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Apple’s iPhone event on Tuesday brought us the two new devices we expected — and not much else. The iPhone has always had one of the best smartphone cameras, and Apple is hoping to keep that primacy. Apple has also confirmed the weirdest rumored feature of the iPhone 5s: a fingerprint sensor built right into the home button. The long-rumored iPhone 5c starts at $99 on a two-year contract ($79 from Walmart), and marks Apple’s return to color. As of September 13th, the iPhone 5c is available for pre-oder from Apple, carriers, and some retailers.
Most of iOS 7’s features were revealed at WWDC back in June, and there weren’t any big surprises this time around.
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In order to provide our users with a better overall experience, we ask for more information from Facebook when using it to login so that we can learn more about our audience and provide you with the best possible experience. Those hoping for an iPhone 5 price drop may have to resort to seedy cell phone shops and eBay auctions, but Apple's new products may satisfy their need for a cheap and capable phone. The first device revealed by Apple, the 5C is certainly more colorful than any other Apple phone, perhaps even more colorful than any iPod.
However, Apple emphasizes that though it looks playful, it is still a phone equal in power and performance to the iPhone 5. The fingerprint sensor and software package, called Touch ID, was Apple's response to over half its iPhone users forgoing any type of security password or PIN. Rather than have users walk around with a phone ripe for the picking, Apple wants its users to protect their phone from unauthorized users and use Touch ID. In addition to showing off the new iPhone designs, Apple also recapped many of the features that will be coming to iOS 7, the latest version of the mobile operating system.
Devices that have iOS 7 will have easy access to frequently toggled options via Control Center, a hub that can be accessed from anywhere on the phone. But for those who are looking forward to iOS 7, the new operating system will be released on Wednesday, Sept. Finally, for those that want a dirt-cheap phone, Apple will also offer the iPhone 4S for free with a two-year contract. One eBay seller, going by the username Papakar, recently sold an unlocked 16 GB gold iPhone for $10,100 in an auction that attracted 51 bids. Though Apple charges the same price for all three colors, eBay sellers seem to believe that gold is more valuable than silver, and that a gold iPhone should sell more than a silver or space gray model. Apple did not immediately respond to ABC News' request for comment about sales figures, both through official Apple vendors and on eBay. If you're still hanging on your old 4s iPhone and don't feel the need to unlock your phone with your fingerprints, the 5c might suit your needs. We are proud to say, YES, many of our cases are compatible with the Apple Touch ID biometric scanner.
How are we able to deliver premium, top-of-the-line cases to your door hours after you purchase your new iPhone 5s, you ask?
All said and done, the most important thing for you to remember is this: Many of our protective cases are compatible with the Touch ID on the iPhone 5s and were specifically made to give you, our customers, the best experience possible.
OtterBoxWe design and manufacture protective cases for smartphones, tablets and mobile technology.
We don’t have any current plans on expanding the Armor Series, Sarah, but are looking into other options. Unfortunately the iPhone 5c has very different specifications and is not compatible with the Armor Series, Carlos. The iPhone 5c has very different specifications and therefore is not compatible with the Armor Series for the iPhone 5, Cole. The Armor Series is not compatible with the 5s as it will not allow you to use the TouchID sensor and inhibits part of the flash, Jovani. It’s not in the works at the moment, Trista, but we’ll certainly let you know if that changes!

Our cases are designed to allow for the full functionality of the device itself and are compatible with the Touch ID sensor, Judy!
If you re-program the Touch ID sensor while the case is installed you shouldn’t have any issues, Bryan. Our cases are fully compatible with Apple chargers, however, we aren’t always able to test our cases against all third party accessories, Partman. Please fill out our online warranty form here and we’ll be sure to see how we can help get this sorted out for you, Dean!
It’s not in the works at the moment, Kim, but we’ll certainly let you know if that changes! It’s not in the works at the moment, Lisa, but we’ll certainly let you know if that changes! My touch sensor has never worked, even after troubleshooting with all the tips from other users. Please fill out our online warranty form here and we’ll be sure to see how we can get this sorted out for you, Shama! My iPhone 6 won’t detect my fingerprint and unlock with the Otterbox Deffender case on. We’re so sorry to hear you’re having such troubles with your case, Jimpithecus! Though the new color schemes are flashy — you can get the phone in silver, gold, or a darker "space gray" — the biggest changes are internal, with a new A7 chip that’s been reengineered for 64-bit architecture. Called Touch ID, it’s a substitute for the traditional PIN or password, with a thin capacitive sensor layered on top of the button. But we did get one very important date: September 18th, the day that customers with existing devices can get the latest version. We do not store specific user data and the sharing of it is not required to login with Facebook.
Instead of the metallic finishes that usually adorn Apple products, the 5C's color scheme looks like it was designed by either a candy manufacturer or an elementary school art class. Phil Schiller, Apple's VP of marketing, said that the company also hasn't skimped on its structure, saying that the 5C is reinforced with steel. The 5S now houses the 64-bit A7 processor, which the company promises will be a big leap in both CPU performance and graphical processing compared to the iPhone 5. After a user places his or her thumb on the home button, Apple says that the phone "reads the fingerprint at a very detailed level." In addition to accessing your phone itself, the thumbprint can also be used to log into iTunes. Craig Federigh, Apple's vice president of software engineering, said that iOS 7 has more than 200 new features compared to its predecessor. Control Center will let users toggle commonly used options, like Wi-Fi, airplane mode, and the device's music player. The iPhone 5 may effectively be kaput, but technostalgists can still reminisce about the good old days, when Siri was just a young girl. Over 15 auctions are selling 16 GB gold iPhones with four-digit price tags on eBay's first page alone.
The Fifth Avenue Apple Store in New York City was sold out of 5s models today, but the 5c is still available. Who doesn’t want to feel like James Bond when accessing their emails, important notes and contact list? Whoever said you had to compromise industry-defying smartphone technology with unrivaled protection clearly hasn’t met our team of engineers. The 5S Defender Series, Commuter Series, Reflex Series and Prefix Series are all compatible with the TouchID. We’re definitely evaluating our options and we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we have anything new to share! We certainly appreciate your feedback and will be sure to look into some exchange and rewards program of some kind for the future. Although we don’t have any plans of making a belt clip for the Preserver Series, the Defender Series is available for this device along with a number of our other series. Please give us a call and we’d be happy to see what we can do to help get this sorted out for you!

Please give us a call and we’ll be sure to see how we can get this sorted out for you!
The membrane covering the home button is not meant to be removed as it’s designed to help keep your phone protected from dust and dirt while still allowing you to use to the Touch ID fingerprint scanner. Apple has paired the hardware with a series of software features, adding things like a 28-megapixel panorama creator and a "burst mode" that captures a series of pictures and picks the best one.
While the obvious use is unlocking your phone, it can also be used to verify purchases and can handle multiple fingerprints from different users. Also available are custom, soft-feel rubber slipcases for $29 each based on the iOS7 color scheme.
Those interested in the iPhone 5s will still have to wait until launch day on the 20th though, as there's no pre-orders being offered from any carrier or company this time around.
Other improvements include an improved camera app with photo catalog and improved music app with iTunes Radio. In addition, it will be a free update, something you don't hear very much from Apple's mouth. A quick search for "iPhone 5s gold" yields devices priced as high as $1,500, a significant markup above store prices. In comparison, the other models only have two bids running higher than $1,000 on their first page. A recent report by the analyst firm Localytics confirms what the New York store has seen, saying that the 5s is outselling the 5c by more than three to one. Just like you, we follow the rumors and information circulating prior to launch and consider many options in the design process. We’re hoping to have the cases ready soon and will definitely let you know if we decide to release it in more colors, so please stay tuned! We would love to give you a date for when you can expect the 5S to be released but unfortunately, as the social media team, we are not privy to that information at the moment.
After spending $750 on a device and another $65 on a case to protect it is expect more functionality.
Please fill out our online warranty form here and we’ll be sure to see what we can do to help!
The camera has been updated with a new, larger Apple-designed sensor and a host of other features, and as rumored, the home button is now also a fingerprint scanner. Apple may not be emphasizing camera quality quite as heavily as competitor Nokia, but if today’s demos are any indication, it’s still significantly upping the ante. In light of the current fears about data security, Apple’s promising the fingerprint will only be stored locally; the company says you’ll never see it uploaded to iCloud or any other Apple server, though that’s unlikely to completely quell privacy concerns.
Though it is indeed a cheaper iPhone, the difference is more dramatic on contract; if you want to buy it unlocked, it starts at $549, in comparison to the $649 5s. We confirm all of our designs once the device is available — both in-house as well as with a third-party testing facility – to ensure proper form, fit and function. The iPhone 5s is competing against its cheaper, "unapologetically plastic" counterpart, starting at a heftier $199 on contract for a 16GB model. This release date is a couple days before the iPhone 5s and 5c come out, but nobody’s really getting a sneak peek here — plenty of early adopters have been experimenting with the beta for months.
Check out our blog for a list of our full product line up available now, or coming soon here. When I try to screenshot I can feel the device slide within the defender case, causing me to wonder just how protected it really is. But Apple’s hoping to make it worth the money with high-end design and a laundry list of fancy specs. I opened the box expecting to see just the rubber piece but instead they sent me a brand new case!!!

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