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Edward Feist is a close associate of CMS IT, a 17-year-old company that is known for managed IT services in Australia. Some say it’s because of the candy bar shape, some say it’s for music lovers and it means “smooth as chocolate”, but I don’t understand both theories; there have been hundreds of phones that are shaped like these and chocolate isn’t exactly the most popular word to incorporate with “smooth”.
Those 3 sounded like a comedy-action movie, a hardcore action movie, and a vitamin juice, but their all Motorola phones.
He studied Bachelor of Science in Technology and Marketing at the University of California, Los Angeles. First they name it like it’s a nervous breakdown, now they name it like its destruction time.

This is Samsung’s exhibit B in this list and this is by far the oddest phone name of them all.
In my estimate, about 90-95% of cell phones have numbers in their names, and 100% of those we have no clue why that exact number was chosen. When you first hear it, it sounds like someone went literally crazy… or someone in Motorola had a breakdown.
But when it comes to naming their phones, they are a little bit on the weirder side and this is exhibit A, watch-out for exhibit B.
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