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It would be beneficial to implement tracking of some sort, in order to see where, how and when people travel. I decided to undertake this project in order to understand the mobile wireless network and mobile tracking better. GPRS or any form of HSDPA allows a cell phone to connect to the internet which in turn allows them to connect to a server that returns their location.
After some extensive reading I found that what is happening behind the scenes is not a simple request from an online server. Your cell phone needs some sort of land mark to tell the server where about it is, so it uses its GSM or CDMA connection to find the nearest cell towers radio data. Now that your device has the information of these towers it needs to contact a server via the internet (GRPS,3G,4G). Studio SmutsThis site serves as the portfolio of two designers (Anja + Carson), exploring concepts in architecture, industrial design, furniture and social media. Here’s how to ensure that kids can talk and play safely on your device — without disabling apps or calling your contacts. What makes your family stand out from the flock?Tell us for a chance to win a trip to Kennedy Space Center!

Again, i tried to send a letter on your contact form on the contact page, but THERE IS NO SEND OR UPLOAD BUTTON! An upcoming summer 2013 studio will be going to South Africa and looking at the implications of mobile  wireless data and urban movement.
It would be even more interesting if we could couple the tracking with mobile network activity. We all know that our mobile devices connect to the internet through our cell-phone providers (MTN, AT&T, etc).
I started with this module below that I got from Adafruit and after using it for about a day.
This means that by the time you get the fix you wanted you could be 5 miles away , traveling 60MPH. Kids Mode for Samsung, included on most new Samsung phones and tablets, comes preloaded with educational games and disables access to the Web, contacts, and e-mail.2. The LG Dare boast a spacious three-inch touch-screen with handwriting recognition, a superior 3.2 megapixel camera with face detection and flash, and unique photo editing capabilities. To make switching between cell towers quicker, your cell phone retains a list of 6 to 7 of the closest cell phone towers it can sense within range.

This is not ideal if someone has to be conscious all the time about the devices orientation. The Kyte-Phone app turns Android devices into password-protected, kid-friendly phones with customizable controls, so you can, for example, monitor which apps your child uses and for how long. The phone will be available in Verizon Wireless Communications Stores, including those in Circuit City, on July 3.
This module design allows us to scan the network , locate cell towers and report back to an internet database via GPRS or text to another phone.
The Mamabear app allows you to find your child through a smartphone, keep tabs on social media use, and see when she adds new contacts, uses restricted words, or uploads photos. The Famigo app lets you set limits on game time and block kids from getting into your personal info.

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