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Print out the shipping label that we sent you, and use any box or envelope that you have handy to send in your phone. An Arrow Refuse driver brought down a telephone line while making a right turn onto Riverside Drive Wednesday morning, potentially interrupting several phone calls in the process. The driver had a trash lifting bar raised on the back of the truck while passing through Vintage Boulevard that grabbed the wire and brought it down as it attempted to turn, according to an Empire employee’s first-hand account.
Juneau Police Department officers were at the intersection between Safeway and the Mendenhall Mall, directing traffic and helping keep the area clear while Alaska Communications employees assessed the damage.

An Alaska communications employee said the wire, which had to be cut for repairs, controls an estimated 700 phone lines in the area. The city manager’s clerk office released a statement later in the day reporting no phone, Internet or email service available in the Dimond Park Aquatic center, just up the street from where the wire went down.
Department of Transportation traffic signal technician Josh Mahle said it appears the incident will not affect signals lights in the area, but the poles holding the signals up are clearly slanted and may need further repairs. Our founder was born and raised in Anchorage, but we have much love for Alaska’s capitol in the southeast!

The incident took place on the corner of Vintage Boulevard and Riverside Drive, making left turns onto Riverside impossible after Juneau Police Department officers shut down traffic in that direction. To our knowledge, Newaya is the ONLY dedicated cellphone trade-in company that offers service directly to Juneau customers.

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