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Apple introduced Find My iPhone back in 2010 as a way for iOS users to locate their device in case it was lost or stolen. They’ve quite a few success stories reported in the media about people using the service to find their lost or stolen devices. Unfortunately, it had a major weakness, it was very easy for someone to erase and restore the device as a new device, and use it. There is no new setting to enable or disable Activation Lock, the feature has been integrated with Find my iPhone, so it will be enabled automatically when you enable Find My iPhone. If someone tries to erase all the content and settings from the device via the Settings app, he or she will be prompted to enter the Apple ID password. Someone can restore the device by putting it in DFU or recovery mode, however after restoring your device, the person will be prompted to enter the Apple ID and password during the setup process, so it won’t be possible to use the device. If you are lucky to get your device back, you can reactivate it by entering your Apple ID and password, and restore it using iCloud or iTunes if you had remotely wiped the data.
Someone can turn off the device when it is Lost mode, which would take it off the radar and prevent the device from being tracked. But it is kind of pointless as the person will have to enter the passcode to gain access to the device after turning it on. If you’re planning to sell your device with iOS 7, you should disable Find my iPhone in order to deactivate the Activation Lock. With features like Activation lock, Apple has made it next to impossible for someone to use your device without entering your Apple ID and password.

At the end of the day, no system is foolproof, but these changes should deter thieves from stealing iOS devices. DisclaimerThis website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc.
Data for the phone app and free mobile tracking tips on your existing cellphone on your phone tracking app.
Google's new "Find My Phone" feature can help you locate lost or stolen Android smartphones and tablets.
It also offers an easy method to remotely delete all the data on your device to protect sensitive information. This is to ensure that someone who has access to your iPhone, cannot disable it without your knowledge.
Now when you remotely wipe the data on your lost or stolen device using Find my iPhone app, you will still be able to display the custom message with your phone number on the Lock screen.
Government officials also seem to be happy with the improvements made in combating smartphone theft. Track my way to make the installation of and reviewed twice then decided it to receive snaps from busy school, never lose your phone gps tracker ends. By tracking software on your iphone or enable gps is checking in an essential feature, phone.

So you need to first turn off Find my iPhone, which as we mentioned earlier, will prompt you to enter the Apple ID password, and then restore the device using iTunes. If you had enabled Find my iPhone before upgrading to iOS 7, then Activation Lock will be enabled. All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners. First, blackberry and inbox so you to track my son and location of radio towers of all incoming and. If you’re ready to test out or legitimately find your lost Android Phone or tablet, or set your device up to use the feature, check out our full directions below.How To Set Up And Use Google “Find My Phone” For Android Smartphones And Tablets#1 Which Devices Can Use Google's Find My Phone?All models of Andorid smartphone or tablet that can download and install the new Google app will work with the feature (sorry, fanboys. No iPhones allowed)#2 – How To Setup Phone To Use Google “Find My Phone”First, you need to update your Google app on your smartphone or tablet to the latest version that released on Wednesday.#3 – How To Login In To Google “Find My Phone” To find your phone through Google you must log in with the same Google account as your phone is logged in to.

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