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Just as many smartphones have added support for tethering and so many great features that we wanted to use the hell out of our data plans, many carriers are moving toward metered plans. Tethering is simply a means of connecting your smartphone to your computer—generally a laptop and usually through a USB cable—so that you can use the mobile data connection you pay for on the bigger screen. There are many, many bandwidth monitoring tools available for all three major computer platforms—as you can imagine, the folks who really know how bandwidth works tend to be the types who can code up their own monitors. You can keep a tiny, transparent data widget floating around your desktop, and set it so it doesn’t interfere with anything you can click on your desktop. Of course, if you’d like a more stylish, whole-picture look at your bandwidth usage, the Rainmeter desktop monitor is the way to go.
You can also dial *4 on your phone, hit 4 again to hear the extended menu, and you should then have the option to get all your usage read to you.
Here’s how to keep track of your data usage and avoid paying overage fees, from the helpful team at Lifehacker. On Verizon, the Droid Incredible also has a hardly spoken-of tethering feature, while other Android phones on the big red network can use less-official tethering tools.

It automatically launches on phone restarts, and can write out its usage data to your SD card, if you want to extract and take a deeper look.
Fire it up, hit the Data tab up top, and you’ll see your usage set against your plan total.
We’ll offer up just a few suggestions for those looking for just a workable, handy solution. The app itself can notify you when you hit certain limits on particular network ports, including the USB tether you’re using, and can track and graph usage over certain periods. You can devote whatever space you’d like to specific bandwidth readings and counters. Set it to monitor the connection your computer connects to your phone through, and you won’t have to mess with it again.
You’ll get back a (free) text with your total data usage for the current billing cycle. If you’re serious about not breaking past your data limit, install APNDroid as well, and have 3G Watchdog actually turn off your data just before you go over.

A variant and customization tool, the Enigman Desktop, is a nicely pre-packaged Rainmeter system that makes customizing your desktop very easy, bandwidth monitors included. But for a (relatively) simple-to-set-up monitor, try vnStat, which quietly monitors a specific network interface and charts its use.
You can also dial *DATA# and hit Send on your phone, and you’ll get a text back with your usage. You can manually tweak the amounts, see your usage over time on a graph, and otherwise control how much data you pass through the air into your MacBook.

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