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Imagine a thief walks inches from you carrying a briefcase and scans the radio frequency identification (RFID) chip embedded in your credit cards and passport without removing it from your purse or wallet. Today, identity theft is at your doorstep- freely people access confidential info, while government expansion on the use of RIFD chips to passports, passport cards, traditional debit cards, state id cards creates more opportunity for theft. Think Professor X and Magneto- Professor X can no longer read Magneto's mind while he wears the helmet.
We considered the shape, size, material, and more to bring the kind of secure long lasting quality in order for cards to easily slip in and out, fits in the wallet easily- no modifications needed. Features:PROTECT YOUR IDENTITY - This set of 10 sleeves and 2 holders contain a thin blocking shield that protects your identity from thieves that use Radio Frequency Identity Detection scanners.

A cheap RFID scanner only needs a few inches, while easily attainable mobile apps performs just as good or better. Protectif integrates that security power into the sleeve by combining the latest tech and user friendly elements. Great for driver's license, identification cards, credit cards, and any same-sized documentEASY TO USE - The 10 nicely designed outer sleeves that fit most credit cards can hold one to two cards each and slide into most wallets and purses' slots. In 2013 Nilson Reports cited 35 million chip card users in the United States with Visa's PayWave, Master Card's PayPass and many other forms.
It is not only necessary, but essential to protect yourself from your identity being hijacked, credit score being trashed, and worse things we're better off not imagining.

Also included are 2 larger passport holders with matching designs for carrying abroad.ATTRACTIVE BUT DURABLE DESIGN - All come with colorful front and back designs that stand out and are attractive.

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