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What transmission , "oddly, the transmission has operated extremely well meaning it is very smooth between gears.
Complete transmission fluid change - chevrolet forum, So our 2007 equinox fwd has 71k miles on it and i felt it was due for a transmission fluid change. Chevrolet cruze owners manual: automatic transmission fluid, Manual transmission fluid how to check manual transmission fluid it is not necessary to check the manual transmission fluid level. Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Welcome everyone - I have made a couple of videos showing the locations of the signs in case you miss any - Hopefully you may find this useful - Each sign gives you a 1% discount on upgrades - So when you have all 100 - FREE UPGRADES!
EDIT : I have re made the video without the Horizon Outposts on there - And hopefully the image sizes will now be doubled too - If you liked the previous video please like this one also! What I suggest is to save my maps to your pc, and then open them up in paint or another graphics program. I would like to thank THE DON JOSE for the next image - And also thank gw2 for having the idea and putting the first image together but it turned out a little blurry.
You are more than welcome - Hopefully everyone will find it helpful - Some were a pain to find!

Stop lurking and thank the people that make the guides that help you get your achievements easier. Ok, Well first - I did all the roads very early on and still missed some - I had 9 left - IF you discover a road DURING a race technically you haven't drove past the sign - Even though you have discovered the road and therefore doesn't appear as a red dot. I was going to give my copy away on UK release day - But another member on here said whats the point giving it away then. Also being that all i have left is a couple of MP achievements left you would think i would have an idea what i am talking about? Now that you've made it though it won't take anyone else any hard work to earn this achievement.
The game gives you a circle to search in and all you have to do is find a big red barn in that circle. I just think that things like this make people lazy and it takes away from the people that actually find these things on their own. Video games are already an extremely lazy hobby and people want to be even more lazy playing them!? It doesn't make you feel like your achievement it less meaningful knowing that people are just going to use your maps without even finding them on their own?

I was viewing this as something of a cheat before since if someone uses this they could have free upgrades at the beginning of the game then take those cars online and have an advantage over other people that don't have their cars fully upgraded. I have 11 discounts left and haven't used a guide and I've put the time in to actually find them myself and now there is something like this and it just cheapens the experience for me. Not to mention that with this guide a lot of people can cheat and will get free upgrades the easy way and take their fully upgraded cars (that they didn't earn) online. I would like to enjoy the online experience for more then a day before all of the cheaters with fully upgraded cars get online and ruin it because they got the discount signs the easy way.
Not to mention that with this guide a lot of people with get free upgrades the easy way and take their fully upgraded cars that they didn't earn online.
I think that if you are going to get an achievement you should earn it and achieve something.

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