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The government is warned that a proposal to cut pension benefits to help save Tata Steel's UK operations could have implications "well beyond the industry". The largest and southernmost of the Channel Islands, Jersey is a British crown dependency just off the coast of Normandy, France.
At the heart of this emerald isle, Longueville Manor nestles in fifteen acres of its own private valley, complete with an enchanting lake home to majestic black swans.
The Restaurant boasts three AA rosettes, its original recipes enhanced by the fruits, vegetables and herbs homegrown in the walled kitchen garden and Victorian glasshouses. Longueville Manor is an iron shot from Royal Jersey Golf Club and a short drive away from La Moye and Les Mielles golf clubs.
Royal Jersey enjoys a beautiful location on Grouville Bay, with the impressive backdrop of Mont Orgueil Castle. There is another excellent golf course in the Channel Islands on the neighbouring island of Guernsey, a one hour crossing from Jersey.
Royal Guernsey Golf Club was established in 1890 but the present course is a more recent creation, laid out on common land between two bays by Philip Mackenzie Ross in 1949.
Stating the obvious, ita€™s also my communication tool for keeping in touch with the world, whether thata€™s through Whatsapp, social media, texting, ringing or my new fave, Snapchat (Ia€™m TaylorHeartsTvl by the way!).
As Ia€™m sure you can imagine, when I was asked to take part in The MoneySuperMarket One Week Mobile Challenge I nearly laughed. After having a mini panic attack at the thought of it I decided it would be a good challenge to face. My sister recently got engaged (yay!) so the amount of time that Ia€™m glued to the app has increased tenfold as ita€™s perfect for wedding planning. At the risk of sounding dramatic life obviously went on even though I didna€™t have access to the app. I think I’d be ok with giving up the Pinterest app for a week but if it were Twitter it would be MUCH harder for me!
It’s amazing (and scary!) how quickly and intensely we can become attached to an app.

The size of Nantucket, this tiny island is a jewel of natural beauty, charm and cosiness, steeped in history yet host to a busy international finance centre. Ted Ray and Harry Vardon, who won the British Open six times, were born in Jersey and both began playing here. Meals are served in the romantic wood panelled Oak Room or the elegant Garden Room with French doors opening onto a small flower garden with ornamental fountain.
Founded in 1878, Royal Jersey is the home club of six times Open winner Harry Vardon, a feat unequalled to this day.
Established in 1902, La Moye Golf Club is a former PGA Tour venue and now plays host to the PGA Seniors Tour.
The esteemed Scottish architect could never be described as prolific, choosing his projects carefully, but he obviously knew a thing or two about reconstructing war damaged links courses as he went on to resurrect the Ailsa at Turnberry two years later. Ita€™s my torch when Ia€™m heading back to my car late at night, my convertor when Ia€™m overseas using another currency, my on-the-go camera and my entertainment when Ia€™m bored. I use it to read other blog posts, to follow hashtags on Instagram for destinations that Ia€™m soon to visit and to stalk my favourite Tweeters. After all, the challenge is being used to highlight just how much we rely on our phones and how we would feel, if for example, our phone bills were so high that we couldna€™t pay them and had to be without a phone. I missed my morning routine of sleepily scrolling through the feed, pinning new pics and following the links to exciting blog posts. I was really glad I had a few trips to distract me (though I really wanted to pin some of my new pics!). The Island has also produced other well-known players like Tommy Horton, and Ian Woosnam lives here.
Elegantly and stylishly decorated with warm colours, fine antiques and an abundance of fresh flowers, Longueville Manor offers thirty rooms and suites, all lavishly appointed to superior standards. The Cocktail Bar, its roaring log fire and enchanting patio cater for pre-dinner drinks and night caps. Extending over the rolling sand heath of Grouville Common and bordered by the beach, the course has remained virtually unchanged until WWII, when the Germans occupied the island and turned it into a minefield.

A mere quarter of the twelve par four holes on the scorecard are more than 400 yards in length so the course measures up to a modest 6,200 yards. Understanding the scale of the task and the fact that my phone is my work station that helps to pay my bills, I was asked if I would be able to give up an app on my phone that I use on a daily basis. Ia€™m sure youa€™ve heard of it, but just in case you havena€™t, ita€™s like an electronic mood board to pin pictures from other pinners, the web and well, wherever you like. On more than one occasion I found myself heading to the app icon on my phone just in sheer autopilot mode and then Ia€™d stop myself as my brain suddenly remembered the challenge. I did find myself Instagramming a bit more than normal so who knows how Ia€™d fair if I actually had to give up my phone for a week, let alone indefinitely.
Keen golfers can take their pick from a rich selection of golf courses across the Island, many with stunning views.
The pictures often contain links to the associated blog post, recipe, shop etc so ita€™s kinda like a visual bookmark.
Ita€™s so hard to give up something thata€™s so ingrained as normal and part of an everyday routine. La Moye, the Royal Jersey and Les Mielles Golf & Country Club are 18-hole championship courses. You can make different boards for different topics and all of mine are predominantly travel related. The Mixture of English and French languages is a legacy of the Norman conquest (1066) and Anglo-Norman realm.

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