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Erica was a "regular" at NSSF indoor and outdoor national championships while in high school, jumping her way to several NSSF championship rings.
Erica: My last jump of my collegiate career to win the NCAA Outdoor Championships in Des Moines, IA.
Outside of track, I do a lot of volunteer work and have done a bit of coaching in volleyball, basketball, and mostly recently, track.
The mission of the NSAF is to inspire youth to live healthy and active lifestyles, and to prepare them for success. So you have the whole tracking process down for analyzing Marketing Generated (Website, Advertising, etc.) and Sales Generated (Calls by Sales) leads.
And then some weird leads start popping into your reports that you are not sure how to analyze.
Here is one solution but feel free to customize for your own organization. The below is simple to implement and sounds straight forward. Lead Source Details: The rep then fills in some information on how the referral came into the system. If an opportunity is created, the rep should also add the original lead to the opportunity in order to capture the influence of the Advertising contribution. If you find referrals are playing more than a minor part in your Sales process, you may want to take the next step of providing additional incentives for reps to build out accounts as part of an overall account-based marketing strategy. If you are tracking referrals differently, please share some of your best practices in the comments below. Jeff is an accomplished marketing expert with more than 20 years success in generating demand and creating buzz for leading technology organizations. Okay, so I have already admitted to the fact that I have been involved in different aspects of protection training for a good part of my career.  For those of you that didn’t read my previous article, please note that I only use positive reinforcement training and do not adhere to any barbaric practices or use of physical manipulation.
But all that is beside the point!  I want to share with you what I have specifically learned and think everyone can learn from Schutzhund training and practices. But, my dogs have always LOVED tracking.  I think the last dog I competed and trained with actually liked the tracking more than he even enjoyed the bite work part of Schutzhund!  He knew the first component in daily training was my laying him a track, and he could hardly stand the excitement when I put my “track laying” boots on! Some people think Schutzhund is not realistic because the dog is never put in “real world” situations.  I actually like that about Schutzhund!  How many people need a dog that would readily bite another person?  What happens when you teach your dog to defend an attack on you, but someone in need of help runs up to you in the park and grabs your shoulder?  Or what would happen when a deaf child (this HAPPENED to me last weekend) or mentally impaired person runs up to you?  Most of us don’t need a “real world” biting, police type dog. Numerous people who compete in other such sports have told me how boring Schutzhund is especially since the obedience follows the same pattern or routine.  This point I must totally agree with!   Although I enjoy knowing the “routine” for competition sake, following the same mind-numbing routine day after day can get tiresome for both the person and the dog. Obedience should be a way of life, and although certain competitions can boost or even enhance a person’s training regiment, I think a dog should be taught to listen in all aspects of “real life”. That being said, I have learned more from Schutzhund obedience than almost anything else in my training career.  If you have ever watched a Schutzhund competition either online or at a trial, you will notice how all the dogs look up into the handler’s face and genuinely seem to enjoy the obedience routine. You see if you compete in Schutzhund your dog MUST look up at the handler and appear to enjoy the routine.  The judge can and will take off points if your dog is not staring up into your face, or even if it appears that compulsion (corrections) were used to intimidate the dog; THAT is what I love about Schutzhund!
In very few other sports can a team lose points if the dog doesn’t appear happy, or lose points for cowering or acting intimidated by the handler!  I think all sports should be judged this way!  Most other sports, AKC included, only care if the dog is in the appropriate or designated position; this leads to bare minimum training and sometimes the over reliance on compulsion and leash corrections.
Schutzhund trainers train their dogs in “Drive” and teach their dogs that obedience and adherence to commands is all part of a fun goal oriented game.  Obedience, in fact, must usually involve the dog’s favorite game in order to get a perfect or ideal performance. I am no longer content with a dog that simply stays in the desired position!  I want a dog that stares up at my face with happiness and a desire to do what I want so that it can play with me!  This kind of obedience is striking to watch and phenomenal to experience. Dogs should be taught using their instincts and drives to do the things that we want them to do.  Not only is this type of obedience more impressive, it should be more fun for you both!  Dogs that work in “Drive” (using their natural instincts and playing games) enjoy working for and listening to you. Training your dog in “Drive” will be a separate article, but suffice it to say the more fun you can make your training, the more you can teach your dog to utilize his instincts, and the more you train and work together having fun the happier you will both be!  When your dog is happy and he is enjoying his training, you will readily be able to see it on his face, in the way he prances and in his countenance. Someone that limits their voice, experience, and teaching to clicker training I feel is missing the boat. I found this very informative and I agree that the more fun you have with training your pet the more rewarding it will be for both of you.
Like your reminding me about having my dog (a Labradoodle pup 10 mos old) respond with excitement to performing various skill maneuvers…and loving the game and doing it with enthusiasm.
Ivan Balabanov has some wonderful videos on drive training and teaching your dog what he calls “the game”! You wrote, “In very few other sports can a team lose points if the dog doesn’t appear happy, or lose points for cowering or acting intimidated by the handler!
This is also why he is good for others, yes he is probably intimidated…but the odds of them hitting him for making a mistake are much less so he is willing to try with them. I wish you both all of the best and THANK YOU for being honest with me and asking for advice.
As soon as I see another dog coming toward us, I prepare myself with clicker and treat and get him to look up at me.(this can be a bit of a problem as he does not see very well, but he tries to focus on me).
He is learning to play a little, but is not very interested in toys yet, but likes hunting for hidden treats. Sometimes he does not want to go out for a walk and just potties outside and then refuses to go anywhere.
I stopped running after elementary school, and I didn’t put on another pair of running shoes until the 7th grade. Ten years later, when I laced up my running shoes for the first time here in Connecticut, I still felt like that girl. I can relate to so many of the reasons why you run, especially the feeling of accomplishment afterwards. The classes that need to be taken and certifications that need to be obtained may be included as part of a career development plan. One might begin a career development plan before college, or more commonly, when wanting to change careers in mid-life, or get promoted to a higher position.
Once the ultimate goals are in mind, it is time to break it down into smaller steps that will need to be taken. Formal steps might be a list of classes that need to be taken, exams to pass, or certifications that need to be attained. Icecream17- Sometimes if you are lucky you might find a supervisor that will mentor you and give you ideas as to what you could potentially do in the future. People that lack a focus or a career development plan often find themselves in the same position for a long time because they lack the initiative and motivation to seek something better. It is never good to stay in a comfortable job that does not challenge you because you do not learn as much and start become bored in your position. Although they do get tuition reimbursement and in some cases loan forgiveness for some programs many teachers fail to take advantage of these programs and don't seek higher education and graduate degrees.
For example, if your goal is to become a teacher, you might want to seek work as a camp counselor in the summers, or work in an elementary school or high school as an intern.
This experience will give you enough knowledge and work experience to be able to be placed in a teaching position upon graduation.
This also provides additional opportunities and creates a more well-rounded background for you and makes it easier to develop a career in teaching. If your personal career development plan includes becoming a principal, then you would obtain a degree in educational leadership and possibly continue your education to even the Doctorate level.
Before you begin tracking a human, make sure you have essential gear and supplies ready, including water and food. If possible, begin by spooring in easy terrain such as soft ground and muddy areas – locations where spoor will be easiest to find. Much of tracking a human means noticing what is out of context with the natural environment.
When a track is found, use sideheading to view track details.  Sideheading involves turning your head sideways and low to the ground to provide a better view of the track. For example, in the picture below, the footprint is barely (hardly) visible when viewed from directly above (arrow indicates footprint). But in this picture, the camera was held low, providing a line of sight similar to the line seen when sideheading is used.  As you can see, when viewed from this angle, the ridges and shadows in the print are much clearer and easier to discern.
The cross-grain method uses a squared-off zig-zag sort of search pattern (see diagram on right).
The 360 degree sweep method is the most intensive search pattern requiring you make ever-increasing circles from the last spoor found, outward until the next spoor is found. If you are tracking more than one person, it is important to understand how many people you are tracking.

Visit Geek Slop for bite-sized chunks of science and technology news and interesting articles catered to geeks and other superhero types.
Check out Bible Blender for bible study blended with science, history, technology, and your analysis.
Interesting science news, crazy science fair experiments, fun brain games and more cool science stuff for kids, parents, teachers at Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab. I've always been involved with sports and got curious about track in middle school, because it was the spring season sport after volleyball and basketball finished up. Unfortunately, I had torn my hamstring just before going over, so I was unable to compete at my best. I have been fortunate enough to be sponsored by Nike since graduating from Stanford in 2008.
For this post’s purposes, a referral lead is a lead that is referred to your Sales rep by another person. You must establish a process and train your reps on what they need to do when a referral lead comes their way. Additionally, marketing gains insight into how many leads are referred in this manner while also tying in the influence of the original lead.
I’ve actually found that making sales reps do follow a process like the one that you describe is not easy – they are just so prone to error! It also gives more of an idea of your experiences and really impresses me and makes me want to listen to you and understand you more. Many of the same situations are true as long as you realize that dogs have prey drive and that horses are prey!! That said, I think it is SO much fun, SO rewarding and a great way to work with dogs AND HORSES!! I end up in tears since the teacher scold me harshly and punish me to stand in the playground since I cannot hold my dog on leash. He comes from Romania and has had some terrible experiences before coming to a shelter where I adopted him 6 months ago. He used to be a watch dog and guard livestock on a small farm,then he was thrown out on the street when his eyesight deminished by approx 30%. He has been hit by a car and is sometimes very frighened of traffic that comes from behind, sometimes he throws himself into the ditch,but not always.
Amazingly, he is over friendly towards strangers and often stops and stares at people he meets. He ignores all dogs unless they show interest or bark at him in which case he growls and barks. Astro is rescue dog nr 10 in our family,every one has had problems,but we have managed to understand each other and they have all taught us about what it is like to be an unwanted badly treated dog.
The plan might be something an employee creates on his or her own, or he might do it with the assistance of a career counselor, or even a present employer.
A realistic assessment of one's current skills, abilities, and education is very important at this juncture. Informal steps might be researching the chosen career or meeting with people for networking purposes. It is important to try to upgrade your skills constantly so that you can be more upwardly mobile. A teacher with a master's degree can seek a specialist degree or doctorate and go on to teach at the University level and do research or seek an administrative or Executive position within the school system. Before you can create a personal career development plan you really have to know what it is that you want to do, and where you see yourself in the future. These goals could include obtaining a graduate degree in a specialty area such as reading, curriculum instruction, or educational leadership.
The concepts involved are similar except of course, you are dealing with a person which is a much smarter target and thus, will attempt to use deception to throw you off the trail.
Tracking can be time intensive and you do not want to be caught in the bush, tracking a dangerous human, without the proper supplies in hand. If a map of the area is available, take it with you (preferably one you can write on to record tracking details).  Bring a cellphone with a good camera for pictures of spoor (the technical word for any sign of a creature or trace by which the progress of someone or something may be followed). This not only protects you from an ambush, but allows you to hear any noises your target may make while fleeing. In particular, know about the wildlife in the area as they may provide additional clues to your target’s location.
In addition to a record of spoor that is found, keep notes on tactics the target may have employed and their pattern of behavior. Look first for the obvious signs such as footprints and leaves on plants that have been broken, bent, or turned so the light underside contrasts with the surroundings.
Soil and other debris can be thrown out of tracks by the target either kicking the ground or soil stuck to the sole of the target’s foot. The exposed side of an overturned rock will be darker and you will see an impression in the ground where it once rested.
Watch for broken spider webs and look for shine on objects, especially hard surfaces, which may indicate a track. Many animals (including insects) will avoid humans and scurry to shelter when a human approaches.
With your head in this position, your bottom eye scans the ground (to about one foot away) while the top eye reads up to three feet away.  Ridges and shadows in the tracks are much more visible using sideheading. People must eat so look for signs not only of discarded food, but signs that food has been taken. Look for discarded ration packages, food tins, possibly even dropped documents or supplies.
These tricks do indeed make tracking more difficult (see How to Avoid Being Tracked section below).
Stand at the point of the last spoor found and sight an object in front of you, about 100 yards away.
This method can be intense sometimes requiring a circle of a mile or more before the track is picked up again. They may split up or they may travel together in which case, they will double their efforts to throw you off the trail. Most importantly, take into consideration what you know about tracking and use that knowledge to disguise or eliminate your own signs.
Decoy tracks are especially effective around locations where your tracker may have difficulty maintaining the trail (e.g.
If dogs are involved, take out the dogs and dog handler first (others in the party will likely be unable to work with the dogs). For side-splitting humor, check out Funny Grins' huge cache of funny jokes, zany videos, and outrageous pictures..
At mortal journey, check out the footprints of our past - interesting stories and news about past and current trends and fads. It wasn't until my freshman year of high school when I learned about the triple jump simply by during some of my gymnastics moves around the track. I would have to say the day I got the call from Coach Floreal that I had been accepted to Stanford.
It's often not enough to just expect your coach to get you into summer meets and a college. Now the tricky part…Sales calls the lead and is told Jane Smith is actually the best person to work with. The beauty of this method is that we simultaneously have lots of data transfer from the old record to the new – everything from lead source, and lead source detail.
It has given me something productive to do with my horse when it is 10 degrees outside and too snowy or icey to even put my horse outside! Eg when I call many times come and he does not listen, When I brush him he try to bite me, so I hit him with the brush. Many dog owners get upset and cross the street to avoid him because they think he will go to attack, which he never does.
I ran for that reason for basically the first two months, and somewhere along the way I got to the point where it felt good.

Jogging with a stroller is NO JOKE, so if you find that you are running more slowly than you thought you would, keep that in mind. A month ago, out of the blue, I signed up for a 5K and am one month into the C25K challenge and I love it! Creating a list of goals, along with strategies for achieving those goals and a desired completion date, can be a step in the right direction when trying to improve a career. Consider if the goal involves learning skills for a specific trade, advancing into management, or even starting a private business? This will indicate existing qualifications, along with the areas that need to be improved upon. Any step that seems necessary to take to help achieve the final goal should be included in a career development plan. Setting small, realistic goals that can be easily completed along the way will help provide a sense of accomplishment, while simultaneously encouraging more work toward the next step. Since you will naturally aim to track silently and undetected, pay special attention to camouflage appropriate for the environment you will be tracking in. A record of prior weather history will help you understand the conditions of tracks and signs that you find (how they were made and how old they are). Locals will be more familiar with the local vegetation, weather conditions, and overall environment you are moving through. If working in a group, hand signals should be used and thus, you should discuss and agree on signals before you begin. Pay attention to any environmental dangers, sources of food and water, and potential ambush areas. Once spoor is found, move from sign to sign, recording each sign that you find in your notebook along with a picture of the spoor. If a shoeprint is found, draw it in your tablet taking note of any irregularities or other notable signs that may help distinguish the target from other human beings (unless the print is extremely clear, a drawing is typically better than a photograph).
Soil scatter is usually seen in front of the track (in line with the direction of travel) and is especially pronounced in loose ground cover such as snow. Take into consideration the time of day, humidity, and temperature to determine how long the rock has been overturned. Pay attention to any absence of animal life in the area and remember, they will flee *away* from a human, typically downwind if possible. This will enable you to find spoor while remaining alert for any potential ambush (often times, a person being tracked may set a trap to stop of slow down his trackers). Watch for rubs where the target may have scuffed tree bark or scraped mud (intentionally or not) off of their shoes.
Do not look at which direction the tracks are pointing but rather, read the sign within the track to determine the target’s direction of travel. If they’ve changed their shoes, refer to your measurements of the target’s stride and track them by pattern. Look 25-30 yards ahead and sweep your eyes from the center to the left and then sweep back to center.
Turn to your right (90 degrees perpendicular to the object you sighted in the distance) and walk about 50 yards searching for spoor. As you are fleeing, imagine the tracker following your signs and adjust your actions accordingly.
It helped that he was also a nerd, like me, so I didn't feel like such an outcast all the time. And to be surrounded by the intelligent, competitive and talented student-athletes that comprised the Stanford team, created a wonderful environment (and family) that I could learn from both on and off the track.
I was in Walmart, buying candy, and when he told me over the phone, I shrieked at the top of my lungs, right into his ear and ran up and down the aisles of Walmart giggling my head off.
In March 2011, I suffered a traumatic ankle injury that ended my season before it had a chance to begin.
I’d always heard about the runner’s high, but I had no idea what people meant until I started doing it!
I actually sit at work and wish that I could be outside running, which is such a foreign feeling to me. Keep in mind, however, that career development plans are not set in stone, and may be altered at any point. When creating a list of steps to reach the goals, keep in mind that they can be formal or informal. And because tracking requires intense concentration and stamina, before you begin to track a person, make sure you are alert and well fed.
If possible, determine the capabilities of your target – their motives, skillset, traits, habits, tactics, and attitude. Listen for animals huffing, snorting, or running and note their direction of travel – something in that direction may have alarmed them. If you are tracking into the sun, look back every few yards to confirm your spoor (and to check that you are not walking over it). Since shoes pick up material from the ground (this sign is called a “transfer”), look for trace soil on other objects such as rocks and tree stumps. Look for compression signs from objects laid down by the target such as the impression of tools like rifle butts, clubs, crutches, etc. You can also check which part of the track is deepest to determine direction of travel and since walking backward is not natural, be alert for soil scatter that the target may drag out of the track when stepping.
Then turn to your left 90 degrees (now facing the direction of the object you sighted) and walk about 25 yards. Inside this 18×36 inch box, count the number of full and partial tracks and divide by 2 to determine the number of people being tracked.
We really were family, complete with dysfunctional moments and all the love that makes it all worth it. I’m currently rehabbing and training towards my dream of making a second Olympic team. That's how I got my true start in track and made my first IAAF Junior World team at the age of 16. This will not only help provide better motivation, but will also help keep track of important test dates or application deadlines. For instance, unusually deep heel marks may indicate the target is taking unnaturally long strides.  Note that in all cases, if the target is aware they are being tracked, they may attempt an ambush.
Each time you sweep, pause during the sweep to bring your eye back toward your feet in an attempt to relocate the spoor.
Turn left again, parallel to the first line walked (and perpendicular to the object you sighted in the distance) and walk about 100 yards (at the halfway point, you will pass your original spoor on the left). Although I had a great team, I spent the majority of my high school track days training away from my high school with a private coach named John Turek.
It was unfortunately wind aided, but still 6 inches of the American record and the 2nd longest jump under any conditions by an American female triple jumper. Track is an individual sport and you have to be accountable for your individual success to a large degree. In these cases, look at the “lines of force” to determine the direction the target is moving. A target will often begin disguising their tracks right before an ambush or when they are about to bed down to rest or change direction. When crossing roads or streams, look for the option to use trees or rocks to cross without leaving spoor on the ground.
I am thankful to have had such a knowledgable coach who not only helped me on the track, but also guided me through the college application process.

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