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If you call your service provider, and if they ask you to verify your account, you will have to provide┬áthe IMEI and the┬áserial number of your phone as a part of the verification. A well rounded technology and business journalist.Have been a journalist for more than 6 years. The Samsung 840 EVO mSATA will only come in the bare drive form so it’s pretty light on the accessories. Removing the sticker, we can see that it’s designed to cover all the important components onboard. Flipping the unit around, there’s another sticker sitting on top of an open area on the PCB that can accommodate two additional NAND packages for a maximum total of four NAND packages on the SSD. Zooming in on the controller, we can see that Samsung is still using the same exact in-house Samsung MEX controller that debuted with the SATA based Samsung 840 EVO. For client use, I think the only real case I’ve come across for a Samsung 840 Pro over a EVO is for those doing real-time video recording of one or multiple uncompressed video streams.
A bar code is written on the sticker and under the bar code, you will find IMEI of your Galaxy S5.

It’s a pretty big box considering the drive itself is exactly the same size as the drive pictured on the box. The 840 EVO mSATA will support the Samsung Magician software suite along with Samsung’s Data Migration software, so if you can find a way to rig a mSATA adapter to your system you can still perform a data migration if absolutely necessary. There’s a large informational sticker that covers the top of the unit which contains all the important part numbers, specifications, serial numbers, etc.
It’s unnecessary for the 250GB model, but the 1TB model will probably have the additional area populated. There’s also a NAND package on the back of the SATA version, but aside from the slight difference in layout and interface, the components on the two drives are carbon copies of each other. Sure I do it when I install a game or something, but I don’t really spend all day downloading and installing stuff. Recording as in somebody had a couple capture cards to record gaming footage from a couple other computers.
Here we can see that the Samsung 840 EVO mSATA employs the use of a single controller, a DRAM cache, and two NAND packages.

It features improved signal processing technology and a 33% faster core clock than the MDX controller that debuted with the launch of the Samsung 840 Pro and the vanilla Samsung 840.
If only OEMs would start shipping recovery disks with their systems… another discussion for another time.
We like to see at least about 1MB of cache for 1GB of storage space on most SSDs, so Samsung has more than enough here. That said, for those doing any sort of video, photo or 3D work I recommend the 840 Pro anyway just because its longer warranty and endurance.

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