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Identity theft is on the rise and medical identity theft is fastest growing target according to a recent survey last month by the Identity Theft Resource Center.
According to information collected by World Privacy Forum, a research group that seeks to educate consumers about privacy risks, thieves steal medical information for a variety of illegal purposes. An identity thief in Missouri used the information of actual people to create false driver’s licenses in their names. A Pennsylvania man found that an imposter had used his identity at five different hospitals in order to receive more than $100,000 in treatment. A Colorado man whose Social Security number, name and address had been stolen received a bill for $44,000 for a surgery he had not undergone. Although hospitals do need to take precautions to make sure their computer equipment is encrypted and kept away from thieves, Malta Systems has developed a healthcare identification application which will go a long way to solve medical identify theft and corresponding fraudulent billing. Privasent uses a combination of smart cards, biometrics and cloud-based software to provide absolute healthcare identity in at any medical facility.

A former Department of Defense employee specializing in data and project management, Debra is the Product Manager for Privasent at Malta Systems. Breaches of medical records accounted for 43 percent of all records breaches involving personal information reported in the United States in 2013. According to HHS, the theft of a computer or other electronic device is involved in more than half of medical-related security breaches. Using one of them, she was able to enter a regional health center, obtain the health records of a woman she was impersonating, and leave with a prescription in the woman’s name. Privasent eliminates medical identity fraud by requiring absolute Privasent Identification at each health care encounter and providing a record of each time a patient has checked in for care. That is more breaches than those involving banking and finance, the government and the military or education. Twenty percent of medical identity thefts result from someone gaining unauthorized access to information or passing it on without permission.

Privasent authenticates that the patient was present and received care eliminating both the possibility of identity theft and fraudulent billings. Under her leadership, DOD EMALL received the David Packard Excellence in Acquisition Award in 2004. The pairing of smart cards and biometrics provides a foundation for a scalable platform that when deployed nationally is the best method to provide unique healthcare identification while securing patients’ privacy.

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