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Sem duvida a noticia do dia, que ainda carece de confirmacao oficial, mas que a Apple apenas confirmou que esta a investigar uma possivel falha dos seus servicos. Durante o dia 31 de agosto, domingo, comecaram surgir varias imagens intimas de famosos pela internet fora, mais de cem celebridades. Segundo as informacoes, o programa que tera sido utilizado e o Github e o proprio criador da ferramenta admitiu que a mesma pode ter sido utilizada para esses ataques, ja que tem essa capacidade. Uma das celebridades afetadas, a atriz Jennifer Lawrence ja confirmou oficialmente que as fotografias sao verdadeiras, no entanto ha outros famosos que afirmam que as imagens sao falsas. Fanatico de tecnologia e fa do Android, mas com consciencia que a Apple revolucionou varios mercados. Utilizamos cookies para assegurar que lhe fornecemos a melhor experiencia na nossa pagina web.
If you saw Kim Kardashian strutting down the street in this dress you would definitely do a double take. Wolford might be known for its luxe lingerie and tights, but Kim is a fan of showcasing her killer curves in their clothing range. Kim's nude number is now sold out, but click (right) to get the red version at House of Fraser. Courtesy of Apple, you've just handed over one of the only keys safeguarding your digital domain to a complete stranger. In fact, many of my colleagues in federal agencies tasked with doing cyberdefense have chosen Macs over Windows PCs for just that reason. Although my ongoing annoyance with all things Apple is a matter of public record, I've generally stipulated that if you want a safer experience, you're probably better off with Macs. That's why I was so surprised and disappointed to see a series of what I consider to be major security flaws, not in Apple's software, but directly on its packaging. Since I got the system the day after Apple announced it (kudos to Apple for a very fast turnaround), I decided I'd do an unboxing gallery so everyone could share in the oh-so-exciting excitement that comes from opening a box.
I'm telling you this because I never would have noticed the security flaws I'm documenting in this column if I hadn't done the unboxing. Before I go into the flaws, let me give you a background on identity theft and personal security. On the outside of the shipping box for the Mac mini server (and I presume this is the case for other Apple products), the serial number of the server was prominently displayed. Most Fedex people are very cool people, but you never know much about the people who carry your packages. But others who get deliveries might not want their Mac serial numbers available to their delivery people, who already know their addresses.
Of course, if someone technically astute knew one of your MAC addresses, it'd be much easier to gain access to your network. So, now, imagine you're someone shopping at, say, a Best Buy or Apple store and you want to buy a Mac. If the clerk had bad intentions in mind, you've already given him or her your home address, phone number, and credit card information.

Thanks to Apple, if you bought a Mac mini (and probably their other products), you've also given the clerk your new MAC address. Let me repeat that: Apple prints MAC address information, along with the machine's serial number, on the outside of the box. Now the clerk has access to not only your credit card information, possibly your driver's license information, your home address and your phone number, but the MAC address that's one of the layers used to keep people out of your network. I can understand how picking and packing might be easier with an easily visible serial number, but there's absolutely no reason network security codes need to be displayed on the outside of retail packaging for all to see. Os servicos de localizar smartphones e objetos perdidos sao ja algo banais, sendo enumeras as aplicacoes para o efeito.
No entanto, a Google acabou de integrar o servico Android Device Manager com o motor de pesquisa Google. Uma vez localizado o smartphone, o utilizador pode efetuar uma chamada para o telemovel ou bloquea-lo e apagar todos os dados para que estes nao caiam em maos erradas. Your driver license contains several pieces of info that are needed to complete some applications and for driver license renewals. The driver license number is eight digits long and should not be confused with the audit number, which is on the side of your picture or near the bottom of the driver license. Natural de Barcelona, Espana, naci en 1971 y soy un apasionado de la informatica y de los dispositivos moviles en general.
Mis sistemas operativos favoritos son Android para los dispositivos moviles y Linux para los ordenadores portatiles y de sobremesa, aunque me defiendo bastante bien en Mac, Windows e iOS. Todo lo que se acerca de estos sistemas operativos lo he aprendido de manera autodidacta, ya que como he dicho antes soy un verdadero adicto a estos temas. Mis dos mayores pasiones son mi hijo pequeno de dos anos y mi mujer, son sin duda las dos personas mas importantes de mi vida. Unete a Androidsis gratis y recibe las ultimas noticias sobre Android en tu correo electronico. Segundo o Engadget, a falha tera acontecido num servico da Apple, numa primeira fase a acusacao recaiu sobre o iCloud, mas posteriormente as culpas foram para o Find my iPhone. No entanto, os programadores que reportaram a falhar, terao confirmado que a Apple ja a tera corrigido.
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Not only because she's the most famous reality star in the world, but also because on first glance her flesh coloured dress looks a bit like she forgot to put it on at all! It's by Wolford and thanks to its seamless tube design, it can be worn as a skirt, top or an adjustable length dress, which makes this the most versatile thing youa€™ll ever own. And shea€™s not the one, because we've also spotted Daisy Lowe in the black version of this so-called Fatal dress. The new Mac mini server is intended for some specialized video work I'm doing in the studio I'm building.
This means that everyone in the shipping chain between Apple and my home had access to the serial number of my new computer.

Since we get a lot of deliveries here at Camp David, our regular Fedex guy is always just a little too curious about our daily business. Besides, the property is heavily protected and monitored, with both active and passive defenses. That's why we always recommend you set up encryption on your WiFi network, and give it a unique key.
All that person would have to do is spoof the MAC address, and your router wouldn't be able to tell that the spoofing device wasn't the one that was authorized on the network.
When you make a large purchase at someplace like an Apple store, you have to present identification, often a credit card, sometimes a driver's license, often your home address and phone number.
This is essentially one more key to gain access to your network and, for some incredibly short-sighted reason, Apple prints this information on the outside of the box. In fact, Apple prints your WiFi MAC address (what they call AirPort ID), your wired MAC address, and even your new computer's Bluetooth network address!
To sign up for more newsletters or to manage your account, visit the Newsletter Subscription Center. Desta forma, um utilizador Android para saber a localizacao do seu dispositivo basta procurar no Google por Find My Phone. Why not try throwing a shirt over the top of yours for the office, or pairing it with a denim jacket and sandals on holiday? Although fellow ZDNet blogger Ed Bott has written extensively about Mac malware, there's no doubt there's less of it on Macs than on Windows PCs. That's why I have long recommended you NOT tweet your location on Twitter and keep where you're going to yourself on Facebook. Each network device has (or should have) a unique MAC (Media Access Control) address, essentially a network serial number.
Once allowed onto the network, the intruder would simply have to begin the process of cracking your encryption. Esta pesquisa ira chamar de imediato o servico da Google e mostrar ao utilizador a sua localizacao, dando a possibilidade de recuperar o telemovel perdido. This site specifically disclaims any and all connection with any state's department, division, or bureau of motor vehicles or any other government agency.
In this way, unless someone knows the name of your network, he or she won't be able to find your network (unless that person is actively engaging in wireless sniffing, of course).
If you tell your router to only let in devices that have certain specific MAC addresses, it's much harder for someone spying on your network to connect.
Additionally, this site expressly disclaims any and all liability for third party links or resources on the site and any claims of negligence arising from same. Or perhaps it's someone who knows your buying patterns and thinks you might make an interesting target for criminal activity.

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