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On the AC Purchase Page, you need to type in your SEGA ID, your Password, and solve the Hiragana Captcha.
If you haven’t entered a Japanese address, postal code, nor name, you will have to makeup a fake address. You don’t really need to worry about the last option, just choose the top button to purchase Arks Cash.
Choose your Arks Cash amount and select the top option: Credit Carda‚?a?¬a‚?a??a??a‚«a??a?‰. In whatever style you choose to write your name, you will need to convert it into Katakana.
You can try entering random numbers or you can be crafty and try Google searching Japanese listings, but before you do that we need the location first. When you type your credit card number don’t use the full-width Japanese number system. On the next page it will show you a confirmation of the information you just put in, choose the left button to continue. If your purchase was unsuccessful there is not much I can do for you, you’ll have to use an alternative payment method. For reference, the main networks in Japan are NTT DoCoMo (largest), au by KDDI (second largest) and Softbank Mobile (formerly known as Vodafone Japan). To put it simply, if you are coming to Japan on a holiday, there are no prepaid SIM cards you can use on your own cellphone. KDDI does offer a prepaid option that can only be used on a specific phone set, which you will have to purchase at full price. It costs 105 yen ($1.70) a day just to rent the card and 250 yen ($4) per day to rent a phone and card together (for the current promotional period). It may come as a surprise to some that roaming with your existing mobile contract from your own country will actually work out to be even cheaper than using a Japanese SIM card.
Not only do you not have to pay a daily rental charge, actual usage is cheaper in all aspects to a rented phone.
In the future, costs could be further reduced with the new Conexus Mobile Alliance, a collaboration of operators with aims to provide cheaper roaming charges. The main thing to take note of is that it usually costs a monthly fee to activate roaming services.
Another downside to using your existing mobile contract in Japan is the lack of free incoming calls, which can work out to a bit if you are expecting a lot of overseas correspondence or if you forget to inform your friends that you are going overseas.

The down side is that roaming calls are more expensive on prepaid cards than on regular subscriptions.
And finally, a comparison charge on the costs involved, with Singapore networks as an example. In summary, don’t bother renting a Japanese phone or SIM card unless you are receiving a large number of calls each day.
I would be bringing my Iphone over, so all I need to do is to get a SIM card from the airports right? As stated in the article, you will have the option of renting a SIM card or just using your existing country's line for roaming.
If it's modified, it will function like a Singapore phone and will be able to make calls and SMS if you have roaming if the set operates with the roaming type of your local operator. You will not be able to use iMode or other internet functions because it is limited to Japanese subscription. Sim cards in Japan are locked to particular phones only, so you would not be able to get a Sim card on its own to use for your phone except in the case of Sim card rental as mentioned in the article. It also seems most Japanese carriers no longer support GSM, so chances are you can no longer roam with Singapore GSM cards anymore.
If you ring up a Japanese cell phone number, the chances of the call forwarding ringtone being a Girls' Generation song is quite likely.
Subscribe to HanCinema Pure to remove ads from the website (not for episode and movie videos) for US$2.99 per month (you can cancel anytime). The first step is to be a member, please click here : Sign up, then a subscribe button will show up. If you currently do not own an Android device, you can download an emulator over at Bluestacks. The site does say that entering false information could get your SEGA ID suspended, so do this at your own risk. If you want to use a Kanji name, you can search Google for Kanji names or try this website. If you memorized the English spellings of the Kanji names, use lexilogos and push the letters that spell out your name. On the same site or business, try to find a postal codeA a€’ and make it somewhat similar to it.
This guide will help provide the answer, with a comparison of the different costs involved because surprisingly, there aren’t any clear articles dedicated to how to use your phone in Japan.

Not only is the cost ridiculous, the phone is limited to only basic calling functions (no 3G or e-mails). The only options left for those who still wish to use a Japanese line on a trip is to rent a post-paid SIM card. Though for some reason, their cards are not compatible with the iPhone 4 (older models work fine). Interesting, it’s actually cheaper to roam in Japan with a Singapore subscription, than what it costs to roam in Singapore normally. For Singaporeans with an existing line, you can still make calls with without registering for roaming, but will instead be charge an extra 20% surcharge on all charges. Charges for post-paid lines are in addition to whatever you’re already paying per month. In all cases, rented Sim cards work just like roaming with your own phone, so you cannot use their contract services. Girls' Generation's new Japanese title song "Flower Power" recently ranked first on Japan's Recochoku's call forwarding ringtone daily chart almost instantaneously after the ringtone's release. For example if a¤?e?Z is Tarou in English, then you would choose Ta a‚? Ro a?­ and U a‚¦ to make a‚?a?­a‚¦. From the moment you step out of the plane, there are a number of shops in the airport providing such services. However, Softbank has recently terminated all their non-3G networks so their SIM cards will only work with 3G phones now.
It can be a viable alternative for those who are not expecting to make many phone calls but still require a means of communication with the other people you are traveling with.
SMS and roaming charges are not so different from roaming with a regular line and calls back to a Singapore number are even cheaper than a line without a roaming subscription. We also have a separate guide for just the cards prepared, but just have not found a good time to post it. Think of i-mode as a internet portal and Docomo subscribers have to pay an additional monthly charge to subscribe to i-mode services. Still even if you were to ignore the daily rental cost, using a rented SIM can be pretty expensive.

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