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Connect with earthlink, the award-winning internet service, Save on earthlink's award-winning internet services for your home: dial-up, dsl, high-speed cable & more. JF7 Jafra Software - Tracks Customers - Prints Orders - Produces Reports - Order History Search - Assists with Purchase Order - Brochure Distribution Report - Customer Labels. As the auto industry moves into its second century, it suffers from low margins and a sclerotic value chain that cannot evolve with customer desires. Pocket Customers Care is the business tool that help you keep and manage customers data and order details.

The outcome of this paper shows that Web 2.0 tools offer many possibilities in order to retain customers and especially the two applications Facebook and Twitter can be used therefor. Inventories of many weeks pile up on dealer lots and at distribution centers around the world while executives applaud marginal improvements in factory efficiency. With billions of potential product variations, customers still compromise by selecting from a limited number of products sitting at dealerships or at distribution centers.
Those customers who dare insist on a specific variation not only wait weeks but also pay extra for the privilege of telling vehicle manufacturers what they actually want.

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