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Srikanth RameshWith the rapid growth of mobile phone usage in recent years, it is often observed that it has also become a part of many illegal and criminal activities. If you would like to use a simpler interface where in you can just enter the target mobile number and trace the desired details, you can try this link from Numbering Plans. UPDATE: After the introduction of Mobile Number Portability (MNP) in India, methods discussed above are not found to be very much accurate.
Soon 22 telecomm circle will be vanished than operator , state will impossible to identify.
Sir what a wonderful idea you have given me to know the information about any number in the world. You can use true caller software for mobile …also u can search the numbers and name through the website of true caller. If you Like HowToVanish on Facebook then we will give you one of the $2-3 30 page Mini-Guides for free. Your phone number might be stored in phone directories, pizza delivery databases, and all kinds of other internet databases.
Do you want to block caller ID from revealing your name and address?  Do you want to prevent a reverse phone lookup for your name and address?  Following are some of the best ways to protect one of the most important pieces of personal information. That will not prevent the phone number from showing up in other databases or finding its way back into the ones where you have already deleted your phone number.
Although not a perfect method, call forwarding can help you manage which phone number is available to the public. The public number that is call-forwarded won’t be linked directly to your location like a cell phone might, and it allows you to change your private number as often as you want. If you don’t mind constant data mining then a Google phone number through Google Voice offers free call forwarding. If you are only protecting your identity during certain calls, either spoofing or blocking caller ID might be good options. You can get pre-paid cell phones with cash, with no contract, and refill minutes with cash whenever you want.
You can even be extra sneaky and get 2 pre-paid cell phones, give one to your friend, and only communicate with each other over those phones. Real Caller is an application for the smartphone users for the purpose of getting telephone directory and caller ID.
Truecaller is a multifunctional application for the smartphone that is used for the purpose of searching the phone number of someone, knowing about the phone number of a person whose status on the phone screen is either unknown or private number and blocking the phone numbers for no receiving calls and SMSs in future. Being the database of almost 700 million phone and mobile numbers across the globe, WhosCall is based on the system of reverse number lookup and identification.
Whitepages Caller ID is an application for the smartphone that is used for the purpose knowing about the identity of the unknown callers and those whose identity always shown as private number on the screen of smartphone. Calls Blacklist PRO is said to be the most popular calls and SMSs blocker application that will make you able to easily block those numbers who are continuously interrupting you by sending SMSs or making product promotion calls.
Call Bliss is an application for the smartphone for the purpose of getting text alerts and unwanted callers details.  It is an application for ensuring that you never miss important calls. TrapCall is an application for the purpose of getting the caller IDs and unmasking the blocked calls. Number Guru is an application for smartphone users for the purpose of reverse phone and caller lookup system. Contactive is a free caller identification application that provide the users with the system of identify the number of millions of callers before attending them. CallerSmart is an application that is basically used for the purpose of looking up mystery phone numbers for free. True Contact is a special caller ID application for those smartphone users who want to resolve their issue of unknown and unwanted calls.
WhoWho is a caller ID and call blocking application that provide the solution for identifying the caller ID, blocking the unwanted calls, managing the registered numbers, identifying the spam calls before responding to the callers. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible.
Using a Cell number lookup, you can discover the truth about who’s on the other end of the phone line.

With the advent of Caller ID, phone users can see the names of callers in their phone or device.
Cell phone number search records are a form of public records that is growing increasingly popular as cell phone use continues on the same upward trend. When you perform a Cell phone number lookup, you will be able to find out basic information about a person, such as the person’s name and location. Posted By Jonas on Dec 20, 2011Facinate is a new Facebook client app for Symbian phones, including both S60V5 and Symbian^3 OS versions., with an awesome look and best of all, it's FREE!
Posted By MASMedia on Dec 5, 2011Angry Birds the renowned popular game brings a new delight to the game. Posted By MASMedia on Sep 1, 2011Nokia Maps has released Live Traffic routing for their latest beta of the Nokia Maps Mobile client.  It is available in the UK, France, Germany and Russia, making life for those who drive on a daily basis much easier. Posted By Phat^Trance on Aug 23, 2011Nokia Nearby is a hyper-local search application which you can use to look for information about places and listings near you and also share this information with any of your contacts.  While this app works on Series40, S60, and Symbian devices, it is targeted primarily towards emerging markets with a high emphasis on Series40 devices, including those that don't have Nokia Maps or GPS on them. Posted By Phat^Trance on Jul 28, 2011Ovi Store daily download requests recently soared to 7.62 million, crossing the 7-million milestone for the first time and beating the previous record, set only few days earlier, by 840,000 downloads.
Posted By Phat^Trance on Jul 13, 2011It is now even easier to stay connected, no matter where you are or how you access Facebook with Facebook for Every Phone. So, in most cases tracing the mobile number becomes a vital part of the investigation process. The easiest way to gain access to the details of any mobile number is by using a reliable paid service that has records of over millions of mobile and landline users in its database.
Even though it is not possible to trace the number back to the caller using the free services, it is possible to trace it to the location of the caller and also find the network operator. Just send us a message on Facebook and let us know which one you want: (1) Financial, (2) Political or (3) Personal.
That is not a fool proof method, since only New Mexico allows anonymous ownership of business entities, but it puts one more layer of protection between your private information and the public. This keeps that phone number unconnected in any way with your name, until you use it, of course. That way it will be very difficult to tell that you two are chatting it up with each other. However, I would caution anyone who is looking to use this information for things like prank calls. Real Caller make it possible for the users to get the caller ID of the real people who are making you calls staying anonymous. It is an application for knowing about those numbers whose identity always displayed on the mobile screen as a private number, unknown or based on two to three digit code words. By using Whitepages Caller ID, the smartphone users can easily come to know about the identity of callers either it is your friend or foe.
The best about Calls Blacklist PRO is that it even used for blocking the spam messages as well and make the phone life of the users easiest. All World is an application for the purpose of checking the identity of phone number according to state, country, city, region, operator and much more.
Number-Block Call Block us a number identity application that is used for blocking the unwanted called and SMS.
The Don Not Disturb feature of Call Bliss is simple and easy to use that allow the users to customize its features and settings according to their own demand. It is a way for getting the identity of those numbers that always shown as private numbers or unknown.
Number Guru is one of the biggest sources for getting the caller ID and reverse phone service that you will hardly encounter in most of those applications that are working just like Number Guru. It is an application that is used as a medium for investigating an annoying call or SMS before you respond. True Contact will make the process of decision making about whether to take or reject these calls coming from private and unknown numbers. WhoWho will tell you which call is real one and which are being made from the fake numbers. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this.

But some cell phone companies hide the identities of their customers from others by overriding Caller ID technology; and thats only fair and unavoidable, right? It can be annoying when you receive a call from a cell phone without knowing the persons name, and unfortunately, this information isn’t as easily accessed as home phone numbers or those of businesses. The service is based on cell phone number records that are kept private until they are requested by qualified organizations such as a background check company. You can then use this information to perform a background check, court records check, criminal history check, and so forth.
One common reason occurs when people receive harassing or anonymous calls from cell phone numbers. The story remains centred on the Bad Piggies that have stolen the Angry Birds eggs but the game has been transported into the delights of a cookbook.
Also, sometimes we just want to trace a mobile number back to the caller for reasons like annoying prank calls, blackmails, unknown number in a missed call list and so on. If you’re really serious to find out the name and address of the person behind the mobile number, then this is the right choice. This Wiki page is updated regularly so as to provide up-to-date information on newly added mobile number series and operators. So, if you are in an emergency and need to find out the actual person behind the call, I would recommend that you file a complaint and take the help of the police. However, I believe that you are not likely to get much help from the service provider unless you have the FIR copy of the filed police complaint with you. That can be a hard thing to do, especially when so much of your data is flowing freely on the world wide web. Real Caller is an application that is used for the purpose of finding caller name and reverse phone search. Extreme Call Blocker is an application that provide the smartphone users with more command and controls as compared to the internal setting of their smartphones.
It is an application that will make you able to determine the both mobile and landline numbers across the globe by using the codes. By simply using the TrapCall, you can get the features of blocking and restricting the calls, getting the no caller ID calls and monitoring who is really calling you and much more. Contactive provides the users with the best information by using the social media networks and provide the sources publicly available.
Depending on what information you are looking for, these sites may or may not provide the most accurate results for you. Unlike land lines, when a cell phone number calls, there is no name associated with the caller (usually the number only displays with the location of the caller.) As such, people will find out who is calling based on that cell phone number.
Rovio, a global leader in mobile communications in cooperation with Nokia, hosted an Angry Bird's evening to mark the launch of the new cookbook. Real Caller diligently work with almost all type of smartphones and provide the users with best features and functions. Number-Block Call Block is the best and comprehensive way to identify and stop the spam calls, scam and frauds.
All you have to do is to enter the number into the form above, and the information will get to you right away. Being able to perform a cell phone number search is one way to keep yourself safe and informed about callers. The main highlighted features and functions of Real Caller are easily find any kind of phone number, it make it possible for the users to get both landline and mobile number, explore the both domestic and international number, identify the spam calls quickly, system for never picking up the unwanted calls, free phone number lookup, work in offline mode as well, real caller data, availability of phone book, avoid sending message or calling to the wrong person, caller identification and much more. Moreover, Real Caller delivers the free and live updates to the users by providing them a highly advanced caller ID and telephone directory for the instant phone number lookup and reverse phone search. Number-Block Call Block is that it support for the almost all those phone codes that are being used across the globe.

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