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After writing about these changes, I never would’ve expected to book a flight, let alone a paid one with JetBlue. After booking our flight I wanted to sign Lucas up for TrueBlue to earn miles (while not a lot) for our flight. After being transferred, an automated message told me that the expected wait time was under eleven minutes. After twelve minutes on hold a new automated message said that the expected wait time was less than 15 minutes.
Twenty minutes, 35 seconds into my call to JetBlue, I finally got another live operator on the phone.

After we were done with the TrueBlue sign-up process I asked┬áthe rep if it was possible to add Lucas’ account number to our upcoming reservation which they were able to do quickly. Background checks: criminal - public records search, See criminal arrest records, login contact . After I received his TrueBlue number I’d then add it to his ticket so he could earn miles for the flight.
So according to my research this is how long one can expect to complete the process of signing a child under the age of 13 up for JetBlue’s True Blue! I created an email address for my three year old son before I called and my call was answered and resolved within 11 minutes total.

And, to your point, I also had her add my son’s true blue number to the existing reservation we have.

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