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Travel Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for road warriors and seasoned travelers. An immediate reason is that some international norms recommend it but they do not mandate it (the ICAO coordinates this at an international level, see comments for more detail). But possibly the most important reason is that in many countries, your place of birth would also have a register that would include a note of your birth and, eventually, of your death so you can always come back to that register to verify that someone is not trying to use a made-up identity or a dead's person identity. Incidentally, I believe the Swiss passport does not have a “place of birth” but a “place of origin” (Heimatort or Lieu d'origine), which is the place your family comes from and can be transmitted from one generation to the next even if you never lived there.
It's not the happiest of reasons, but quite a few countries care not just what your country of citizenship is, but where you or your family is originally from. For example, India imposes additional restrictions on anybody of Pakistani origin, anybody born in the ex-USSR must prove they have renounced their citizenship if applying for a Russian visa, people born in Israel may face unwanted extra attention in much of the Middle East, a friend of mine whose birth certificate calls him "Mohammed" with place of birth "Baghdad" had significant trouble getting a US visa even though he's lived in Israel as "Herzl" since age 5 and is more Jewish than a bagel, etc etc.
Passport contents are a unified worldwide standard, not something decided solely by any single country.
The GAO studied the possibility of deleting birthplace from US passports in 1987; its report may be enlightening here.
I think just the fact that it's one of the few attributes of a person that is generally verifiable (through birth records), and will never change, makes it useful to include on a passport or other document of identity.

You can change your country of citizenship, your name, and even your sex, but the circumstances of your birth will never change. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged passports paperwork rationale or ask your own question. Does dob difference in birth certificate and school leaving certificate create issues for passport?
Why does Uncle Bob suggest that coding standards shouldn't be written down if you can avoid it? Is there any point in unit testing a client service that simply passes through data from the server? At what cable length does matching the impedance at the ends of the cable become important? They are the top results if you search for German Passport or Indian Passport, although I do not disagree with you. Before computer databases, it was the main mechanism to maintain and access this information.
Having the same name is pretty common, having the same name and being born at the same date is rarer, having the same name, same date of birth and same place of birth must be rare still.

You seem to be claiming that the UK government writes my place of birth on my passport to tell other countries how they can discriminate against me. A more general reason for ID of any kind to have a date of birth and place of birth is to be able to distinguish people with the same name (Wikipedia has more details on this). Photo does not help at all for the paperwork, it's just used to match the person and the document.
Wouldn't they, instead, withhold that information from my passport, to prevent foreign governments discriminating against me? Well, the fail-safe way is to start at the BEGINNING - the place where the poor soul was born many, many years ago. And from there trace his life, and his path - find the nanny who nursed him, the school mate who bullied him, the sweetheart who broke his heart and married his best friend, the professor who failed him in college, the boss who fired him at work -- work your way through his life, until you finally reach that miserable soul and hand him over his passport to put back the smile in his face.

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