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You are seeing this message because we detected too many continuous requests from your ip address in last few hours.
In order to ensure fast responses to every user's queries and to also protect our data from being scraped by automatic programs, we will ask you to enter following verification code into the box below. A friend recently called up, stuck on trying to get their brand-spanking new Apple Airport Extreme router working wirelessly with a Windows XP computer (he uses Macs, his wife uses Windows - imagine the arguments between them about that! After trying a few things, and googling, I found that it was because Apple Airport Extreme routers are, by default, set to wireless channel 13. Anyway, because the US only allows channels 1 to 11, it was likely that on the Windows computer, the region on the wireless card was also set to the US, hence the Airport transmitting on channel 13 could not be detected.
If your Mac was connected before this change, you may have to tell it to reconnect so it can recognise the change in wireless channel.
Change the channel to 1, 6 or 11 (the blue box below), and make sure the radio mode is n as well as b and g, given most laptops do not have n support yet (the red box below). Excellent advice on the Airport Extreme settings - had a nightmare trying to get my vista laptop to see it but after changing the channel to 11 it worked first time. A 'limited' connection can be a few things, but generally means Vista can't get an IP address from your router. Most probable cause are incorrect security settings, so make sure your wireless security settings are right.
Click ok, close the wireless window, return to the Network and Sharing Center window, then click 'diagnose and repair' on the left. I was looking for some help about a drive I plugged in here in my airport extreme, but can't find it trough the network. If turning off security doesn't work, then turn security back on, and try connecting the laptop to the Airport directly using a cable. I want to use my DSL internet connection on my mac and enable internet sharing and share it with my HTC which is wifi capable. Wow, that's coincidental - I was just checking that phone out at my local 3 store because my mate's raving about it. I'd love to be able to help you in detail, but I don't actually have a Mac (love to get one though :) ).
But from what I know, this should be possible, by going to System Preferences, then Sharing, then the Internet tab and checking the On box for Wireless in the list.
The HTC TyTN 2 supports WPA-AES, so you should be able to use WPA security on the wireless connection. You may however, have to drop back to WEP security, because I've always found the WPA implementation on Windows Mobile a bit flaky, and not as stable. I hope this helps anyone trying to use their Airport Express with either the PSP or the Tilt.
I have a couple of laptops and comp on either Vista or XP and am thinking of getting the Airport Extreme and connecting an external USB hard drive to share for the network.
Are there any external drives which will powerdown when not in use and can the AE manage this?
I recently purchased a new iMac and a new Airport extreme base station and the combination works well.
Apart from that, and running a cable between the machine and the Airport, slapping Justin Long seems like a good idea.
Thanks Sam – Just tried it with no security – delay of about 15 seconds to require full link, not a problem. My vista laptop would see the Airport and show the signal was very strong but every time I entered in the WPA Personal password it told me it was incorrect.
All I had to do was take down the security down a few notches to WEP and change the channel to 11 and I'm now trying to figure out how to transfer all my music from my laptop to my 360 so I don't have to burn every single disc again. My fiancee and I have spent about 6 hours trying to figure out why his PC couldn't connect to our Airport Extreme Base.

So after changing the channel, can your Packard Bell see the Airport Express network when it is scanning for networks? I'm not able to set up the Airport Express with the CD that came with it on my Packard Bell (I sorted out the settings from my MAC instead), BUT the laptop does detect(see) the wireless internet connection. I cannot seem to map my Maxtor OneTouch to my Windows machines through my AEBS (One W7, Two Vista)  The Network is connecting wirelessly just fine, but I cannot 'find' the AEBS or the Drive in the network in order to map it. I was looking for days how to get the Airport express working on our existing network with windows 7. Jan's tip above helped me connect my wife's Windows 7 machine to our Airport Extreme wireless network.
Help, I'm drowning in hardware. Netgear, N600, Airport Express and Airport extreme and Apple Passport and don't see my particular issue discussed. I will want to print (which could be hardwired if necessary) and have wireless internet (MAC and Windows XP) access for me and any visitors.
The Netgear N600 is functionally equivalent to the Airport Extreme - having both would be mostly redundant (there are some odd features that one has that the other doesn't). Your Airport Express also has similar functionality, but I assume you want it for its ability to stream iTunes to different locations.
To print, you will need a networkable printer (wired or wireless); otherwise you will need to be physically connected to the printer to print and allow others to print. If any of the above conditions aren't right, click OK to close all the property windows, right-click on the Wireless Network Connection again and click Diagnose. I run Windows 7, Sony VAIO Desktop, 2011, and could not for the life of me get the Brand NEW AirPort Extreme 802.11ac to connect to the Internet.
Many of you probably already know how to tether your phone to your brand new Motorola XOOM, but we wanted to make sure that the whole community was covered and whipped up this quick guide. Also, I thought it was reported that all you have to do is Bluetooth pair a Droid X to a Xoom and without needing to root either device, you can use your Droid X internet on your Xoom. About Droid LifeWe consider ourselves to have the greatest Android community in the world, here at Droid Life.
I found this quite odd, given channel 13 is prohibited in the US (where only channels 1 to 11 can be used).
It was set to the US probably because the person who installed the drivers couldn't be bothered changing it from the default and didn't know the consequences.So the solution? Click on 'manage wireless networks' on the left and find your wireless network in the list.
The AirPort Options button may let you set up some security, which you should definitely do.
It's probably worth getting a wireless router or an AirPort later anyway, so your Mac doesn't have to be on all the time for wireless. My wife has a Vaio Tower desktop (Windows XP SP2) that connected to our old Lynksys Wireless Router with a Linksys USB adapter. Try plugging the Airport in right next to the computer and see if it picks it up (don't worry about the internet connection).
I hear his minders, the Apple Secret Police, are rather powerful, efficient and ruthless though. Is the Mac running Leopard - because that defaults to IPv6 too, so if that works, then Vista should too. My roomate has a mac and an airport, me with two pcs (one laptop both running vista premium, 1 32bit other 64 bit). After trying to install the utility with no success, using his mac, I retrieved the hexidecimal conversion of the wireless network password.
Firstly - great page - been pulling my hair for days now coz my Packard Bell (running Windows Vista) and MacBook Pro are giving me headaches over a new Airport Express. The signal from the router is excellent on both laptops, and according to the Apple Service senter I have set up the Airport Express correctly on the actual router and MacBook, the only thing they could not help me with was the Packard Bell settings.

We (a Windows owner and me) were starting to go nuts about this Windows-not-finding-channel-13-thing! I just googled 4 hours before I found this site: switched channel from automatic to 11 and finally my XP too understand what's going on! I have a MAC Powerbook Pro, but need to run Windows and IE (I connect using VM Fusion)  for some programs and internet access for my client.
If so, use the Airport Setup Utility to configure it to connect to your existing wireless network.
Each of these programs will connect to my desktop, 2 laptops, and a IPad 2 with no problem.
If I add a wifi network manually it will show on the list with either “not in range or not in range, secured with WEP.
The router connects fine to his Mac wirelessly, but for some reason the Windows XP computer could not see the Airport at all, yet can see all the neighbours' networks. It can be used elsewhere though (including Australia), but why not just ship it on channel 6 or 11 like all other router manufacturers so you don't have to change it for certain regions?
Rather than checking and changing the wireless region on all computers, just change the Airport's channel to 1, 6 or 11 (the numerical gap is designed to minimise interference). While trying to connect that machine to the Airport, her PC does not find the Airport, but does see several weaker signals from neighbor networks.
After inserting that when windows prompted me for the password, the computers connected right away and now work with a hitch. HOWEVER, when I went to the manual settings on my Airport Express and checked the wireless clients the noise value is -96 and signal -42 for my Macbook Pro, while the Packard Bell has a noise value of -95 and oly -1 in signal. Make sure none of the checkboxes are selected except the Automatically detect settings one. I have read over a dozen forums all looking at the same issue and tried everything for days and days and 4 hours straight today alone. To do this, fire up the Airport utility on Mac or Windows, find Manual Settings, and under Wireless there should be an option to change the wireless channel.
Check that you're using the right security type, encryption type, and that the key is right. To disable IPv6 (which isn't that useful at the moment, and definitely not within a home network anyway), go to Control Panel -> Network Connections. Do you know what the settings should be after clicking the "Change advanced settings"-tab? Check that this is the case on your Dell laptop as well, and if not, copy the settings from your Dell laptop to this one.
Your simple advice to change the wifi channel from Automatic to 1, 6 or 11 worked like magic. I don't know the exact steps as I helped him over the phone, but it shouldn't be too hard to find. This might sound silly but this is the ONLY thing I can think of now after reading page after page about my problem on the internet for the past week.
I'm glad I persisted and found this forum, or else I'd have had to move offices entirely to somewhere where they didn't use Apple Airports for the sake of my Windows PC. Maybe I need Airport Extreme? I know very little about networks and I don't have any contacts in my new location to help - and I may be back and forth for a couple of years so I need this to work. It was such a simple solution, and not because the Apple Airport wasnt capable of being compatable, but simply because Apple thought the default auto setting should be unconventional enough to hate on PCs.

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