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Due to security risks and a lack of support for web standards this website does not support IE6. Few Senior Citizens do own cell phones, but some really find it hard in using them.  Some cell phone companies are now studying this kind of concern and start to manufacture cell phones that are easy to use for seniors with features that are simple and necessary. Younger generations can easily adapt and learn the usage of a new device such as cell phones, while the senior group may have difficulty in operating the device especially the one that has hearing or vision problems.  Some members in this group may have a difficult time using the cell phones as it is a small device, the hands of most elderly are shaky and suffering from arthritis. It is very frustrating for them if they have vision and hearing problem.  If a specific model of cell phone that is intended for their group, if they then have the chance to enjoy it every day and have something to use during emergency cases. It is time that our seniors be given a chance to enjoy this kind device for their benefit and enjoyment. Etiquette is generally known as the protocol of polite behavior in society or the personal code of conduct in the civilized society.
At a time when Smart phones have become an important part of our lives and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that we all have become compulsive communicator. Yes most of us think that they have good mobile manners, many people report being irritated or annoyed by the use of the phones in public places.
If you have to take the call Please do step away from others while talking on the phone. If possible, keep a 10-foot (3 meter) distance between you and anyone else whenever you talk on your phone.

Inform everyone in your mobile address book that you’ve just adopted the new rules for mobile manners. Internet Explorer 6 was released in 2001 and it does not display modern web sites properly.
I gave my mother a cell phone for her 84th birthday only to find it on her night table day after day uncharged.
As I was watching my mother use her cell phone, it occurred to me that she was getting very frustrated at using it. Making servers and other patrons wait for you to finish a personal phone call is never acceptable.
Some restaurants even offer a discount to diners who “deposit” their phones.The policy is designed to encourage diners to socialize with each other, rather than staring at their screens through a meal. What’s changed in recent years to make us worry about checking every beep and buzz as it comes in, rather than simply savoring a meal and enjoying uninterrupted conversation in person?
When I asked her why she mentioned that it was too hard to see the numbers and she found it difficult to operate. But the fact that there’s contract is pretty persuasive too, especially for those on fixed or limited budgets.

So, it wasn’t until this month that I was able to find a prepaid phone that she actually thinks works for her. When I told her that Kmart was the exclusive distributor she was blown away, it is after all her favorite store. It’s actually the new senior value cell phone from TracFone, which I got at Kmart – of all places!
Anyways, its a pretty regular no bells-and-whistles phone with large numbers displayed on the screen and ample buttons for her arthritic fingers.
She doesn’t use it a whole lot, but at least she carries it with her now and has made a few calls to let me know where she is, which is pretty much all I wanted her to do.
I do think that providers are getting more savvy in terms of differentiating needs for the different demos they’re trying to attract, and personally think they hit the jackpot with this new senior citizen-friendly phone.

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