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If you have ever misplaced you iPhone and could not find it for a long time time, you know the panic that immediately sets in. You start thinking about the information that you have stored in it, including the passwords, login details to your financial accounts, your Facebook account and much more. Use this police report (its is called FIR, or First Information Report in India) to contact your mobile service provider. You don’t have to go through all this hassle if you have any one of the following iPhone tracing and tracking apps installed on your iPhone.
If the iPhone is not connected to the internet, you can enable the option in Find My iPhone app to email you its location on map as soon as it gets online.
If you click on the location point of iPhone on the map, the Find My iPhone app will offer you three choices.
First you should send the message on your iPhone asking the new owner(?) to send the iPhone back. If you get no response even after a long time, you may consider removing all your data on it and then try to track it down via GPS locations on the map. Note that once you wipe the data on your iPhone, it will be reset to factory defaults, and it will be impossible to recover the data on this iPhone even if you find it later. You will also receive a report that shows where your iPhone is being used when you log into the website for iHound.
This is an important app to install as anyone who has stolen or found your lost iPhone will connect it to his computer to install and modify the iPhone for his own use. As you may have realized by now, the best solution to find your lost or stolen iPhone is prevention. Note that some of the iPhone tracing and tracking apps listed above may need jailbreaking of your iPhone. This tutorial will help show you how to show your Windows Phone 8 on a map from any Internet-connected computer to help find it's location. Find My Phone uses SMS (text messaging) to send commands that map, ring, lock, or erase your phone. If Microsoft can't find your phone right away, they'll offer to keep trying if you'd like, and will send you an email if they find it. If you accidentally delete an app?or ever have to replace your phone?you can reinstall apps or games you've bought without paying for them again (as long as they're still available in the Windows Phone Store). Now, parents can keep track of their children's whereabouts and see where they have been, couples can know that their loved ones arrived safely at their destination, friends can locate each other, and even managers can find and keep track of employees in the field.
With Footprints, you can set up Geofences, like your kids school, and be notified when these fences are crossed. Apple made this change to protect its users, so that any app that is killed by the user is no longer automatically relaunched.

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Because the comments are getting so numerous, I’m going to start deleting the ones that get integrated into the list.
You start thinking all kind of things and start worrying as if your iPhone is lost forever. You start thinking about those pictures that you treasure and wish you had transferred them to your laptop before you misplaced your phone. To do this, simply make a call to your iPhone from any other mobile phone and make sure that you can’t find it. Then check the bill of your iPhone to find out its IMEI number, and contact your nearest police station to report the lost iPhone with its IMEI number. They will first block this iPhone so that it becomes unusable for the person who found or stole it.
So, if you find your iPhone using the above procedure or if you buy a new iPhone, the first thing to do is to install any one or more of these apps. Within this app is a newly added option that allows iPhone owners to send a text message to their iPhone to help track it.

These type of apps are generally used by parents to track the actions, including messages and phone calls, of their children.
I know you will hate your parents after this, but hey, you at least got your lost iPhone back. It is best to already have security and protection apps installed and actively working on your iPhone, just in case you do lose or misplace it. Find My Phone makes it easier to recover your phone, or to prevent someone from using it without your permission.
You can even activate movement sensors that will notify you each time your loved ones are on the move. Map your Footprints and Facebook friends together, so you can always see where everybody is. Your location data is only shared with the people you explicitly grant permission to see your location. Footprints must be installed on all devices tracking or sharing locations, and each device must have a valid subscription.
Click on Find My iPhone button and the app will instantly trace your iPhone to its exact location on a Map if its currently connected to the internet. This way, you will not get a panic attack or hours and hours of worry when your iPhone is suddenly gone.
HackTrix will not be responsible for any issues that may arise with your iPhone if you jailbreak it to install the above apps on it. This is the typical length of time many mobile operators queue SMS messages in their system.
With Footprints, you can track your kids and share locations with family and friends, anytime, privately. It's really different from other apps that simply show the current location or require some kind of manual operation to share locations. Your registration information is never used to contact you, never sold to others, and never used for advertising. Devices without a GPS and cellular connection (iPad Wi-Fi, iPod touch) can only track and share waypoints when connected to a Wi-Fi network. Yes, the world of cell phone ownership has changed, and now you can not only protect your phone, you can also trace (remotely locate) your iPhone is its lost or stolen. With security and protection apps like the ones listed above, you will at least know how to attempt to recover your iPhone if its lost or stolen.

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