked to an IMSI.
We find upon rebooting that my friend’s IMEI number changes to the same as that phone whose files we use. We do not recommend anyone try it, and always remember to backup if you do wanna see what it can cause on your handset. But criminals care the most, because they need to change the IMEI to resell the device they steal, and they always know more than us. We remove as many system apps as possible, and change almost everything possible to make it more personalized. The IMEI number is generally stored in EEPROM, short for Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory. So we copy the backup to the factory folder, and not surprisingly the IMEI number restores. If you or your friend ever brick a phone (bootloader’s not working which means no hardware damage), then Jtag is need to fix it. Someone get their phone bricked when flashing custom ROMs, and some lose the baseband and IMEI which means no network on the phone and even worse. Electrically Erasable Programmable means the data store in an EEPROM can be erased or programmed (rewritten), usually with a higher than working voltage.
My guess is that some programs only change the IMEI stored somewhere else, while others change the one in EEPROM or some system files.

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