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The chemical changes we observe always involve discrete numbers of atoms that rearrange themselves into new configurations. Once this has been done, we know the number of formula units (to use the most general term for any combination of atoms we wish to define) in any arbitrary weight of the substance. Avogadro only originated the concept of this number, whose actual value was first estimated by Josef Loschmidt, an Austrian chemistry teacher, in 1895. Before we get into the use of Avogadro's number in problems, take a moment to convince yourself of the reasoning embodied in the following examples. Suppose that we have N carbon atoms, where N is a number large enough to give us a pile of carbon atoms whose mass is 12.0 grams. Don't let this confuse you; it is very important always to bear in mind that the mole is a number and not a mass.
Solution: The molar volume will be the volume occupied by one molar mass (32 g) of the liquid. Make sure you thoroughly understand the following essential ideas which have been presented above. Define molecular weight, formula weight, and molar mass; explain how the latter differs from the first two.
Explain how the molar volume of a metallic solid can lead to an estimate of atomic diameter.

This chapter covers the following topics: Avogadro's numbe, definition and uses of the mole, molar mass,molar volume. These numbers are HUGE— far too large in magnitude for us to count or even visualize, but they are still numbers, and we need to have a way to deal with them. The number will of course depend both on the formula of the substance and on the weight of the sample. Because large numbers of atoms cannot be counted directly, a variety of ingenious indirect measurements have been made involving such things as Brownian motion and X-ray scattering. But each individual particle has a mass of its own, so a mole of any specific substance will always correspond to a certain mass of that substance. Molar volume depends on the density of a substance and, like density, varies with temperature owing to thermal expansion, and also with the pressure. The idea is to mentally divide a piece of the metal into as many little cubic boxes as there are atoms, and then calculate the length of each box.
Standard tables give the atomic radius of strontium is in the range 192-220 pm, depending on how it is defined.
Be able to calculate the number of moles in a given mass of a substance, or the mass corresponding to a given number of moles. We also need a bridge between these numbers, which we are unable to measure directly, and the weights of substances, which we do measure and observe.

But the only practical use for NA is to have a more convenient way of expressing the huge numbers of the tiny particles such as atoms or molecules that we deal with in chemistry.
But there are two problems with this: 1) The silicon sphere is an artifact, rather than being something that occurs in nature, and thus may not be perfectly reproducible. Assuming that an atom sits in the center of each box and that each atom is in direct contact with its six neighbors (two along each dimension), this gives the diameter of the atom.
2) The standard of mass, the kilogram, is not precisely known, and its value appears to be changing. This is definitely not the case with gases, whose molar volumes must be calculated for a specific temperature and pressure.
The manner in which atoms pack together in actual metallic crystals is usually more complicated than this and it varies from metal to metal, so this calculation only provides an approximate value. For these reasons, there are proposals to revise the definitions of both NA and the kilogram.

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