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Posted by Sarah McLellan in Accessories, Airlines, Airports, Enjoyment, Fly, Flying Tips, Luggage on November 13, 2013. You’ve heard the news that finally, after like 46 years, the FAA has decided that it actually is safe to use your portable electronics after the main cabin door is shut. Can I keep my device in the seat pocket?The policy is that small PED’s (Portable Electronic Devices) are allowed to be secured in either the seat pocket in front of you or in your hands or lap during take-off and landing.
If your airline hasn't allowed PED use yet + you try to sneak your phone out can you be fined by the FAA?As with any onboard behavior, listen to your crew.
So will flight attendants have to be the PED police?The PED rule making committee and FAA recommended that flight attendants obviously can’t police every passenger and know for sure who has their phone on and in airplane mode or not.
How do you know it will be safe for passengers to use PEDs on all phases of flight?There was a wide group of expects that analyzed potential risks for expanded PED use. Why do I have to stow a laptop and not a tablet?In the same line of reasoning for things like seat backs being upright and tray tables being stowed, it’s all about easy access for evacuation in an emergency. How will this change the airline's carry-on bag policies?The airlines will review their policy for carry-on baggage, based on the expanded use of PEDs. JetBlue is considering an in-flight text messaging service but does not want noisy mobile phone calls on its aircraft.
That statement makes no sense to me, as you can’t PREVENT incoming calls if your cell phone is turned on during your flight.
Like a lot of readers, I can see the need for in-flight data via WiFi and to a point, text messaging. Getty ImagesDelta Air Lines and JetBlue Airways are among the airlines that recently adopted the FAA's more relaxed rules on the use of personal electronics throughout the duration of flights.

The FAA announced last week that it was finally going to loosen restrictions on the rules of using gadgets on planes.
To get the service working, passengers have to download the Gogo Text & Talk app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store when they are on the ground and then when they are up in the clouds they can connect to the service.
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Japan’s second biggest mobile phone carrier KDDI au yesterday followed DoCoMo and Softbank with their presentation of 12 new cell phones to be released this summer.
In addition to this impressive line-up, au also announced the start of their new “Lismo Video” service by which customers can playback movies downloaded from KDDI’s PC web site on their cell phones. SANYO Electric Group, by developing unique technologies and offering excellent products and sincere services, seeks to become a corporation that is loved and trusted by people around the world.
Obviously, it’s best to check with your specific airline to see what their updated carry-on baggage and personal items policy is. Once your airline has shown the FAA its airplanes can safely handle radio interference from portable electronics, they can let you use your devices in airplane mode only most of the time. So why aren't all airlines on board yet?While some of the major players are already operating and allowing PED use gate to gate, others are slow to get on the bandwagon. They will, however, be sure to alert passengers when it’s determined by the Captain that electronics need to be switched off for safety reasons. For example, if the operator’s current program requires all PEDs to be stowed for take-off and landing, and the operator expands use to those phases, the operator would have to change that program to allow acceptable PEDs to remain out and secured.
Now, on many flights you no longer have to turn off your phone, iPad or e-reader before takeoff.

However, Gogo, the company that provides the in-flight Wi-Fi network on many flights, is looking to change that. The app connects the phone to a network, which then allows the phone to access the device's phone and texting capabilities. Sometimes though, in times of low or reduced visibility, the Captain or flight crew may ask you to turn off your electronic devices so they can be absolutely sure they do not interfere with onboard communications and navigation equipment. Watch out Alec Baldwin – you may have to switch off that Words With Friends game again after all. However, you do have to set those devices in airplane mode so your cellular network is powered off.
The company announced today its Text and Talk feature, which allows passengers to send texts and make phone calls over its in-flight network using their own smartphones.
It's a fairly technical implementation, but basically it routes your calls or texts over Gogo's wireless network, letting you communicate with people on the ground. Gogo says the texting and calling service will cost less to use than the full wireless networks.

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