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To Set-Up 'Find My iPhone' feature, users need to link their Apple ID with it and this will not only helps in locating the device but also gives permission to its user to remove all the data, drive direction to the lost device, lock the device by a passcode and displays a custom message on the locked screen. After Doing so, just connect the hacked iPhone with your computer and use iTunes software to restore the smartphone's Data.
Want the most interesting Technology and Hacking News delivered automatically to your inbox? Ask Different is a question and answer site for power users of Apple hardware and software. Since I can't get access to wifi through my device (it needs Apple ID password), how can I turn the that off?
Oftentimes you don't need to actually restore your iPhone if the wifi switch has become disabled (grayed out). This will reset all network settings, including Bluetooth pairing records, Wi-Fi passwords, VPN, and APN settings. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged iphone ios icloud wifi find-my-iphone or ask your own question.
Would an encryption scheme that generates an extra key to be securely stored offsite be a safe backdoor? Once you create your free account with Undercover web service, the app simply displays the Login button. You can then optionally provide this information when you report a device stolen via the web interface, which allows the cloud service to file a theft with the police via email, including reported location of a stolen device and aforementioned identifiable IDs. The web interface allows you to enter device-specific IDs, all found General->About section of the Settings app on your device. When Undercover is launched on a device reported stolen, the app pretends to be loading a game.
The next time Undercover is launched on a device reported stolen, it will pretend to be loading a game, buying the time necessary to transmit its accurate location. When you report a device lost, the next time Undercover is launched it displays a custom message that you can set in the web interface when you reported a lost device. Whenever the cloud receives location of the device reported either stolen or lost, you’ll receive an email alert. When you report a device lost, you can set the custom message that will appear when a finder launches the app, along with your contact phone number.
When a finder launches Undercover on a device reported lost, your custom message will appear, along with the Call Owner button that launches a phone call. One of major concerns that stem from feeding a third-party service your iPhone’s location and device IDs is security of servers that keep this data.
Unfortunately, Undercover isn’t bullet-proof solution and there are several limitations that you need to be aware of. Of course, clever thieves who know about Undercover could restore a stolen iPhone to factory settings, manually remove Undercover app from your device or simply refrain from running the program, effectively beating the solution.
According to Orbicule, other iPhone developers will soon include Undercover functionality in their apps. This is actually a copy of GadgetTrak for the iPhone which was launched in August and available free from the App Store.
A much better and cheaper solution for tracking a lost or stolen phone is the new FoneHome app. It would take 3 years to spend 300 dollars ( the cost of a new phone) by that time you would want a new phone & could upgrade. Once you've completed this, there will be a prompt asking you if you want to sign up for "Find My iPhone." Again, you do.
If your iPhone is lost, and you think you're in the room with it, you can make it sound an alarm. The bottom two features -- "Remote Lock" and "Remote Wipe" -- are security features for when you leave your Apple device in a public place or somewhere that a stranger could get his or her hands on it. Apple debuted the Siri virtual assistant, a voice-controlled interface designed exclusively for the iPhone 4S.

Apple will release a fix as soon as possible, until then users are advised to keep a secure passcode with a very short timer, that prevents anyone from getting into the iCloud settings at all.
But it looks like there is a new major flaw has been discovered that allows users to disable "Find My iPhone" without needing to write the required password. This will restore your device regardless of settings on the device, including Find my iPhone. Even tried to erase all settings, but it needs the Apple id password, which again requires wifi.
Mac users are no strangers to the desktop version of Undercover that helps theft victims accurately locate stolen Mac notebooks and desktops. You will use the web interface to track reported locations of your authorized devices on a world map. To make the most of the app, file a theft with your local police station to get the case number and police contact information, including an email address. This should encourages a thief to wait, giving the app necessary time to obtain accurate location.
You can also enter the case number and police contact information, including an email address. A finder will also see a handy Call Owner button that can be tapped to place a phone call to you, also set in the web interface.
If you have setup your device to check email accounts used to register with the Undercover service, change your email password upon theft to prevent a thief from reading Undercover’s email alerts.
Both Undercover app and online service use SSL to keep your information safe and secure during transactions, preventing eavesdropping, tampering, or communications forgery. Since current iPhone firmware doesn’t allow background processes, the cloud is unable to remotely trigger the app to silently report its location in the background.
However, developers have proposed an interesting workaround to limitations that stem from Apple-imposed prevention of background processes. Although officially unconfirmed, interface hooks left all over the place in beta builds of the iPhone OS 3.0 strongly indicate existence of this feature. Unlike Undercover, it will be a system service running in the background, reporting location on demand, without a thief even knowing this.
It all depends on your usage patterns, kind of environment that you live in and sensitiveness of data kept on the device.
So to me $100 a year is a small price for the piece of mind that I don’t have to buy a new phone everytime I lose it. You've got five icons to choose from, and clearly we want "Find My iPhone," the old-school RADAR looking one. In that black rectangle that shows where your iPhone is, there is a little letter 'i' inside a blue circle. With Remote Lock, you can set a numerical password from afar that will prevent others from using your phone or tablet without the code; Remote Wipe, meanwhile, erases all of the data, information and media on your device, if you're concerned about privacy. Siri lets the user schedule calendar events and reminders, set alarms, find information about local businesses--just by asking. You can make it play a sound, even with the ringer off, find it’s location, and remotely lock it.
I wanted to know what happens after a DFU restore: will the iPhone ask for Apple ID and password before allowing you to use it? That's why I wanted to know if there was any way I could do it without the need of wifi or cellular data.
In addition, the site enables you to report a device lost or stolen, but only if you access the web interface on your desktop. Even if a thief quits the app, it’ll transmit last most accurate location to the cloud. The service then uses this information, along with location and device-specific IDs, to notify the police about theft via email.
Locking out access to your iPhone’s apps by enabling PIN protection locks thieves out as well, preventing Undercover from transmitting its location. If Orbicule can deliver on this promise, an increasing number of popular apps may refuse to work on stolen iPhones, while reporting their location in the process.

It allegedly requires paid subscription to Apple’s $99 a year suite of cloud services. If you use an iPhone for business, you’re already covered as your IT manager can remotely wipe out content on stolen iPhone.
So you can invest $5 & 9 times out of 10 not be able to retrieve your phone or you can invest $99 a year to have an extremely better chance of find phone. I tried to locate it for the police but it couldnt do it (presume because it was flat) and so in haste maybe, I clicked on WIPE. Once the software has been successfully downloaded to your device (and this could take hours, depending on the crunch on Apple's servers), it will automatically reboot. How do you find your iPhone when it is lost in the quagmire of your living room or basement? When you click that RADAR icon, you'll be taken to a map that should show where your iPhone is.
It works well, it's free and you should probably download it before you lose that Apple device of yours. Sadly, it only works if you have an active data connection, or if it’s connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot (which, if it’s lost, chances are it’s not close to a recognized hotspot). Leave the “Sender” field blank and enter a custom message that you want to send to find your phone. I have it so it turns on BioProtect, Bluetooth, Cellular Data, Flashlight, Location Services, LTE, Ringer, Viberation, Wi-Fi, turns off Auto Brightness, Do Not Disturb, f.lux, turns up the media and ringer volume 100%, displays a message that says “This iPhone is lost”, along with a phone number to call.
If you select the build button in the top right corner, there should be an option for both media and ringer volume.
If your asking about making it lock by itself if it’s locked, there is an option that you can enable that for. Make sure you select OK, and run Undercover at least twice so a thief won’t see this alert. Should your device be offline when Undercover is launched, meaning there was no WiFi or cellular data access, the program still saves its location. In all other cases, calculate risks of your iPhone being stolen versus possible damage should a thief access your personal information on the device. Everyone else should seriously consider securing their iPhone or iPod touch with this nifty little app.
It is still pending because I assume the theives havent charged it yet – maybe its already on ebay site or similar?? Though you may not see a need to back up your address book, iCloud is worth its zero dollar price tag for Find My iPhone alone, for the time, money and frustration it could save you in the future. When the device goes online and Undercover is launched again, it transmits cached location(s). When I chatted with Apple they said they could not locate the phone once WIPE had been requested. No more tearing apart couch cushions, no more begging a friend or loved one to call your phone for you: Find My iPhone takes care of that instantly, and it doesn't make fun of you for having lost your phone again. Select "Use iCloud" and sign in with your Apple ID (the email address and password you use for the iTunes store).
Either I dont wipe it and the thieves have access to all my apps etc once it is charged (emails etc) OR I wipe to remove sensitive information being revealed and then mobileme cant locate it?! Come on Apple, you can do better morally, never mind the sales created by people who have to go out and buy another – not everyone has insurance. I want to be able to wipe all my sensitive info immediately after it has been stolen and STILL be able to locate it for the police – then we are talking sense.

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