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For more info on the iPhone and DRM, here’s a good New York Times article on the subject from when the device was first launched. 1) I only half agree, you have Safari, so most anything you can do with a webapp, you could do on an iPhone, bypassing apple – like checking email through a webmail interface. 5) Which will be on the market, any day now … as opposed to the iPhone which people can get, well, today. The “tax” is in reference to the $99 fee you have to pay Apple to get your software into the App Store (and hence onto the iPhone).

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The iPhone 5 is expected to sport an upgraded 8-megapixel camera, have a dual-mode chip that allows for CDMA and GSM connectability, and run off of the speed-injected A5 processor, which powers the iPad 2. Easy to access and remove and all the iPhone buttons and the charging jack are fully accessible while the case is on. Instead, the most sober predictions point to a release sometime around September, which is when Apple typically launches a refresh of its iPod line.

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