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Here is a list of some anti-theft, tracking, locating software for mobile phones which works on different platforms, some of them are FREE and some are commercial. First of all the case should be reported to your mobile operator and to local police station.
Mobile operators all over the world are locking their mobile phones to work only in their own network. Filed Under: Blog and News Tagged With: imei check, imei validation, imei validityWhy is IMEI number important? How find iphone' imei number - - macworld uk, How to find your iphone's imei number: find the unique identity number of your mobile phone.
7 ways find imei meid number mobile phone, Edit article how to find the imei or meid number on a mobile phone. How find iphone imei number, iccid, serial number, We have already published few posts on imei number of a mobile phone explaining what a imei number is?, how to find valid imei number?, how to check imei validity?..
How find imei number correctly unlock apple, How find iphone imei number methods menu, dial, sim tray, iphone box itunes. How find imei number iphone - iclarified, Instructions find iphone' imei number methods.. Because mobile phone is a device which has its own serial number called IMEI we can do something to increase possibility to find it or to prevent usage of it. Operatorshas access to EIR (Equipment Identity Register) and if your phone is listed in this registry you can not use you mobile anymore in this operators network. Mobile operator can track usage of your mobile phone very fast if it is used in the same network, but police can not track your car so fast.

Most people don’t know what the IMEI number is, as there is usually no need to use it.However, this number is actually important, especially when your phone is lost or stolen. This is also helpful to know to find out information about an iPhone such as whether it is locked or unlocked, and who to.
A lot of people checks the database and can recognize your mobile before buying it from second hand (if it is submited in database). The purpose of the Check Digit is to help guard against the possibility of incorrect entries to the CEIR and EIR equipment. Mobile operator can see if your phone is used by some other user in their network, but if it is used in other operators network then your network operator can not see it. This number is required to identify your phone, so it could be blocked from networks (but that’s rarely the case).
You may also be required to provide your IMEI number if you want to sell your phone, if the buyer wants to check if it was stolen.Although the IMEI number is not located right in front of you, finding it is not a difficult job and there are many different methods to find it.
This is definitely the easiest way to find your IMEI number if you have your phone with you. Once you see your IMEI number, it is better to note it down in case your phone gets lost or stolen (a screenshot will work too). Method #2The IMEI number can also be found in the software of your iPhone device.Just go to Settings and tap on General. From there tap on “About” and your IMEI number will be displayed (don’t forget to note it down).
Find the IMEI number on AndroidMethod #1To check IMEI number on Android, tap on Settings and in there tap on “About device” (on some phones it will be “About phone”).

In “About device” tap on “Status”, and from there scroll down until you see your IMEI number under the heading “IMEI”. Method #2If your Android device is connected to a Google account then you can also see your IMEI number from Google Dashboard.Just sign in to Google Dashboard with the account that was connected to your Android phone. All the Android devices that use this account will be displayed along with their IMEI number. Other Methods to Find the IMEI NumberUnder the batteryIf you have a phone with a removable battery, then there is a good chance that the IMEI number will be located under it.Just turn off the phone to avoid any loss of data or corrupting any apps, and remove the back cover of the phone.
Now, gently remove the battery (there should be a place on the bottom or top to hook your nail and pull it out).
Once removed you should see your IMEI Number located on a sticker along with other phone information such as, model and FCC ID, etc. On the Purchase Slip and the Phone BoxIMEI number is located on the purchase slip and also the box of the phone (generally, at the sides). This is quite handy as even if your phone is lost or stolen, there is a good chance you still have the phone’s retail box. If you have any questions or having difficulty in finding the IMEI number of your phone, then let us know in the comments below we will love to help.Filed in Cellphones.

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