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Consider a scenario: You have bought a product online for which you have been charged additional. Currently there are many third-party email tracking tools that lets you get this feature in your Gmail account.
With this in mind I have come up with a tool that lets you create your own email tracking system which will send you notifications when someone has read your email. Now on whenever this email has been read by someone you will receive an email alert to your Gmail ID with the time-stamp on when it was read. Thanks also for your work, and I am waiting for the update ?? For now the script is doing the job very nice, just as I said the sent emails are not remembered anywhere. I noticed that when I read the persons reply that I get another read receipt, in fact any time that email is opened by either myself or the person it was sent to, I get another read receipt, is there a way to only get a read receipt when the person the email was sent to opens the email and not when i read their reply, also the time stamp in the key archives page is 1.5 hours off, how can I adjust the time? Additionally, my testing revealed that you want to enter your entire email address for the Gmail ID. An enhancement (in addition to “where did the email you sent go?) would be to log the opens to the spreadsheet instead of sending you an email. If you accidentally open your email and it DOES track you, then you have to remember that and subtract it from the original recipient. Lastly (for now) if you (users) want to send to multiple people using this, you can by using a comma, however it seems to break the tracking all together. I have been sending to another email account and that works perfectly, I also see in the keys archive that my mail has been sent out, but nothing coming in showing the email was opened from the other account.
Ah- now I just sent one to a real friend who opened it and I did get an email as a receipt notification.
People with two or threeGmail addresses can now switch between their accounts quickly and easily without logging out.Google launched the new multi-account sign-in feature across its suite of web apps on Tuesday.
Email has become a standard form of everyday communication for people all over the world, and Gmail is one of the most popular email services.
While Google agreed that such problems exist, the search engine giant cited some other reasons too for their decision to ban ‘iit’ in usernames. The decision by Google has also been mired in political controversy as a Congress leader alleged that Google was playing favoritism politics and was trying to gather the support of huge non-IIT population of country.
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Sometimes you are getting lots of spam emails on your Gmail inbox or receive so many unwanted emails on your account.
The trick is simple to use all you have to make some changes on your Gmail settings and after that you can block unwanted emails or senders on your Gmail account.

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Though it has a lot of features it can boast off, it does lack some functionality that many users would love to have. It’s currently available but only to Google Apps account holders (Business, Education, and Government).
This tool can be used by any Gmail user or non-Google Apps account holder for their own purpose. But very much possible to track multiple people provided we iterate and assign unique identifier to each of the user. Seems, the recipient has to click on the “Display Images Below” and then only the read receipt is sent? You will actually be receiving a notification saying that email was opened via email not pop up alert. We cannot login into Skype successfully, if either of Skype password or email ID is incorrect. This has led to creation of extra-long usernames because of the long and complicated names private engineering colleges.
Majority of engineers and the Left parties have given it a thumbs up, calling it a giant step toward social equality. Some market analyst even fear that Google may have to pay for this in their next recruitment drive at IIT campuses. Leave aside the Gmail username, a guy will change his whole name to get that hefty pay package!” an analyst provided the counterview.
There is a clear foreign hand behind it,” a Congress leader claimed as he requested Kapil Sibal to put more restriction on Google and the IITs. Readers are advised not to confuse the "news reports" of Faking News as being genuine and true. So if you are in the same situation and getting so many unwanted mails from your contact list or some other person or company.
So lets take a look how to apply this trick on your Gmail account and block all the unwanted incoming emails on your account. Now the main part start, from here you have to create a filter for the email ID or sender ID which you want to block from your GMail Inbox and want to block unwanted emails from those emails IDs. Though it’s available in-built in Google Apps Gmail account, what about the Gmail users?
This is done especially to address the problem you have mentioned to stop alerts from being generated when the sender themselves read the mail.

When you submit your information, Google will reject your request if the ID is already in use. Any email address you list will be used to verify the new address as an address where password information can be sent if you forget your password in the future. If you have lost password or do not remember email address used to login into Skype account – you can use recovery procedure to get correct login details for your Skype account. The best option is to stop receiving these kind of emails is block the email address or contacts on your Gmail account. On the Gmail Inbox page you can see the Gear icon on the top-most right of your Gmail account page, click the arrow-down and choose Settings. And Don’t forget to +1 this post on Google Plus and Like our Facebook here to get more updates.
As far as key archives is concerned it just inserts the current time-stamp, not sure if it’s timezone problem.
But in Gmail you can’t find any option which allows you to block the email address and stop these type of annoying emails.
So the next time when you receive the email from that email it will marks as read and the mail goes directly to your Trash folder. But remember one thing, with this method you can only block the unwanted emails to appear on your inbox, with this way you can send the unwanted messages directly to your Trash folder without reading the emails so you don’t have to deal with it anymore. Most of us have at least two active Gmail addresses, especially those of us who use Gmail for both our work and personal lives.
Open email from Skype in your inbox (check spam folder, if email message not found inside default inbox).3. We access the same apps for different purposes (work productivity, social networking, bookmarking) and we often keep separate accounts for separate tasks.
In future, you can change Skype password at regular interval and avoid forgetting the same.Recover email ID associated with Skype accountThere are times, we may forget which email ID address was used for creating Skype account. You can easily recover email ID address associated with your current Skype account using password automation web form.1.
Alternatively, you can find out your Skype Name by asking someone who has you in their contact list.2.
If you have not purchased any Skype subscription using existing email ID (which you are trying to recover), then this method may not work.In that case, you have to attempt to recover password and username ID of Skype account in order to find out associated email ID address.

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