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Given that Hynix only makes 25% of all DRAM produced (a significant amount, but far from a majority), whoever is contracted with Apple to make their phones has plenty of options – and they are still under a contract. September 11, 2013 By Jay Garrett Leave a CommentApple’s latest iPhone event on Tuesday September 10th has brought us the two new devices we expected — and, frankly little else. I think it would be fair to say that there were few surprises at the comparatively subdued event. The iPhone 5s is the high-end device which includes a 64-bit A7 chip, an enhanced camera, and a fingerprint sensor called Touch ID, whereas the 5c is the colourful stablemate which will cost $99 on a 24 month contract in the states.
The iPhone has always had one of the most popular smartphone cameras, and Apple is hoping to keep that accolade. Apple has mated this hardware with a series of software features, adding things like a 28-megapixel panorama creator and a burst mode that captures a series of pictures and picks the best one.
Apple may not be emphasising camera quality quite as heavily as Nokia, but if it looks to be taking the needs of today’s lens-monkeys very seriously. Called Touch ID, it’s a substitute for the traditional PIN or password, with a thin capacitive sensor layered on top of the button.
While the obvious use is unlocking your phone, it can also be used to verify purchases and can handle multiple fingerprints from different users. The long-rumored iPhone 5c starts at $99 on a two-year contract, and marks Apple’s return to colour. Though it is indeed a cheaper iPhone, the difference is more dramatic on contract – if you want to buy it unlocked, it starts at $549, in comparison to the $649 5s.
Most of iOS 7’s features were revealed at WWDC back in June, and there weren’t any real big surprises this time around. The important bit was this date: September 18th, the day that customers with existing devices can get the latest version.
Even een spelletje spelen, terwijl je muziek streamt en je iPhone je automatisch op de hoogte houdt van nieuwe e-mails. WiFi en Bluetooth zijn superhandig, maar als je ze niet gebruikt, kun je ze beter uitschakelen. Push services, zoals push e-mail, verminderen je batterij elke keer als gegevens worden opgehaald. Om de lithium batterij in je iPhone in goede conditie te houden, moeten de elektronen in beweging blijven.
One of the most exciting new features on the iPhone 5s is the fingerprint sensor embedded in the device’s home button.
For now, Touch ID is limited to making purchases in iTunes or the App Store, letting you buy things like movies, music, and apps with a press of your finger instead of an Apple ID.
Touch ID can only be used to unlock your iPhone 5s and make App Store or iTunes purchases — at least for now.

One of the big questions when Apple first introduced Touch ID was how our fingerprint information would be stored. Apple stores your fingerprint information directly on the A7 processor, in what’s called the Secure Enclave. As always, the iPhone 5S is a marvel of engineering, packing the latest hardware into one of the lightest and thinnest smartphones on the market.
Due to the limitations of physics, it’s physically very hard to produce a camera that is physically small and shallow that can still capture good photos.
Although I think iPhones have big enough margins to be able to cushion the higher costs(Which will be fairly small when considering everything that goes into the phone) without affecting the price the consumer pays. New colours aside, the biggest changes are internal, with a new A7 chip that’s been re-engineered for 64-bit architecture.
The camera has been updated with a new, larger Apple-designed sensor and a host of other features, and as rumored, the home button is now also a fingerprint scanner. But Apple’s hoping to convince you that it’s worth the money thanks to its high-end design and a list of fancy specs as long as your arm. There’s also a redesigned flash that can blend its two LED lights to preserve a scene’s natural colour balance.
In light of the current fears about data security, Apple’s promising the fingerprint will only be stored locally; the company says you’ll never see it uploaded to iCloud or any other Apple server.
The multicolored iPhone is built from a single piece of polycarbonate, and is available in green, white, blue, red, and yellow.
Also available are custom, soft-feel rubber slipcases for $29 each based on the iOS7 color scheme. I had been playing with iOS 7 for some months already, but I was really thrilled about getting my hands on the Touch ID.
Nog wat belletjes en social media en haast ongemerkt is ‘s middags de batterij van je iPhone alweer bijna leeg. Doe je dit niet, dan blijft je iPhone zoeken naar WiFi hotspots of Bluetooth aparaten om verbinding mee te maken.
Om de iPhone langer te kunnen gebruiken, is het verstandig om de helderheid wat te beperken.
Als je niet per se direct op de hoogte wil zijn als een mailtje binnenkomt, kun je push beter in fetch veranderen. Ideaal is kamertemperatuur (22° C), maar zorg in elk geval voor een temperatuur tussen 0 en 35°.
Zorg in elk geval voor minimaal 1 volledige laadcyclus per maand (batterij 100% vol en volledig leeg laten gaan). Apple calls it Touch ID, and as it gains more uses in the OS, it could have a huge impact on your mobile experience.

Just place your finger on the home button for a second or two, and like magic, you’ve been verified. Considering most consumers don’t normally pay full price for phones now anyway(Normally paying through a contract instead), even if it did increase the sale price I doubt it would have much affect on most people. Hierdoor hoeft je iPhone minder vaak data op te halen, wat voor aanzienlijk langere batterijduur kan zorgen.
If more than one person will be sharing the device, or you want to be able to use different fingers with Touch ID, you can set up and name multiple fingerprint accounts. So, add us to your ad blocker’s whitelist or pay $1 per week for an ad-free version of WIRED. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of Ziff Davis, LLC. I have read the details of the hack, and no matter what people say, it does not seem that simple to me. Theoretically, that means no matter how you place your finger on the home button’s sensor, it should be able to read your print.
In order to get access to your phone, the attacker needs a high definition camera or scanner, a laser printer able to print with a thick layer of toner, silicone glue, and quite some time. Touch ID even works on toes and (to an extent) with a cat’s paw, should you want to impress non-techy friends with a silly party trick.
With Touch ID, I can unlock the phone instantly, so I do not need access to the Control Center while the phone is locked. Je kan ook kiezen voor Handmatig: hierbij haalt de iPhone pas e-mail op als je de Mail app opent. Now, in 99% of cases the home button will have my thumbprint on it, as I use it with my thumb once the phone is unlocked. Good luck in finding the correct fingerprint in other parts of the phone, especially if you have little experience with fingerprints.
This of course is just a strategy to delay the attacker, but the longer they take to perform the hack, the longer I have to wipe my phone remotely. This is especially effective using the little finger, whose print might not even be on the phone.I use a fingerprint-unfriendly case, like the official leather case from Apple.
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