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They all use the exact same towers as their parent companies, and none of them have long term contacts that must be signed. All the discount plans should allow you to bring your own phone from their big brother company, but double check with the carrier. Skype e disponibile dispositivi blackberry®?, Skype e disponibile dispositivi blackberry®? They have discounted brands where consumers can save 60-75% off your monthly cell phone bill.

They offer free service which includes 200 voice minutes, 500 text and 500mb of data per month. Find a good used phone or buy one, but don’t fall for the “free phone with a contract” which all big four carriers offer. If you need more, you can get Unlimited Voice and Text as well as 500mb of data for only $6.67 a month. Prices are dropping so quickly, so there is no longer any reason to be locked in a contract for an extended period of time.

Check with FreedomPop about which phones can be used, or just purchase a cheap one from FreedomPop.

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