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If your automatic transmission is leaking because of a bad pan gasket, replace it with a new one from Mr.
Victor Herbert and the Pittsburgh Orchestra were hired to perform at the Pan-American Exposition for a period towards the end of the Exposition.
If you charge them $3000 a week on a minimum 4 weeks engagement, as you suggest, it's about right. The shooting of President McKinley on September 6, 1901 at the Pan-American Exposition heightened Herbert's concerns about financial arrangements with the Exposition Company. The deplorable death of the president will certainly settle that one extra week in Buffalo. In a September 25th letter to Wilson, Herbert expressed his concerns about being paid for the Exposition engagement. As to the Buffalo engagement I want to say this: Lund with his orchestra played from 2-4 and 8-10. After Wilson apparently replied that the contract with the Exposition could be broken, Herbert replied in part with the following on October 1st.

What I said about Buffalo was that I knew they had had hard times paying their attractions, but that they didfinally. Victor Herbert also contributed to the Pan-American Exposition by composing a work, Panamericana: Morceau Characteristique, for the orchestra to perform. The program for the October 17th performances by the Pittsburgh Orchestra conducted by Victor Herbert.
Herbert had close friends in Buffalo, including conductor John Lund and violinist Henry Toepfer. He stated the following in a letter written to Wilson September 14th, the day of McKinley's deatth. The work, dedicated to the President of the Pan-American Exposition, John Milburn, was first played at the Exposition on October 14th in the Temple of Music.
The first part is "supposed" to be "Indian" the second part "ragtime" (modern America) and the trio "Cuban" or Spanish character.
Source: Official Daily Program of the Pan-American Exposition - "University of Buffalo Day" (October 17, 1901).

It would be best to get September and October time, in one way, on the other hand if the Expo.
Since we can't play in the open air, I don't see how or why they should shift us around much. Is not a great financial success it is much better to get time in the early part of the affair; you're sure of your money then. I hope that you will see that we get all the advertising we ought to have before we arrive and when we get there.
People are very hard up, and that several of the organizations had the devil's own time to collect the money due them. I hope however they will do some business from now on and that we will have no trouble of that kind.

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