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To start using the app and monitor the transmitted data on the website, you must login with valid PDASpy account on both sides.
Once logged in, you’re taken to another screen that carries your exclusive PDASpy user ID, as well as your password that can be changed upon request. Needless to say, GPS must be enabled on your device to let the app send your location coordinates over to the website.
With your device configured, all you need to do is login with PDASpy through their website using your credentials, and start tracking all the details remotely. A big caveat of using Cell Phone Spy PRO+, despite the fact that it requires password-fed access to its interface, is that it can easily be uninstalled from any device without requiring any authentication from the user (obviously, unless you’ve secured your device using a PIN, pattern, password et al), hence putting into question the app’s reliability and effectiveness. Update: The app is now called Advanced Cell Phone Tracker + and is available on the Play Store.
This is exactly what I need but it looks like it only works on Android.  Does anyone know if this works for Windows Phone 7? Its really really great and i am glad that i have found your site its really a big help for all of us. How do you install when the target phone is locked all the time or is there a way to install without the target phone?
I need some assistance I kind of misspelled my email address accidentally, so now I don’t receive no email from the site.
AddictiveTips is a tech blog focused on helping users find simple solutions to their everyday problems. IF YOU are an Indane, Bharai Gas, or Hindustan Petroleum (HP) LPG consumer, then you can get all the answers to your questions related to subsidised LPG cylinders on your mobile screen. After the Government restricting number of subsidised LPG cylinders per family to nine a year, scores of consumers found it difficult to keep tab on consumption of subsidised LPG cylinders.

In the next screen appears detailed information of subsidised refills supplied, non-subsidised refills supplied, average LPG consumption of current year, and average consumption of cylinders in current year.
Once you lose your phone or its gets stolen, your private date is also at the risk of being stolen too.Your phone holds tons of information about you,and also about those who are close to you.
There is one thing that you can do to track your lost or stolen android phone if you don’t have any tracking app installed on it. Android Lost allows you to remotely install the app to your smartphone through the Google Play Store (granted your phone hasn’t been wiped and it’s still powered on) and get some of the same great location features we discussed in previous sections.
This app requires your phone to be connected to the internet and also your phone’s SIM card should not have been removed from your phone, otherwise this app wont be able to help you with tracking and locating your lost or stolen android phone. Using Androidlost is very easy, simply.Install the Androidlost on your phone and then activate it by sending an sms command from another phone. Allow Androidlost to connect with your Google account.In this way remote control feature of the device can be activated.
Click on the SMS tab, under SMS allow, type in the number of the phone from which you are going to send the SMS command to activate Androidlost on your phone and click on Allow.
Now send an SMS to your phone number with the following message command: androidlost register. Click on the Controls tab, enable Auto switch on GPS if deactivated under location settings and click on Send location. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Setting up a new account is free, and can be done from within the app or from the said web portal.
Or anyone know of a similar program for Windows Whone 7?  The main feature I need is sms text message logging.

Was planning on paying for extended month but i don’t want to if its gonna quit working constantly. We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Many obtained the information by taking a glance at LPG service book provided by distributor concerned, and calculating the number of subsidised cylinders available to them for the financial year. In the third and final screen, order numbers, order dates, cash memo numbers, cash memo dates, and delivery dates of current year appear for LPG refills. Someone who gets their hands on your phone may have access to sensitive information such as racy pictures you don’t intend for anyone else to see, phone numbers and addresses, and even financial info. If your phone is still connected with your Google account, you can remotely install an phone tracking software on it known as Androidlost and take its help to locate your lost or stolen android phone. You also have a couple of additional options such as Tracking frequency and Detect location for (duration) to specify the various tracking settings in terms of time. You also might be subject to losing precious memories that simply can’t be you’ll want your exact phone back. This accounts for a pretty handy remote tracking mechanism, as you can secretly monitor selective (or all) activities taking place on any phone on which the app has been installed.

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