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Alright my yout, mi and dis fine gyal decide we waan fi go park, we went pon swing, pon slide, and even have good time a bounce pon teeter-totter. Theoretically, you and your romantic partner, who is most likely of the female gender, are accompanying each other, when the cellular telephone, of which you are the legal owner, abruptly emits an audible tone, which is highly likely to be your default sound that will play when someone from another location, usually within your country of residence, depending on your telephone carrier or provider, inputs a finite pattern composed of numerical units into their legally owned cellular telephone, which in turn will send a wave that goes through a complex process that includes radios and telephone towers.
Local News - Norfolk councillors have decided to get rid of a cellphone tower in the centre of Simcoe that residents say is a health risk. After hearing from more than 20 people in an often emotional five-hour debate Tuesday, council voted to move recently installed Rogers Wireless Inc.
Students in the senior law class at Simcoe Composite School did a survey of residents in the area - which is close to Elgin Avenue School and Norfolk General Hospital - and discovered several more residents with similar symptoms.
But Mayor Rita Kalmbach said she’d rather err on the side of caution when it comes to people’s health.
He was also non-committal about the possibility that Rogers might voluntarily move its cell tower to another site. Hills also noted that Rogers has many other telecommunications towers that are close to hospitals and schools. However, Magna Havas, an environmental scientist at Trent University, told council that Canada’s guidelines aren’t as stringent as those in other countries.
Havas said she is particularly concerned about the risk to students at Elgin because children are more vulnerable to developing cancer than adults.
Council directed staff to begin negotiating a way out of the lease agreement as soon as possible.
Cellphone transmitters are back on the front burner now that 11 local doctors have weighed in on the dispute. In a letter to Norfolk council dated April 2, the doctors ask Norfolk to redouble its efforts to relocate a cellphone antenna on the water tower beside Elgin Avenue Public School in Simcoe. Yesterday, Wynveen said his colleagues are not asserting that cellphone transmitters are unsafe. Wynveen cited a report this week which suggests microwave energy from cellphone transmitters may be a factor in the mysterious collapse of honeybee colonies across the United States. Residents in the area of Elgin Avenue Public School lobbied intensively for the removal of the Rogers transmitter last year.
During last year’s deliberations, a Health Canada doctor assured Norfolk council that the Rogers tower was not a threat to human health.
Area doctors are asking Norfolk Council to have another try at removing Rogers Wireless equipment from the Simcoe water tower.
Council abandoned its efforts to have the equipment relocated last October, after finding out that it would cost at least $316,000 to get out of a long-term lease with Rogers.
About 20 people living near the tower, which is close to Elgin Avenue School and Norfolk General Hospital, have complained about symptoms such as nausea, dizziness and headaches since the Rogers antenna was installed last February.
Hardest hit is Dan Currie, who is unable to live in his home, located just below the tower. No need to wait until Canada Day for fireworks - there were lots last night at Norfolk County council. Emotions regarding the cellphone antenna on the Union Street water tower boiled over, prompting Mayor Dennis Travale to abruptly end the meeting as Norfolk OPP were called into the council chambers. It was an emotional speech for the mayor, who had to stop part way through to compose himself after addressing the issue of cancer and cellphone towers.
People in the gallery scoffed and began talking after that comment but Travale was quick to regain order. As the deputations were set to begin leading off with Geoff Saldanha, Elgin Avenue resident Keith Simpson approached the podium. After about five minutes of talking at the podium, Simpson did take his seat and councillors and Norfolk County staff members began returning to the chamber. Simpson again refused to sit down, saying he wanted to address Travale’s speech prior to the delegations and ask a procedural question. Allcock told the Reformer a decision will need to be made by the mayor and members of council on how best to proceed. Those still wanting to discuss the cellphone tower issue last night remained in the chambers for well over an hour after Mayor Travale left the building with a Norfolk OPP officer looking on.
Resident Danielle Pender lives 125 metres from the water tower and wanted to present an e-mail she received from Travale when he was a candidate for mayor.
Councillor Charlie Luke chatted with concerned citizens, but said he couldn’t explain why the mayor had walked out or what caused it.
Resident George Furry said despite the meeting ending quickly, there are likely more fireworks on the way because this issue isn’t going away. Local News - Opponents of the Simcoe cell tower were outraged Tuesday, after Norfolk County Mayor Dennis Travale abruptly cancelled a council meeting before they had a chance to speak.
Travale started the meeting by warning presenters that he would only listen to new information on the issue. The mayor also criticized the lack of scientific evidence provided to council and said it was "fear mongering" to link neighbourhood cases of cancer to the cell tower. When Keith Simpson, one of the scheduled speakers, attempted to respond, Travale ordered him to sit down.
A call to his home was answered by his wife, Barb, who said Travale would have no comment to make that evening. Kelly Currie, whose husband, Dan, has symptoms so severe that he is unable to live in the family home - located just below the tower - was close to tears at the sudden turn of events. Dan Currie first raised a red flag about the cell equipment more than a year ago, after he began suffering severe headaches, dizziness and loss of memory whenever he was near his Union Street home. Currie said he was offended by the mayor's comments and dismayed by the meeting's cancellation. County manager Bill Allcock said the clerk must provide 48 hours notice before scheduling a meeting.
He also suggested that council may decide to hold a special council session to deal with the cell tower issue. Cell phone antennas on a water tower in Simcoe Ontario has been a thorn in the side of residences who believe their illlnesses are associated with the radio frequencies from these antennas. Last year citizens presented their case to Norfolk County Council who then voted to have the antennas moved to a different location. Since then new Councillors have been elected and the citizens wanted to presented new information but the meeting ended rather abruptly.
The entire session was televised live and when the Mayor left the Chambers the cameras stopped rolling. What I found most disturbing, in addition to the Mayor's emotional outbreak, his desire to silence people about the health concerns, and his defamatory remarks about specific individuals in the community, was his obvious lack of understanding about science and the scientific process. So often we have people in positions of authority who are unable to grasp the science behind the decisions they need to make.
I write in response to Mayor Travale's accusations and comments made on Tuesday, June 26th on the issue of the Union St.
Industry Canada recognizes that the local community may have concerns about the location of a radiocommunication tower.
If you have concerns about a proposed tower in your community, you may wish to make your views known to your local municipal officials.

The consultation process ensures that local municipal land-use authorities have the opportunity to influence the location of radiocommunication antenna structures.
Notice that the brochure advocates community consultation, saying that "local concerns can be taken into consideration during the consultation process".
A letter from Kenneth Engelhart, vice-president regulatory for Rogers , makes it clear that's not going to happen - unless Norfolk Council is willing to foot the bill to relocate the equipment. Engelhart acknowledged that cell equipment was moved from one location to another at the University of Guelph - at the university's cost. Council abandoned efforts to relocate the equipment last year, after finding out if would cost at least $316,000 - and possibly as much as $1 million - to get out of a long-term lease with Rogers. More than 70 people living close to the Union Street tower have complained about symptoms such as nausea, headaches and dizziness since the Rogers equipment was installed last February. He notes that Canadian health and safety standards for cell towers are less stringent than many European countries, which do not allow towers within close proximity to schools or hospitals. Ron Beckett, who lives one street away from the Simcoe tower, said Norfolk Council has an obligation to err on the side of caution and move the cell equipment, regardless of the cost.
Beckett is one of 15 people who will be making presentations about the cell tower at a special council meeting tonight.
Beckett's hoping council will be persuaded to re-open negotiations with Rogers and get out of the lease.
Since then, ESD America has been the source of every story about the fake cell towers, gradually releasing details of the towers as the phone's owners discover new locations. If your phone connects to a fake cell tower, whoever operates the device can listen to your calls, intercept your text messages, and send fake text messages to your phone.
Active GSM Interceptors: A GSM interceptor can act as a "man in the middle" to intercept cellphone traffic between two devices. Fake cell phone towers are a big problem in China, where it's common for scammers to use these devices to trick people into handing over their credit card details,A according to a report on The Verge.A Cell phones automatically connect to the strongest available signal, meaning that it's easy for criminals to gain access to cell phones and send fake messages requesting card information if they're close to a target cell phone.
Criminal gangs:A One of the likeliest theories behind the fake cell towers is that they're used by criminal gangs to send spam text messages en masse to American citizens. The police:A It has been speculated that the "Interceptor" towers are part of a new surveillance network used by local police forces to keep track of citizens and possibly even spy on their phone calls.
Foreign spies:A It's been speculated that foreign governments have formed this network of fake cell towers across America in order to track cellphone location and intercept calls.
The government:A Every time there's talk of someone spying on our phone calls, the blame is usually placed on the NSA or another government surveillance institution.
Conveniently, Goldsmith's opinion served to bring the cell towers back into the spotlight, as the idea that a foreign government is using fake cell towers to spy on Americans is a terrifying prospect. Ultimately, there are no photographs of the towers and ESD America has not released the exact location of any Interceptor devices.
May 11, 2015 by Kelly 28 Comments I received compensation, either monetary or in product, in exchange for this review.
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And they noted that the cell tower meets federal health and safety regulations in regard to exposure levels. When Kalmbach asked a Rogers representative about the possibility of getting out of the lease before the March 31, 2008, expiry date, Jack Hills said that will be up to the company’s lawyers to decide.
She cited studies that show an increased risk of cancer, as well as symptoms such as headaches, insomnia and nausea, when people live within 400 metres of a cell tower. County manager Bill Allcock said that process will begin this week but he’s not sure how long it will take before the cell tower finds a new home - or what the cost will be to taxpayers. Roger Geysens voted in favour of moving the cell tower but he warned that this might be the start of similar requests from other county residents who live near cell towers. The antenna belongs to Rogers Communications, which has entered into a long-term agreement with the county to broadcast from the tower. Jeff Tschirhart of Simcoe, Haldimand and Norfolk’s former acting medical officer of health, circulated the letter to his colleagues for their endorsement. Until questions like these and others are answered, Wynveen said extreme care should be taken with the deployment of this technology. But a letter from 11 local physicians urges councillors to reopen negotiations with Rogers and have the equipment moved to a “more responsible” location. Jeff Tschirhart, former acting medical officer of health for Norfolk, and 10 other doctors in Simcoe, Port Dover and Jarvis. Currie will be one of several people appearing at tonight’s council session to ask politicians to revisit the issue.
But before the public was allowed to speak, Travale took about 15 minutes to lay some ground rules and explain what would and would not be admissible information.
Travale banged his gavel and asked Simpson to sit down as he had not yet been recognized by council (Simpson was No. Magda Havas was prepared to present new health information about cellphone towers to council last night and was disappointed with how things turned out.
Residents have raised concerns about possible health risks since Rogers Wireless equipment was installed on the Simcoe water tower last year. Simpson, a Simcoe lawyer, continued to press his point and Travale left the council chamber. When Simpson continued to speak, Travale declared the meeting over and exited the building. Doctors at Toronto's Sunnybrook Hospital recently diagnosed him as being sensitive to electromagnetic fields.
Charlie Luke said he's never seen a meeting cancelled over procedure in his almost 28 years as a municipal representative. That means it would be Friday morning, at the earliest, before a makeup session could be held. Allcock said that has to be done by the end of this week, so that tax bills can be sent out. As a result, the Department requires proponents of significant antenna structures to consult with municipal land-use authorities. Local concerns can be taken into consideration during the consultation process with the proponent of the radiocommunication facility.
Industry Canada expects that all involved parties will examine the proposal, consider each other's concerns and attempt to arrive at alternative solutions that do not unduly restrict the antenna structure.
Amand said he's "not surprised" by the ongoing refusal of Rogers Wireless to remove cell antennas from the Simcoe water tower.

One resident, Dan Currie, is unable to live in his home because his symptoms are so severe. The meeting was set up to replace a June 26 council session that was abruptly cancelled when Mayor Dennis Travale clashed with one of the speakers over procedure.
Ever since an August report in Popular Science revealed the existence of a series of "Interceptor" cell towers across the US, there's been a scramble for information on exactly what these mysterious towers actually are.
It'sA marketed as a secure alternative to normal mobile phones with a cost upward of $3,500. It's also possible to monitor and track the physical location of a mobile phone using a hacked cell tower, meaning that so-called "Interceptor" towers can be used to follow people as they travel in the area of the cell tower.
According to Chinese security company Qihoo Security, there are over 13 million of these fake messages sent every single day in China. This is a long-established practice in China, so it's possible that it also goes on in America. This isn't an outlandish theory, as American police forces are already known to use "Stingray" technology to track cellphones.
Instead, theA company has released a handful of maps and given interviews to the press about them.
His sister has had a phone since she was his age, but the situations are completely different.
My phone has seemingly fallen out of my hands before, and I immagine a child who has never owned a phone will drop it even more frequently. A voice that resembles that of an adult male proclaims “What activity are you currently in the process of completing, that involves having my female offspring attend!?”.
Rogers has refused to budge, saying the tower complies with Health Canada standards for microwave transmitters. Tschirhart, in his capacity as acting MOH, refused in a letter to be drawn in to the debate. He has contacted Industry Canada, which regulates telecommunication towers, asking them to intervene in the situation. But, like the physicians, he believes more study is needed to rule out a possible health risk.
He said many European countries have banned cellphone towers in locations that are close to schools and houses. 17 on the list of delegations) but Simpson remained at the podium, trying at times to speak over Travale.
10, asking for the removal of the equipment, which has raised health concerns among nearby residents. There are suggestions that the cell towers are the work of criminal gangs, a surveillance tool by the FBI, or even that they belong to foreign spies. ESD America's Facebook Page has turned into a media center for the cell towers, teasing upcoming reveals of more cell towers. She was going to school in a not so nice part of town and was busy with after school activities.
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Currie becomes sick in the presence of other cell towers as well, it is obviously not the renovations that are causing his symptoms. In Sweden, this condition is a nationally recognized disability and provisions are made to allow these individuals to work in safe environments.
I was not comfortable with her being alone with no way to contact us in case of an emergency.
If there are limits on those, so they realize there will be limits on the cell phone as well?
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If the details of this story are in fact, the truth, than it is now your duty to answer the question of ‘Who was calling you and your romantic companion on your cellular telephone?’.
Travale recommending that the citizens living in the vicinity of the cell phone tower be the subjects of this experiment? If, for example, Russia or China were to embark upon a campaign of mass surveillance against American citizens, they probably wouldn't use unsophisticated technology that can be discovered by a modified Samsung Galaxy SIII.
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A  How about some facts, such as the Officer's name, time, location of the vehicle, etc.

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