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Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The first such instalment is for a personal project: I needed a blank plane ticket or boarding pass that I could customize to use as part of a surprise for some friends, so I went to Google and did some image searching. Perceptual mapping is a technique that allows you to visualize the positioning of different brands in the market. Perceptual maps are based on how consumers view brand personalities, but this method doesn't require any new market research. Step Three: Draw a simple matrix with one criterion mapped to the vertical axis and the other mapped to the horizontal axis.
Simply going through this exercise gives you a new perspective and forces you to answer questions you might not normally consider. Here's one more map that compares songs about living in outer space in terms of how psychedelic and sad they are. Most of the times you see a perceptual map in a PowerPoint deck or report, it was generated the easy way. If, on the other hand, you wanted to map perceptions on two different axis for multiple car brands, you have to ask people how similar every possible pairing of cars is. If you do manage to incentivize people to invest the time to completely and accurately fill out your questionnaire, you still have to process your data.

Theses unlabeled maps will show you that Brand X and Brand Y are very similar or that Brand Z has no close competitors in the lower right quadrant, but they won't tell you what the axes mean. If you're going to be relying heavily on perceptual mapping to reposition a brand, this is the ideal method.
Unlimited data plans are a thing of the past, and while some users have been grandfathered into these plans, most of us now have capped data plans, forcing us to be a little more conservative with our data, or at least be more aware of our usage.
Note that whether you are making a call over Wi-Fi or cellular, the FaceTime app will show you the data used. None were quite right – most were low-resolution, making them impractical for what I needed to do which was layer some text over top and make a print out that looked almost as good as the original. So, Home Land Security, INS let it be known I don’t have any personal or professional relationship with this Jason Dunn character. Using perceptual maps, you can quickly compare yourself to competitors and make strategic decisions about whether or not you need to reposition your brand. Instead, it's simply a way to visualize and refine your current understanding of your market. For this example, I considered comparing different brands of cars or laundry detergent, but I thought it would be more fun to try something off the beaten path. For the data-conscious people out there, we have a simple tip that will show you a quick and easy way to see how much data specific FaceTime calls use.

Right at the top, you can see whether it was an incoming or outgoing call, the duration of the call, as well as the amount of data used for that call.
To my knowledge, there is no way to differentiate cellular versus Wi-Fi calls in the FaceTime app. Some of these posts will seem like nonsense to you, but as strange as they might be, I figure that if I’m looking for something, someone else out there is probably doing the same thing. So I fired up my scanner, did a 300 dpi scan of a recent boarding pass from my trip to Thailand, and used a clone brush to delete the elements of text that I wanted to customize. These objects are free for personal use, but commercial use is prohibited without permission. Took make 15 minutes total, and the results look awesome when cranked out on my colour laser printer (an HP 2600n). And if you’re looking for another blank airline boarding pass, check out this British Airways blank boarding pass that I scanned.
The deeper they get into the survey, the less concerned they'll be with providing accurate answers.

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