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The school has been lying derelict in the heart of our community and recently has become a magnet for anti social behaviour, with various attempts to set the building on fire. It has been frustrating over the past few months but with everyone working together we have been able to overcome any obstacles that have been placed in our way, I have no doubt this partnership working together will serve us well in the delivery of the overall master plan for the site.
For over five weeks now we have seen crowds of upwards of 200 young people congregate next to the grounds of Immaculate Conception College. I would call on parents to be aware of where their children are at night, particularly at weekends as I am confident that the vast majority of these parents have no idea what their children are doing.
Myself and community workers have had numerous meetings with the PSNI to highlight this issue, it is frustrating that despite commitments to have a presence in the area , sadly the reality is that this isn’t happening. Residents in the area expect a response from the PSNI when they feel intimidated in their homes, and in my opinion the response to date has been totally unacceptable.
Community workers and residents have been left to fill the vacuum left by the PSNI and on occasions have been verbally abused and spat on when attempting to move the large crowds along. It is encouraging that young people from all parts of the city want to meet up and socialise with each other, but this needs to be in a safe environment, with the relevant supervision. Sinn Fein Councillor Christopher Jackson has said residents living in the Top of the Hill area are living in fear after a number of serious incidents there at the weekend which involved a crowd over 100 young people. Councillor Jackson said “This has been building up over the past number of weekends with large crowds of young people gathering in the vicinity of the now empty Immaculate Conception College. On Saturday night there was a crowd of over 100 there .Residents I have spoken to in Corrordy Road and Bards Hill have told me they were terrified in their homes with such a large crowd right on their doorsteps with all sorts of carry on taking place.
There was a very serious incident at an apartment block at Tamneymore Park .A wheelie bin was set on fire which resulted in electricity to a number of apartments being knocked out and people having to be evacuated from their homes. I along with local community workers have been liaising with the PSNI to see what can be done to nip this in the bud as a matter of urgency. Sinn Fein Councillor Christopher Jackson has welcomed the news that the Neighbourhood ReStore scheme has being made available to renew shop frontages in the local commercial areas. This investment of over ?60,000 will give seven shop fronts in the heart of our community a much needed facelift. The scheme allows them to be done collectively, which will make a big impact on the appearance of the area.
Local businesses play a vital role in our community but unfortunately many are unable to raise the necessary money to carry out major refurbishments. I have no doubt that the announcement of this funding will make these shops more welcoming and will hopefully attract other businesses into the area. We have seen the success of the ReStore  scheme throughout the city centre and I have no doubt that this will have a similar impact to the business premises in our community. Sinn Fein Waterside Councillor Christopher Jackson has condemned those responsible for attacks on the Road Gritter and Community Wardens in the Top of the Hill area over the weekend. Residents I have spoken to are outraged after an attack on the Road Gritter and in other an incident an attack on Community Wardens. The Top of the Hill area needs the gritter in to salt the main roads for buses and cars to move freely. I would appeal for these attacks on  vital services to stop and if anyone has information on those responsible to contact the police. I have contacted the Translink Western Area Manager in regards to the bus routes that currently service the Waterside area of Derry. Some time ago, these routes were changed to bypass Spencer Road.I believe that this was due to concerns over traffic congestion on the street and there had been difficulty manoeuvring the larger buses around cars that had been parked in the area. I have been contacted by a number of shop owners requesting that this decision be reviewed to breathe some life into the area and increase footfall.
Whilst  many residents in the Waterside depend on public transport to access Altnagelvin hospital, some find it difficult to avail of the services provided on Spencer Road such as the health centre, chemist, opticians and dentists as there is no direct bus route that incorporates the street. In view of improving the service, I would urge Translink to review the Waterside routes to see if there is any possibility of restoring the service on Spencer Road.
Commenting after the attempted robbery of pizza delivery driver at Virginia Court at the weekend. I would urge anyone with information about this attempted robbery at Virginia Court to bring it forward to the police straight away.
Waterside Sinn Fein Councillor Christopher Jackson commenting on the news that Police are treating assaults on a group of teenagers on Peace Bridge as a sectarian hate crime. Sinn Fein Councillor Christopher Jackson commenting on an incident in the Currynierin area of Derry last night during which shots were fired at a house. We are in a new era, we are creating a new society for the younger generation and the people of Derry just want these attacks to stop. I would appeal for anyone with any information on this attack to bring it forward to the PSNI straight away. Sinn Fein Waterside Councillor Christopher Jackson  has said those responsible for a pipe bomb attack in Lincoln Courts last night   will not succeed in dragging society back to the past.
Sinn Fein Waterside Councillor Christopher Jackson has welcomed the news today that Pearses GAC in TOH is set to get ?600,000 for facilities from the Social Investment Fund.
The Top of the Hill hasn’t seen any significant investment for generations so hopefully we are now turning the corner.
This is a growing area and it was clear that there needed to be facilities in place particularly for the very young population here. Sinn Fein Councillor Christopher Jackson has said there is  concern in the Waterside area following a spate of burglaries.
Councillor Jackson said “There is a concern in the community that there has been an increase in the number of burglaries in the Waterside over recent weeks and would urge people to be vigilant especially now as we approach the dark evenings. In light of these recent break-ins I would appeal to residents to take a few minutes each night to ensure their property has been locked and valuables are stored securely out of sight. The physiological effect a burglary has on a family or a someone trying to run a small business can far outweigh any financial loss that they may suffer .
As families are preparing for Christmas, more and more people have cash in their homes in the form of Christmas savings. Speaking following a meeting of the  the governance and strategic planning committee at Derry City and Strabane District  Council last night which signed off on bringing the new community centre in Top of the Hill to detailed design stage.

Sinn Fein Councillor Christopher Jackson said “The community in Top of the Hill have been campaigning for a purpose built community centre for almost 30 years and this signals a statement of intent that the new council is serious about providing facilities in an area that has been neglected for years. Over recent months we have seen a significant focus on the area from a number of agencies, and although this is welcome, we need to continue to work together to ensure that we see delivery on the ground.
Due to the lack of community facilities in Top of the Hill, the community relied heavily on Immaculate Conception College.
A new community centre is long overdue and this is a significant milestone on the road to making this a reality.
Last weekend up to 40 youths gathered in the park in Bards Hill destroying the only play facility in the area. Play equipment was destroyed, glass bottles were smashed on the pathways and one resident intervened when there was an attempt to burn a wheelie bin.
I went to the park on Saturday after large crowds were reported on Friday night and witnessed the aftermath of this destruction.
After the very successful Temple event a few months ago which was attended by tens of thousands of people we have seen a huge increase of visitors to the site. The community is becoming increasing angered with this activity and the onus is on parents to be aware of where their children are at night, and more importantly what they are doing. There is an amazing amount of positive community work going on in the Top of the Hill we can’t let that be undermined by a few.
Over the last year residents have told me that they have faced a multitude of problems with the length of time it is taking for this work to be completed, that cars have been damaged, and claimed that building equipment and machinery had been left unattended for days and in some cases weeks posing a serious risk to children playing in the area. I have been in contact with Transport NI over a number of months and have been assured each time that the railings will be in place within weeks. I would call on Transport to finish this site with a renewed sense of urgency and leave the residents with safe, functional steps similar to what was in place prior to the work starting.
Sinn Fein Councillor Christopher Jackson has paid tribute to the staff, pupils and parents of the Immaculate Conception College , which closes its doors today after 49 years.
Sinn Fein Waterside Councillor Christopher Jackson has slammed those responsible for the theft of lead valued at ?18,000 from the Gransha hospital site. Councillor Jackson said “I would urge anyone with any information about this despicable act at Gransha Hospital to contact the police straight away. As we head into the summer holidays I would urge people living close to schools, that if they see anyone acting suspiciously to contact the police. Worryingly there is also a major concern with the sewage network, it blocks up on a regular basis requiring residents to physically clear any blockage themselves.
I would call on the developer to work with NI water and Transport NI to find a resolution to these issues as a matter of urgency and to take action to protect the residents that are living within this estate. Sinn Fein Councillor Christopher Jackson has welcomed the news that 90 jobs have been created with the introduction of new stores and businesses to the Lisnagelvin shopping centre. Councillor Jackson said “It’s good to see these new businesses opening in the Lisnagelvin shopping centre and creating much needed employment in the Waterside.
Sinn Fein Waterside Councillor Christopher Jackson has appealed for vandalism attacks on the Immaculate Conception College to stop. 70 windows were broken in the school over the last two nights and also there have been attempts made to set the building on fire.
I am putting out an urgent appeal for parents in the locality to know where their children are.
But there is a concern as the school year is drawing to a close that the building will become a target over the summer holidays leaving a large potentially dangerous building in the heart of our community.
I was contacted by a number of residents on Monday regarding raw sewage running the street in Benvarden Ave and their natural concern for health and safety for local people .And in particular young children who would be out playing in the street. I contacted NI water who told me they would have a contractor out as a matter of urgency but could only guarantee that someone would be out within eight hours. Residents have told that me someone did come out but said it could take some time before they could get it cleaned as they had to carry out investigations, this left residents no option but to try and clear this sewage themselves with a power hose.
I’ve subsequently been told by NI water that an investigation needs to be carried out to identify the cause of the problem and this may take a few days.
Last month I contacted NI water about a similar problem in Primrose Street ,extensive works were carried out to repair the pipe.
Sinn Fein Waterside Councillor Christopher Jackson commenting the news that there was arson attack on a chemist’s shop located on Trench Road overnight.
It’s shocking that once again people are targeting family pets .Several months ago we warned about a number of incidents in Derry and Strabane where it appeared that dogs had been poisoned by would-be thieves to prevent them from barking during break-ins. In these incidents it now appears that homes are being marked so that criminals can return in the middle of the night or when the people are out to steal the family pet to either sell on or use in illegal dog fights.
This is really a new low in criminality, targeting defenceless pets to make a quick profit. This criminal activity must be condemned and I would call on anyone with information on such incidents to bring it to the PSNI. Sinn Fein Councillor Christopher Jackson has condemned a number of incidents in the Top of the Hill area tonight during which a fire was started outside the home of  a 70 year old women and the PSNI were attacked in a follow up investigation.
The police have to be allowed to carry out their work in responding to emergency situations. There is a responsibility on parents to know what their children are getting involved in here. This has resulted in dozens of these bags left sitting outside the homes of those affected. The Housing Executive are currently planning to install rubbish shoots in the area that would help solve this problem but this work isn’t due to be completed for at least three months. The fact that these residents are required to use the brown bags to dispose of their waste is unacceptable in 2015 , as everywhere else in the can  city avail of wheelie bins. Iced Out Case 3 Chronograph Black Band Watch A brand new designer Bling watch sporting the latest style of your favourite celeb stars.
The move to start the demolition is a welcome one as it was  only a matter of time before we had a disaster on our hands. Work has also started on the canteen building which will be used as a temporary community centre until a new purpose built centre is  on the site.

The vast majority of those are coming from other parts of the city, although some gathering in the area may simply be meeting up with friends, it is apparent that many of those are involved in criminality, underage drinking and can’t see the impact that they are having on the residents living nearby. I have serious concerns about the dangers these young people may be exposed to and I dread to think what could happen if this continues.
The vast majority of those involved in the anti-community activity are not from the Waterside area. I will be meeting with the police again in the next twenty four hours to try and come up with practical solutions.
The wardens are out late at night dealing with all sort of incidents across the city and are a lifeline for many people in their hour of need.
The majority of the Waterside routes previously returned to the city centre via Spencer Road.
Parking is a major concern for traders and customers alike and it has been expressed to me that customers have no option but to take their car due to the absence of public transport. These actions will achieve nothing but cause great inconvenience to the local communities and businesses. And comes just a week after the announcement of ?285,000 for play facilities in the open space at Rose Court.
I would like to commend all those groups in the area who have worked very hard over the years to get this stage. It will also play a very important part in healthy living and outdoor activity for children and also help build community spirit in the local community. I would urge communities to look out for each other and report any suspicious activity to the PSNI.
I would appeal to everyone to lodge any savings in their bank or credit union as soon as possible and avoid keeping large sums of money stored at home. The school closure has left community, youth and sporting groups in the area struggling to find facilities to run programs and events. A number of bongs were left lying on the grass along with empty cider bottles, aerosol cans and glass bottles had been smashed everywhere.
Some steps have been left in an unusable condition, one elderly resident fell after losing her footing on a set of steps that are so narrow residents have no option but to tiptoe up and down them.
Now as we face into the holiday period there is a fear that this work will face further delays. This will hopefully act as catalyst to bring in more business to the centre and  sustain local  jobs. The businesses along Trench Road provide services and much needed employment for local people.
They believe that this poses a serious environmental health risk, and worryingly there is also the risk that these bags could be set on fire, trapping residents inside their homes. This area seems to have been left behind when it comes to waste collection.I will be doing all i can to have this resolved as quickly as possible.
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