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In this article, I am going to cover a few of the tools you can use to locate your lost or stolen cell phone.
When someone finds your phone, they can go to the website, type in the ID number, and they will be able to find out who the phone belongs to.
The site says that if you can’t find your phone you can make it “scream” (not quite sure what that means) or wipe it out.
If you’re really worried about your data being stolen, you can look into F-Secure Anti-Theft (directory). If your phone is stolen, you can text message a key to your phone to find its geo-location. Other articles you can check out relating to this matter include How To Trace & Deactivate A Stolen Cell Phone, How To Trace a Mobile Phone Location with Google Latitude, and 6 Possible Signs Your Cell Phone May Be Tapped.
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I have a very valuable cell phone with me and so I try to take the best care of it possible.
Getting rid of electronics isn't as simple as just taking them to the landfill and leaving them. Back in 1990, three MIT graduates who designed war robots decided to form a corporation called iRobot. Plan B is an application for Android that you can use after your phone has been stolen, misplaced or if you have lost it but can't remember where. To install Plan B on the phone you only have to visit the Google Play store, click on the install button on the Plan B website, and make sure the app gets installed on the stolen or lost phone.
The application starts then automatically after installation on the phone to send you an email with your phone's location to the account's email address.Note that on some phones it needs to be launched via SMS instead if it can't autostart for whatever reason. Several factors can prevent the application from sending out the information to the associated Gmail account. It is still worth a try and without doubt one of your best options to locate your phone again.

Martin Brinkmann is a journalist from Germany who founded Ghacks Technology News Back in 2005. I'm more worried about how this can be used against the phone owner than to help recover a stolen one. You set your phone down to go do something and later on you can’t remember where you left it.
Finding a phone on silent can be done (if you have GPS), but it is by far the trickiest of all recoveries. BlueRetriever is pretty cool in that it allows you to create a wallpaper for your phone that has a site URL and an ID number on it. You can even offer them a reward, which you set yourself, of up to $100 in gift cards (Amazon, Starbucks, Target) or donations with Kiva.
Lookout provides security in the form of virus and malware protection, data backup of your contacts and photos, and device location. Supported by Symbian OS, Windows Mobile, and Android, this application provides the ability to track your lost phone, remotely lock it, and even remotely wipe out all the data.
Once installed this app will allow you to view your cell phone’s location, make it ring from the website even if it is set to silent or vibrate, lock the keys, back up your contacts, delete the information on the phone, and more.
Our judgement is in no way biased, and our recommendations are always based on the merits of the items. That's especially the case if you do not have some form of application or software running on the phone to track it down when it is no longer in your possession. The application gets installed if the phone is on, has some form of mobile connection, and your user account is still associated with it.
If a data connection is not available, for instance because it has been disabled or of the phone is in an area with bad reception, SMS may be used instead to inform you about the location of your phone.
Besides what has already been mentioned, there is a possibility that the "new owner" of the phone may notice the installation of the new application, that the phone blocks the automatic start of the application, or that security software does so. It is definitely worth a try, and especially so if you happen to misplace your phone regularly.

While the remote installation of the application worked, it would not autostart on the phone.
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It works the same way as Plan B, you simply push the app to your lost phone then send an SMS to start the app. It has since then become one of the most popular tech news sites on the Internet with five authors and regular contributions from freelance writers. You don’t want your private information in the wrong hands, especially since these new phones are capable of making purchases online. That's however not entirely true, and while the following method depends a lot on the state of the phone, it gives you a good chance of locating your phone.
The idea behind Plan B is actually really simple: apps cannot only be installed directly using the phone, but also remotely from Google Play and that is what Plan B takes advantage of. If you do not have a spare cell phone, ask one of your friends or family to send the text message instead. A manual start of the application however did not result in the sending of an email to the associated Gmail account.
Though I can understand how he could have gained access to my google play and gmail accounts, I have no idea how he got the app to send the emails to his account instead of mine.
If it is lost and no one touched it yet, or if the person who has it has not erased the data on the phone, then there is still hope that you can get it back.

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