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You can trace any mobile number, vehicle no ,ip address free of cost via pc or mobile without registration. To see your mobile phone’s IMEI number, just type *#06# on the main screen and you will see it. How to track a phone using imei number - stolen mobile?, Track a phone using imei number: . How to find lost mobile using imei number, How to find lost mobile using imei number; june 8, . Using imei number, can i trace my lost cell phone or tablet?, How could i found my lost cell phone or tablet with help of imei .
The IMEI, or International Mobile Station Equipment Identity, is a 15-digit number that is hardwired into every phone.
Most smartphones can be tracked and located using software designed for those phones, so you might not need IMEI information to locate a lost or stolen phone. Here is a video that shows you how to do this (though note that since 2009, when this video was recorded, IMEI numbers have become ubiquitous, so it's far more standard than he implies in his introduction).
Things have changed a lot -- back in 2012, all four major US wireless carriers launched a joint database to track stolen cell phones using IMEI numbers.

Now that you have your IMEI number, you might be inclined to try to track down and recover the phone yourself. Remember how we said at the beginning that the IMEI number was unique and hard-wired into your phone? An International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number is a 15-digit code for each individual handset. IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) numbers are used to help mobile phone companies and you keep track of mobile phone usage. Provide your phone's International Mobile Equipment Identifier, or IMEI number, if requested.
A parent can track a child's cellular phone using a global positioning satellite, or GPS chip. This number, because it’s unique to each phone, means it can be used to track your lost or stolen device. But if you have not yet lost your phone, this is the point where you write down your IMEI number and keep it in a safe place. Notify both the police and your service provider (such as Verizon, AT&T, etc), and give them your IMEI number.

Indeed, this point can't be overstated: It's very dangerous to attempt to recover a phone on your own. Basically, the carrier narrows down the location of your cell phone by measuring the angles to it from nearby cell tower antennas. Discretes paddle ten told to spy android and tracking a cell phone by the number employees smartphone activity.
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