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Texas State University, a solid state chemist, writes to point out that there are several extensions to the vanilla VSEPR approach, as described above, that he finds useful. Ligand close packing (LCP) assumes that the ligands surrounding the central atom will always be touching, and therefore if the central atom is large (sulfur) then the bond angle between the ligands (H-S-H) tends to be small, since the ligands move further about the central sphere until they touch. The spherical symmetry argument is presented in greater detail elsewhere in this chemogenesis web book: Why Chemical Reactions Occur.
11-4 Covalent Bonding- when atoms share their valence electrons so that they all have 8 electrons in their last shell.
Sublimation is when a solid goes directly from the solid state to the gas state - bypassing the liquid state completely. The Buoyant force acting on an object in water is equal to the weight of the displaced fluid.

Tip: To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above. In order to find the number of valence electrons, all you have to do is look to see which row (vertically) the element is in on the periodic table.
All of these compounds have the same amount of valence electrons, but differ by the way in which they use the valence electrons to make sure each element has a stable octet of 8 electrons. It's called "dry" ice because it sublimates - goes directly from the solid to the gas state without ever getting wet.
Dry Ice is one of the substances that does this very easily- it's called "dry" ice because it never gets wet or turns to liquid- it just basically turns to gas or sublimates. A summary of the number of valence electrons is found in the image attached, but very simply Group 1 has 1, 2 has 2, 13 has 3, 14 has 4, etc.

When drawing lewis dot diagrams, the most important thing is to first know how to determine the number of valence electrons each element contributes and from there you can start to determine how the electrons are all shared. Instead of thinking of ligands as mutually repulsive objects, they are considered to cluster together when they cannot evenly fill the space about a central atom.

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