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I have had several requests for advice on making up a trace to use with an AquaCat Dinglehopper. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Aquacat, it is a remote-controlled bait boat capable of handling rough surf conditions and taking big baits far beyond the backline.
I always use inline circle hooks, I have found offset circle hooks are too often swallowed or foul hooked.
5.The sinker slides between the two swivels on the traces, allowing a bit of free movement when the bait gets eaten. I pretty much use the same setups but have a sinker snoot that is the same length as 3 hooking in turn the hook swivel 2 and sinker boom to the two stainless hooks in the bait holder. THAT SAID I have been giving the design some thought as I am convinced that the longer sinker snoot tangles with the main trace and actually limits movement once settled. I am considering doing away with the sinker snoot entirely and attaching the boom to these swivels.
I attach my sinker directly to the repair swivel (half a swivel with a stiff wire that can be bent to hold the sinker) which runs on the wire trace.
Great thanks Chris - heading up Stilbaai way next weekend and am amped to get some big boats out! The tuna t bar stainless versions you will be able to pick up from any commercial type shop and works like a bomb!
I then connect the sinker directly to the power swivel with a narrow (small) cable tie that the shark can snap off if the sinker snags anywhere. I'm not exactly sure how the rig connects to the Aquacat but with the kite we use an outrigger clip and to prevent tangling of the swinging weight we simply tape a loop of 0.60mm line to the windon and then connect the windon (loop) to the clip and drag the bait off to the horizon with the sinker and bait high in the water column.
Parts of this bulletin board may not function unless you enable JavaScript (also called Active Scripting) in your browser. A lathe is a machine tool that removes unwanted material from a cylindrical work piece by rotating it against a cutting tool. In a marble plate found at Elefsis (near Athens) there is an order for some metal parts of specific quality and specific shape and cylindrical poles. From this we can conclude: They knew how to use and make sharp material harder than copper and iron. Also at the village 'Steno' 6 km east of Tripolis there is found metal furnaces from 2500-2200 B.C.! At Mycenae and Pylos have been found iron rings made from iron mixed with nickel to make it stainless. In order to convert the iron to steel it must be heated up to 750 - 900°C in an environment with much carbon.
An old tradition on metalworking says that in order the hot metal to become as strong as possible should be turned to the north while it was cooling. If we take a good look at the findings from the Minoan period we conclude that these people could easily hammer and smelter metals to make tools and excellent jewellery. The Romans made considerable advances in the technical aspects of bronze casting, particularly in the use of prefabricated parts and in methods of joining metals to each other. The copper used during the Minoan and Mycenaean period was mixed with tin to become harder.
The most impressive fact related to metals is a mine for copper found in Rhodesia and seem to be working before 47.000 years! At the Greek village Steno 6 km east of Tripolis there have been found kilns for metals from 2500 -2200 B.C.
At the Greek island Ikaria at the coast of Kionion at the place Siderocapso has been found a very big kiln for metals. At the Menjamor of the Soviet Armenia, professor Korioun Megertzian found an ancient metallurgical factory. Let's take a closer look to the metal that since the beginning of history causes the most troubles to humanity, the gold.
At the close picture we can see part of a Scythian comb made of gold and decorated with a battle scene.
At Peru, at the champaign Tsan Tsan, found coins of a civilization before Incas, the Tsimous.

At the Egypt has been found some objects with a very slim gold plating on them such as we can achieve only with modern electrolytic methods. Close to Dorchester of Massachusetts (USA) has been found a metal vase decorated with layers of silver. Another almost unknown metal is the Asokas' column that is made from iron that does not rust (not steel) and the gold from Incas that has the half of the gravity weight of the ordinary gold.
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As the fish pulls the main trace swivel onto the sinkers swivel, the hook begins to penetrate the mouth.
The long boom provides 2 advantages 1 - It grips well and keeps your bait in place even in a side current. It is like a break away snap swivel where the one end is in a silicone tube which also fixes it to the line. Does the trace not tagle in the bait holderand how do you prepare it to insert it - colied ?
Not only that but when mr toothy comes to bite, the teeth will probably connect the mono sinker line. Also there is a specification in the text for lathe to be used for metals and not for wood or hardened clay. Did they know that this way the small magnets inside the iron look all the same way making it stronger, or they were just lucky trying it? Bronze was used for various kinds of military equipment, for the decoration of furniture, and for domestic utensils. Zinc was much cheaper than tin these days and also helped more the flow of the melted metal alloy to difficult shapes.
At the time of the victory of Athens over the Persian navy in the sea fight of Salamina the mines were at their peak production at 750 talants each year. Soon after that came the gold mines of Pagaio mountain that made the kingdom of Alexander the great the most powerful in Greece and Macedonia the next Greek leader. Another iron mine at Ngouenya Swaziland seems to be 25.000 years old and having hematite (iron like stone). Almost 200 kilns found with items of copper, bronze, lead, zink, iron, gold, tin, arsenate, antimony, magnesium and some more. Since the beginning of history at the grave or tomb of every important person has been usually put a lot of gold objects.
If we overlook the literary details the fact that remains is that we have a description of a traditional art of collecting cold to this specific area.
The specific gravity of the usually used gold is 19.3 but the gold used by Incas had only from 8 to 9.
Its strength is excellent because it handled easily the explosion of dynamite but we don't know what kind of metal is it.
Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase you maximum bid amount. Flowers have pronounced floral discs, which develop into characteristic capsules or drupes, and in many species, seeds have fleshy arils.DistributionFound in tropical and subtropical regions and extending into warmer temperate regions. The reason I open smaller hooks instead of just using a bigger hook is that a smaller hook has a chance of hooking all fish whereas you are going to struggle hooking a smaller fish on a giant hook.

2 - The long boom keeps the sharp spikes of the sinker's wires and the weight of the swinging lead away from the boat's fibreglass body.
This is so that if the bait comes back over the anchor point (grapnel sinker at 4), there is still steel that wont be bitten off. Then the tension on the line will immediately pull the bait away from the fish with no sinker anchoring it. Puts lovely holes through even the hardest baits and allows one to cable tie the bait to the hooks with the hooks 100% proud.
The ancient things that we found and the indications according them don't always match the history, as we know it. The ceramics seem too delicate to me to be used in a lathe but the technicians of this time probably knew better! It was also used for monumental works as noteworthy and subsequently influential in the history of art as the majestic equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius (AD 161-80) in Rome.
Most metals were imported and there been found 14 different types of bronze, probably according to their use. Such detail remains unusual even today and we also have to consider that the gold melts at 1100°C.
On the riverbed of some rivers that had gold inside them, there were been placing sheepskins.
If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable.
In southern Africa higher levels of diversity are found in the eastern half of the region.Number of genera in the worldca.
Remember the aqauacat is powerful enough to become airborne over the crest of a wave even when dragging a big bait. I highly recommend avoiding the use of a supple wire like the standard plastic coated 200lb used in South Africa for shark fishing. In the tombs of Mycenae there has been found a lot of jewellery and implements made of gold and silver. They used a washing system as any mine does, but because they didn't have a lot of water they were recycling it! Internal there is ceramic material that is turned to glass because of the high temperature that went at least up to 800°C. This plant produces very hard and strong wood that may be used for the making of tool handles, and for engraving and turnery.
I use a pair of them on longer baits like whole squid, whole octopus, shark fillet or tuna body sections.
The reason for this is that it is soft enough to get badly tangled around the prop shaft when some surf maneuvering is required. The metal workers of this time period already are working without difficulties with the most of the modern techniques that we know today. The washing area was arranged on such a cycle that the used water could return very close to where it started to be cleaned. Remember the large baits will never fit inside the small cavity provided, so the bait actually drags in the water behind the aquacat. Protracted fights are the norm and anything less than a high abrasion resistant 0.55mm mainline may not last even chafing sand. Another option is plaited thinner gauge single strand wire, although it is available in 400lb and a single strand of this will suffice. They had also made some cisterns that were insulated to avoid water leaks with material that even today we can't understand what it exactly was!

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