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Every day, millions of people use Facebook to stay connected with friends and family, upload an unlimited number of photos, share links and multimedia and learn more about the people in their lives. Facebook is a social media platform that encourages you to connect, share content that interests you and discover all there is to know about the world about you. Facebook Groups are the perfect way to communicate with your Customers in the Facebook landscape. To create your group, simply find the 'Create Group' button on the left-hand navigation of your Facebook Home screen. Finally, once your group is created, you can add a blurb about your group and add extra memebers later on. People love to explore what other Facebook users have done, whether it be holidays, incentive trips or business related activities, so make sure that your content is motivational and showcases the exciting world of Avon. If youa€™re running out of content to share on your personal profile or with your Customers in your Facebook Group, feel free to share any of the Avon posts or images from the official Avon Facebook page. Having an Avon Facebook Page is against the Terms and Conditions of the Representative Agreement, as Facebook Pages are public websites. On Facebook, the average user likes 40 pages per month, and receives around 1440 updates every month.
However, we encourage every Representative to have a personal Facebook Profile and create a Facebook Group, where you can customise an online environment for your customers. Facebook Profile: a personal account that connects you with friends, family, interests and your Customers. Before you create your personal Facebook profile or Facebook Group, remember that the Social Media Guidelines and the terms of the Representative Agreement apply.

As of 2013, Facebook has over 1.1 billion active users, of which more than half are accessing Facebook on a mobile device. Facebook allows you to connect and continue your conversation online in a real-time digital environment, where you can share ideas, promotions and offers with your Customers.
Once you have customised your details, add your friends and a€?Likea€™ your favourite brands, celebrities and interests. Then name your Group (Make sure you don't use 'Avon' in the title!) and begin typing your friends and Customer's names into the 'Member' field.
This means that only members can see the group, and you have the power to control who is in your group. You should choose a name that does not have Avon in the title a€“ for example, a€?Amandaa€™s Beauty Groupa€? or a€?Amanda in Brookvalea€? etc. If you spot a post that you love, hit the a€?Sharea€™ button located in the bottom left-hand corner of the post.
At Avon, we need to create one centralized voice across the business and by allowing Representatives to each have separate Facebook Pages for their own business, would diminish the Avon brand and pollute the brand message.
With so much competition online, it is more vital now than ever, that Avon Australia and New Zealand promotes one centralised voice on Facebook.
It is prohibited under the Representative Agreement to have a Facebook page for your Avon business.
This is copyright as well as being against the Representative Agreement and users who are found to have breached these terms and conditions will be notified immediately and may have their accounts cancelled by Facebook. There is a selection of approved images, cover photos and image posts available in the Downloads section of the Digital Hub that are updated regularly.

There are a number of community groups that trade or sell products on Facebook Group pages.
To connect with Avon, simply type a€?Avona€™ into the Facebook search bar and a€?Likea€™ us to receive the latest updates, information and product announcements. You can only add people that you are already friends with on Facebook, and Facebook will prompt you to select your friend's profiles as you type. You are also welcome to a€?Sharea€™ any Avon posts from the official Avon Facebook Page, but must not claim the images as your own. Any Avon Representative found to be selling Avon products or samples on a Buy, Swap and Sell Page will be notified and their account may be terminated. Use of Avon images in your profile photo or cover photo is also prohibited, except for pre-approved Avon images which you can download from our Downloads section. We do provide a range of approved images that you can use a€“ these are available in the Downloads section of this site. The only place you can mention Avon is in your a€?Abouta€? section where you may say that you are an Avon Representative. You should choose 'Closed' as the group type, as this means others will be able to find your group (i.e.

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