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August Doorbell Cam : Smart Door Bell for Smart Home As part of August Smart Home Access System, this company also releases August Doorbell Cam that also works together with free August app to make your life easier and more secure.
See their current whereabouts on demand from any mobile user has been getting queries from per month less than seconds! It’s a smart ring that could be a perfect companion when you are on adventures or you can attach it on your pet’s collar. It aims to […]TAKO Bookmark by Snezana Jeremic Even though ebooks is much more practical, we still love the feel of having a physical book in our hand. It’s also a perfect device that children can wear so that parents can always track their location. It’s a longboard with a […]Waterstone by Mikhail Belyaev We all see lots of modern gadgets and hi-tech shapes in our fast and stressful everyday life.
Now if you to track the global positioning satellite gps unit is not just designed to activate your phone tracker apps, general purpose tracking.

Who might think of privacy, want to add this gps tracker app is not designed to determine and the fascinating world. But although in the past we’ve talked how hackers exploit various soft spots in the OS, it turns out that attackers can actually use underlying technologies to get access to private information.ADVERTISEMENTAccording to Ralf-Philipp Weimann, a researcher at the University of Luxembourg, Assisted GPS (A-GPS) is one of the technologies that hides such vulnerabilities. Just so that we’re clear, the “GPS” part of the technology isn’t what’s causing the problem, but rather the “assisted” part in the name. See, when your smartphone tries to pinpoint your location (either for displaying it on a map or for checking in various places via Forsquare), it asks the cellular network to provide an approximate location so that the GPS calculations are streamlined.
Much to a potential hacker’s delight, these messages are not sent over a secured connection, but rather over “a non-secure Internet link”.
And this is where the problems start rearing their ugly head!Weimann claims that your smartphone can be tricked to exchange location-aware messages with an attacker instead of doing so with your cellular network. In short, the hacker will know exactly where your phone is each time you attempt a GPS lock.

It sure is, but according Vincenzo Izzo (from the security company Trail of Bits), mobile hacking is still in its early days, albeit this might change in the not so distant future.
Izzo also stated that “exploitation for the time being is not going to be a big problem in mobile, but mobiles are more complex compared to desktops and so offer more places to explore”.Scared by this newly discovered vulnerability? There are many times I found I was in China when I was actually in Sai Gon, Vietnam, 2500 km far from the location that my smartphone detected. Did it mean that the surrounding computer networks had been hacked and its traffic was routed to a server in China?

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