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Mr Tan, from Songyuan, wants to get in the book of records, after building the largest cell phone ever.
This really sounds incredible and maybe impossible, so a journalist went there to test the big phone.
Samsung has become the world's largest cell phone maker in Q1 2012, overtaking Nokia for the first time. Your figures are at odds with GSMarena they show Samsung selling 45 million smartphones As this is their area off expertise I will side with them until evidence suggests otherwise. As much as I used to like Nokia (back in the Symbian times), Samsung totally deserves this. While Samsung's electronics are very good (I have their Refrigerators, TVs, and more) and their TOP TIER phones are very very good, their value phones are complete trash: Their feature phones, like the Samsung Restore, have very buggy software and firmware (such as spontaneously rebooting, erasing text messages while in the middle of writing them, and more), and their low end android phones, like the Samsung Intercept, are just as buggy or worse (ringtone continuing after the caller has hung up, constant freezing, glitches with the slide-out keyboard, general sluggishness).
And I'm getting tired of idiots with no idea how products are made claiming that someone like Apple is just a marketing company.
I contributed to this rise of Samsung stock, just bought a galaxy nexus and for the first time since I bought my Nokia N95 so many years ago I'm actually happy with a phone.
In 2009, the company took the position of the world’s biggest IT maker by surpassing the erstwhile leader Hewlett-Packard. Following the success of its “Anycall” brand mobile phones in Korea, the company has introduced numerous mobile handset models including premium phones, full-touch screen phones, and environmentally friendly phones. They did indicate that there have been subtle and tiny changes detected in low frequency brain waves with cell phone usage, but, at this time, it's unclear if they had any effect, and overall the no-harm evidence is more overwhelming now.
In making recommendations for future research, the report emphasised a need to focus on new and emerging devices that emit radiofrequency radiation, and to gather more data on cancer risk among those who have used phones for more than 15 years. I can tell you that the GSM is very damaging to me, giving me headaches and throat pain very quickly. I had to readjust the WiFi signal strength on my router to 50% of the power the antennas dish out, but fortunately that relieved me a lot. I'm pretty sure that those waves that some people complain about exist *naturally* in the world, and have since long before cellphones were invented. Given the billions of people now using cellphones, or exposed to them, you'd think we'd have heard *something* by now, if there was a real effect. You probably get a higher dose of much higher frequency radiation by standing out in the sun for multiple hours than you ever would from a cell phone. Or who get concerned about chemicals in food, yet are unaware that many natural foods, like carrots, have naturally occurring carcinogens right in the vegetable from the beginning.

Get a good price and inform yourself about the best mobile phones, cell phones and smart phones! He made calls and sent text messages, so he had one conclusion: it is real and it really works!
Even if neighbours were complaining about the noise, Tan succeeded in making the world’s largest cell phone. Market research firm IHS estimates that Samsung shipped about 92 million phones in the first quarter, while Nokia shipped only 83 million units. Samsung was a close second with 32 million phones, followed by Nokia with 12 million and RIM with 11 million units.
The company said that its mobile sales jumped by 86 percent to $16.7 billion from the year-ago quarter. Well they have done unbelievably well, I mean I walk around every single day and see some kind of Samsung phone but mostly they are the SGS 2.I have a SGN but I never see anyone with that. My sincere wishes for Samsung for their future endeavors and my appreciation for them for being such an amazing smartphone makers. How many people does Apple employ in MANUFACTURING ?I am getting so tired of marketing companies (Apple, Nike etc.) being called Manufactures. Its sales revenue in the areas of LCD and LED displays and computer chips is the world’s No.
At the end of Q3 2010 Samsung had surpassed the 70 million unit mark in shipped phones, giving it a global marketshare of 22% trailing Nokia by just just 12%. Samsung’s flagship mobile handset line is the Galaxy S, which many consider a direct competitor of Apple's popular iPhone.
My system is thus quickly overloaded but can be solved by putting away the radiation source and eating the required nutritions. What you are describing sounds more like an individual reaction to the radio waves that is different than how most people react to them. The facts are that if cell phone radiation were a problem we would see increased rates of brain tumors and other damaging incidents.
Mr Tan also said that the phone has all the functions of a normal call phone, it even has a camera and Internet access, but it still doesn’t have a suitable battery, so it has to be plugged into the mains. Shipments for both companies declined sequentially from Q4 2011, but Samsung had a much softer landing with a decrease of 13 percent than Nokia, which was hit with a 27 percent decline. Apple's shipments fell just 5 percent from Q4, while Samsung dropped 11 percent, Nokia 39 percent and RIM 21 percent.

It's time for the tech industry to grow up a bit now all the fuss about smart phones has died down.
Their low end android phones are quite functional, and are rock solid, in hardware and software (like the LG Optimus V).
They don't make their GPU's and have to rely on a foundry to do it for them, so I guess they fit your description.
Apple does design some things such as their cases and chassis and I'm not sure, but they might at least play a part in designing their mobile CPUs for their iOS devices. With assembly plants and sales networks in 65 countries across the world, Samsung has as many as 157,000 employees. Overall, Samsung sold 280 million mobile phones in 2010, corresponding to a market share of 20.2%. It was initially launched in Singapore, Malaysia and South Korea in June 2010 followed by US variants called Vibrant and Captivate in July and Epic and Fascinate in August and September. Make sure to checkout our wallpaper collection of LG Cell-phone, Motorola Nokia Cell-phone, Samsung Cell-phone, Sony Ericsson Cell-phone, Sprint Cell-phone. The evidence shows no increase in brain tumors that can be definitively linked to cell phone usage. However, it seems unlikely give the vast (and I mean truly vast) amount of cell phone users who experience no issues yet having used a cell phone for the last 10-15 years. They might play a part in designing their motherboards (I don't think they so, but I don't confirm that they do or don't).Intel designs and manufactures the chipsets, CPUs, and some of the graphics, Nvidia designs some of the graphics, Samsung designs and manufactures some of the RAM, etc. Time will tell, but for now the evidence suggests there is no danger in using your phone close to your head. LG phones are not without their faults: The feature phones don't store many text messages, the built in cameras are marginal at best, but I'll take stability and durability over top tier secondary features, particularly in the value-to-midrange tier. Apple might not just be a marketing company, but they still don't manufacture like the article states that they do.

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