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Some variants of this sample has been mentioned in the previously reports, but most of the reports only introduced some certain variants without a comprehensively and deeply description of this organization. The Windows variants that intercepted by Antiy Labs mainly have four types, namely: Chicken, rjshell, svchost and IntergrateCHK, the evolution time of whom can be seen from their complied time (see figure 2). Linux chicken generator is as simple as it and the Linux variant generated by 10991 is variant xudp which is attacked by the UDP flood DDoS.
From the controlling end, we can see the list of the monitoring machine which contains the name of controlled end, operating system, CPU and network speed information. Linux is written by c + + with the function of extracting information and waiting for attack after instructions. According to the character string, debugging information, configuration files, configuration form and path and other information, we can find the homologous relation between the variant samples.
Through the path “SVN \ trunk” in the debugging information contained in samples, we can infer that the DDoS tools developers write share code by SVN. As the Linux server proportion is increasingly higher, chickens attacked by DDoS have shifted from Windows to Linux system which includes smart cameras, NVR and so on, except for Linux server for the Web.
Antiy Labs is a vender of antivirus engine and solution, providing the best-in-breed antivirus engine and next generation antivirus services for confronting PC malware and mobile malware.

DDoS tools developed by this organization use SSH weak passwords and server vulnerabilities to control many Linux chickens.
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The main function of this sample is to collect basic information of the server and does DDoS attack.
The sample containing an interface from which we found the generator of Windows version variants. It has the function of half-connection, SYN flood, UDP flood attack function as well as batch forging. The latest version can enlarge the DNS attack ability and part of Linux will also release fake.
Through this information, the controlling end, Windows variant and Linux version variants can be connected, and the controlling end 10771, 10991, 58000, the M4 and Windows controlled end and Linux version controlled end are also associated. Through a correlative analysis, we found that its derived variants also had cross-platform ability, mainly including two versions as Windows and Linux system.
Through an analysis, it is the developers’ Chinese nicknames “Chen” and “maomao” with some Chinese characters “fan xiang” and “bei kong” added behind, indicating that the developed component code is a reverse connection controlled end.

This article mainly analyzes the controlling end, the generator and Windows and Linux variants in controlled end of this tool and makes a display of the homologous analysis and network infection of these samples. The developer named “Chen” (nickname) should be the main one whose nickname has been existed in multiple versions of the variants. The developers of “chicken_mm” adopted the SVN to develop collaboratively which evolved continuously for five years. Along with the increase of Linux server in domestic and the multi-limitations of Windows system, the hackers who are engaged in the DDoS before begin to change from Windows to Linux so that the attacked Linux servers increase dramatically. The developed software is spread in a secret way such as building the hacker BBS and so on., and it is mainly sold to domestic private server maintenance personnel and the hackers who blackmail users by DDoS attacks with part of the cracked versions being spread out at the same time. At the same time, it is the bandwidth advantages of the Linux server and the features of long-term online that make the DDoS attack more powerful.

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