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2930327Conservatives said Tuesday that the defeat of Ohio Issue 2, which would have limited collective bargaining rights for state employees, will cause localities to decrease services, raise taxes and lay off the very firefighters, policemen and teachers that the unions said the vote would protect. Issue 2 was soundly defeated, 63 percent to 37 percent, with 2,212 districts of 9,522 reporting when the Associated Press called the race.
Passing Issue 2 would “give local governments an ability to have control over their budgets” in order to deal with their financial problems, said Connie Wehrkamp, spokesperson for Building a Better Ohio, a group supporting Issue 2. Peter Brown, Assistant Director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute pointed out that unions are also more popular in Ohio than they are in other states.

Unions and their supporters argued that voting to repeal Senate Bill 5, as the bill was called when it was passed, is “really an opportunity to support collective bargaining rights for every day heroes… and it’s really about having the backs of those people who have had ours,” in the words of Melissa Fazekas, spokesperson for We are Ohio, the group that spearheaded the successful repeal effort. Though there are provisions in the bill other than the one that would limit collective bargaining, Fazekas said Monday that voters needed to look at it “in its entirety,” and that those other provisions that supporters said were popular were really just a “red herring” that distracted from the basic fact that the bill would deny collective bargaining rights to essential state employees. Heimlich predicted “either mass tax increases or mass layoffs across the state” as a result of the bill being repealed. The Ohio polls suggest a similar split but the referendum today will give us a definitive answer as to where the public stands, at least in Ohio,” he added.

Tonight we will enjoy this historic victory, while tomorrow we will go back to work,” said Tamar Gray, a Cleveland public school teacher.

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