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How to get my external ip address (over nat) from the windows command me my external ip address over ip address(es). My external ip displays the ip address of the device one machine out there wanted to know it's ip at the rate it is a builtin of the windows os since.
How to determine my actual external ip address through the windows command line while on a vpn. Copyright © 2015 Caroldoey, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Regional internet registries ( RIRs ) are responsible for IP address allocation to Internet Service Providers. The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol ( DHCP ) is a client–server protocol for devices connecting to an IP network to automatically obtain an IP address.
For those devices that obtain IPv6 addresses dynamically, a client based or a network server based approach could be used.
Internet service providers ( ISPs ) in turn allocate IP addresses to enterprises, other service providers, and any organization requiring IP address space.

The IP address found for a device on this page could have been assigned via an DHCP server. The same IP address could be later reassigned to another device if its lease is over and not renewed on initial device.
The idea is similar to dynamic mode however in this case DHCP server assigns same IP Addresses from list of ones used previously for that particular device. In client-based or stateless address assignment (address auto configuration) a client can determine its location based on router advertisements using ICMPv6 and automatically calculate its interface identifier to derive an address.
In order to find my IP Address or information on any other IP address I use the tool below.
I have included the PHP code below that could be used to find any IP location and plot it on Google map. IPv4 IP addresses are represented in dotted decimal format where the 32-bit address is divided into four 8-bit segments, each of which are converted to decimal, and then separated with dots. IPv6 IP address is considered an evolution of IPv4 IP address and still needs to be deployed widely.

This protocol allows a device to broadcast its request for an IP address and one or more than one DHCP servers service that request transparently.
The DHCP server maintains a list of IP addresses and MAC addresses pairs which it uses for assignment. IPv6 IP addresses are 128 bit and consist of up to eight hexadecimal values (16 bit each), each between 0 and FFFF, separated by colons. For most devices such as laptops, desktops or phones with data services the DHCP process happens during boot-up without any intervention. In case of DHCP for IPv6 (which is called DHCPv6), which is a network server based or stateful approach, the DHCPv6 server would assign the 128-bit IPv6 address to the device in a manner similar to DHCP for IPv4 operation. DHCP allows IP addresses to be reused by different devices as it dynamically allocates the addresses based on demand.

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