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When living space is somewhat limited, this loft bed including desk on bottom will perfectly meet your needs.
It is a lake house lower loft customizable bedroom set that has got a beautiful gray finish and it fits to any style and decor. A pair of windows shed a bit of light in the bedroom, which boasts a lofted bed and workspace with a sink and closet beneath.
Loft bed DIY: bookcase, desk space, rock climbing holds for getting up and down Like the rock climbing wall thingy. This loft bed slash full size work station is an excellent idea for everyone, who struggles to find enough floor space in their home or just wants to make the best of it.
Efficient and reliable Base Camp Loft Bed has the ability to transform your sleeping place into different options.
Interesting design of this Twin-Over-Twin Convertible Loft Bed is surely one of those thing one should take a closer glance at.

Who would want to waste the precious floor space, when you can have this workstation with a top twin loft bed in your kid's room. Now you can add a little color to your children's bedroom with this fun loft style bed in pink, purple and white finish. This versatile loft bunk includes a full size bed and a study desk unit underneath it, perfect for your teen - it will provide truly extraordinary sleep, study and storage.
This great set of bed upstairs, desks and storage area for the perfect set for the youth room. This multi-purpose set consisting of bed on the mezzanine, and a built underneath the desk is the perfect solution to keep a lot of space. Being able to hold up to 250lbs, the metal frame of this loft bed is really solid and reliable. If this is the kind of solution you are looking for, it might be worth to browse through all the photos that are shown down here.

You need nothing more that this set of metal bunk bed with futon, corner desk, chair and CD rack. The upper part provides the user quite large sleeping are, with proper security against falling down. This giant loft bed is a perfect addition to your kids' room and will serve your child as he grows. On this site you will discover all the loft bed designs, shapes, colours, sizes and other features you might need. It has straight angular posts, full both a headboard and a footboard, horizontal guardrails.

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