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Step 4: In your web browser, log into MobileMe and click on the cloud in the top left corner.
The most likely situation you'll need your iPhone's UDID for is if an app developer has offered to let you try out some unreleased software. There's some debate about this, and you'll note in the screenshots below that I've hidden sections of my UDID to be on the safe side.
App developers are allowed a limited number of UDID registrations (these are effectively requests for permission from Apple to bypass the normal App Store download process) so it wouldn't make for a very efficient spam or malware dispersal mechanism; and the generally solid sandboxing between apps in iOS 7 and earlier makes it difficult to cause too much damage from a single app install - difficult, but not impossible. For an iPad the process is almost exactly the same - just pick the iPad option from the dropdown menu if you’ve got more than one device plugged in. Apple has acknowledged that an iMessage bug is affecting some users, and plans to provide a fix for the issue in a future iOS software update.
After you’ve switched to a new smartphone, you should verify if you can send and receive text messages from someone using an iPhone. It is quite ridiculous that a user has to go through such a long process when they switch devices, so I hope Apple fixes this sooner or later. DisclaimerThis website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc.
The key to making this work is that you need to sign into FaceTime on the iPad using an Apple ID account that is associated with the phone number you wish to use.

In this tutorial we show how to find out your iPhone or iPad's UDID, as well as what a UDID is and what you might need a UDID for.
Be aware that when and if you accept (or beta-test) non-vetted app software there is some danger that it won’t work or cause unexpected effects - not necessarily as a result of malicious action, of course. Plug your iPhone into your Mac, and go to iTunes (or start it up if it isn't already open). After the serial number changes into the UDID, pressing Apple + C at the same time will copy the UDID to the pasteboard.
The sooner you do it the better it is to ensure that your number has been removed from Apple’s servers.
Once the iPad has verified the login information, you will see a screen displaying the phone number and email address associated with the Apple ID account.
For example, if you place the check next to your phone number, when you FaceTime someone from the iPad they will see it as coming from that phone number. To unlock or activate your iPhone, you need to find your iPhone’s IMEI, then you can use your IMEI number to find the carrier details.
Can not do anything with the phone to activate as the lady says she can not remember I'd or password to set the phone. This is commonly used to let reviewers try out apps before they make it on to the App Store.

You can see the iPad's capacity and serial number (but not phone number, of course) in the top box; click on the serial number and this will change into the UDID. Click the serial number, as before, to change it into the UDID, and press Apple + C or right-click and select Copy. This is great when you’ve an iPhone, but can create problems when switch from an iPhone.
Enter in the Apple ID and password for the account associated with phone number you want to use for FaceTiming (is that word?!) on the iPad. All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners. This tutorial will show you how to start using your phone number with FaceTime on any iPad.

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