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I just got my hands on the AT&T version of Samsung's new flagship phone, the Galaxy S4. The good news is, unlike the Sprint version I tested for my review, I can finally access LTE data networks, the fastest wireless standard available. The bad news is AT&T loaded the Galaxy S4 up with a ton of extra services and apps that most people will never use. The Galaxy S4 does allow you to add extra memory if you buy a SD card, but you can't install apps on it, meaning you can only use it to store photos, music, and other files.
Unless you want to hack your phone, the only solution for now is to disable the apps you don't want by using Android's settings menu. IntroductionFlanked by rumored efforts from Nokia and Sony to resurrect the cameraphone market niche in a modern mobile OS environment, Samsung, whose recent goals appear to be presence in each and every mobile segment, decided to beat them to market with the Galaxy S4 Zoom.Despite the flagship branding, the S4 Zoom is first a camera, then a phone.
DisplayThere is a 4.3a€? 540x960 pixels Super AMOLED display on the phone, just like with the S4 Mini, so you can rest assured it has great viewing angles, deep blacks and pretty saturated colors. If you've had the pleasure of owning both an iOS and Android device, you may have noticed one subtle difference on each one's PIN unlock screen. Step 1: Back UpAs a precaution, you should create a full nandroid backup using your recovery (either ClockworkMod or TWRP). Step 2: Install Wanam XposedTo eliminate having to press that pesky "OK" on the PIN lockscreen, we'll be using Wanam Xposed. Step 3: Activate Wanam XposedOnce you have it installed, you'll see a notification telling you that the module is not activated yet. Step 4: Set Your PIN CombinationOnce you've rebooted your phone, set your lock screen security to PIN (if you haven't done so yet).
Step 6: RebootOnce you've entered and confirmed your PIN, reboot your GS4 for changes to take effect. Step 7: Enjoy Faster PIN Unlock!When your phone's booted up, Wanam's quick PIN setting should be in effect.
What should I do to have a clear numeric keypad (without the usual white background) on my S4 lockscreen as the one above?

Does this work together with the "How to Retain Swipe to Unlock Effects with Lock Screen Security on a Samsung Galaxy S4" trick?
AT&T and other carriers lock down the Galaxy S4 so you can't uninstall their apps even if you want to. It expands on the idea started with Samsung's Galaxy Camera a€“ a 16MP Android-powered camera, which has cellular connectivity but for data only. The display settings let you use the image mode, though a€“ from Dynamic, through Standard and Movie, to the Professional Photo mode that allegedly represents directly a standardized color gamut.Samsung has graced the display with the super-sensitive tech that allows you to operate it with gloves, so working the camera app on that ski trip won't be an issue. Android's lock screen requires you to press "OK" after entering the PIN, whereas iOS's simply unlocks the screen right after the last digit.While Android's take on PIN-unlocking is a bit more secure, that extra tap can be a hindrance to those of us who want to unlock our phones as quickly as possible. If you have another version, you can try one of our other softModder guides to rooting the GS4 for instructions.Xposed Framework installed I also have a guide on installing the Xposed Framework, so make sure to check that out as well.
It's an Xposed module developed by Mohamed Karami, available for free on the Google Play Store.
Entering the last digit of your PIN now unlocks the screen, and you don't have to deal with the OK button anymore!
Now add that to all the heat Samsung took last week when it was discovered all the extra software features in the Galaxy S4 take up nearly half the memory in the 16 GB model, leaving users with a tiny amount of space to add their own apps, games, videos, and music. S4 Zoom jibes very similar in design and has the same 16MP resolution and Xenon flash, toning the optical zoom down to 10x, instead of the 21x on the Galaxy Camera, in order to keep the size relatively in check.
But, with the help of the Xposed Framework, we can get rid of having to tap "OK" on our Samsung Galaxy S4's PIN lock screen. The very popular Titanium Backup gets the job done in backing up all your apps and system data. On paper we have the first phone with a 10x optical zoom, but did Samsung manage to make a cameraphone, or did it simply slap a phone on a camera? Apparently if you want 10x optical zoom, the sacrifice you have to make with your handset is that it will look and feel like a 7-ounce analog one from the dawn of mobile. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is rather bulky, with a grip bulge and huge protruding lens with a zoom ring at the backWorking the screen with that giant lens protrusion on the back is not comfortable at all with one hand.

Well, at least you've got a good grip while talking on the phone, resting your index finger just underneath. If you have to change your PIN, make sure to change it in both your GS4's settings and Wanam's settings. Speaking of one-handed operation, the grip bulge on the right should be helping when using it as a camera, with quickly framing the shot and taking it with just your palm. However, in reality it is too small to securely grip the phone, and the on-screen shutter key is too close to the edge, so you may have to grip with both hands. Granted, there is a two-stage physical shutter key, but it is also very close to the edge of the phone, and can't be pressed comfortably without the risk of dropping the handset.
It’s quite a bit of money to shell out, however, a lot of work goes into creating these customized Galaxy S4 models. With quick and powerful processing speeds, a five inch Super AMOLED display, touch-less features, and a built in IR blaster to function as a TV remote, the Samsung Galaxy S 4 is changing the way consumers interact with smartphones.The newly engineered touch-less features are used to answer phone calls, flip through photos, or preview emails with a simple wave of the hand.
Additionally, the innovative camera captures progressive motion and removes unwanted people from pictures.Jason Cisewski, VP of ColorWare stated, “Samsung has done an exceptional job integrating innovative features.
However, Samsung has carefully crafted an easy mode to ease the transition for first-time smartphone owners. It’s truly a remarkable phone and we are excited to offer this to our customers.”In the ColorWare design studio, there are 46 paint colors to choose from including, solid and metallic, as well as matte and gloss finishes. There are three customizable elements on the Galaxy S4,which provide extensive options for creating a one-of-a-kind smartphone.
Once colors have been chosen and an order has been placed, the customization process begins.The product goes through a laborious process of disassembly, cleaning, masking, painting, and inspection. ColorWare products are creative and fashionable, giving their customers something unique.ColorWare is the only company in the world where you can create your own bespoke electronic device.

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