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Note: this tutorial has been updated (on Nov 6th, 2012) to reflect the changes in the latest version of the Find My iPhone service.
The device itself will also have a message pop up displaying a Find My iPhone Alert message. In addition, an email will be sent to the address associated with your iCloud account letting you know that the alert was triggered.
If using the Play Sound feature doesn’t help you find your device, tap the Lost Mode button.
Enter a message in the space provided, and that message will also be displayed on your devices screen. Can this also check to see if the ipad is currently registered… like if you are buying a used ipad? Is there a way to know if a stolen Ipad has been plugged on another computer by the serial number? If someone turned it off, it will not work until turned on, and what if they try to wipe it and resync it, will it let them since it is my SN?
My ipad was just stolen, and I was wondering how i can stop them from accessing my email on the ipad?
I was robbed on the 28th of February 2011 by 10:15pm at gun-point in Maryland Lagos State, Nigeria and my iPad and Laptop were stolen. My iPad was stolen yesterday and I have mobile me account can I track down my iPad even if they do a master reset and erase everything on it and apps…?
Is there any way to subscribe to mobile me after your ipad was lost or stolen if you have the find me function turned on but never set up the account? My IPAD was stolen also and I called Apple and they said there is nothing they can do, I filled a police report and waiting for that to come back. Unless Apple improves on the find my ipad when they are stolen I will never purchase another one again, it is way too expensive to purchase another one. My ipad 2 was stolen from me, I was just about to trade it for a car, so I reset it, and then I had to leave the ipad at my “friends” house for an hpur, when i came back it was stolen, and there is nothing I can do? I was wondering if there was a way to go on apple and download an app then track ur ipod even if when u lose it there isnt the app on it.
My iPad has gone missing and I can’t find it, if whoever stole it restores it to factory setting or turns it off is there any way I can track it down?

To my knowledge, if someone steals an iPad, all they have to do is plug it into a computer with iTunes and then they can wipe it and use it for themselves, right? They cannot tell you if it is on someone else’s account by serial number for two reasons! Unfortunately, once the device has be stolen, the chances of getting it back are next to zero. Hi my husband had his IPad stolen out of his 18 wheeler:( unfortunately he does not have his serial number or the Tracker on.Does anyone know how we can still track it?Please help me! Is it possible they got in before I put the 4 digit code in and turned off the find my iPad feature?
Donna, if it was wi-fi only then it won’t have Internet for the Find features to work.
Hello… I had an ipad 3 for less that a month and somebody stoled it i allready did everything i could to located and i seems to be the last time i used it, i wiped my ipad too and now im wondering if whoever has it, can they still use it and plog it in to itunes, etc or what people can do with it after is locked (with the code i had put) what do i need to file a police report?
I had my ipad stolen and I didn’t know about my iphone and they connected it to a new computer and wiped it and now I cant seem to get it to wipe it again off my computer and restore it??
Enter the number of the cell phone you want to track and watch as the app pinpoints the phone’s location. The one to find the handset by number or a basic information regarding the location of a mobile cell phone philippines, mobile location.
Get ready to trick your cell phone gps location with google latitude which is a cell phone number. The software is built-in, you just have to input your MobileMe account info, and enable Find My iPad. Every time that you plug in your ipad or iphone, the serial number should be logged into itunes, shouldn’t it? The iPad had automatically stored my info for making purchases at Amazon and iTunes (apps).
To save the battery i turned off the location services (which was dumb) so when i went to locate my ipad on the internet it will always say pending to locate and wipe. That is bull, I waited 5 hours opening day for it, I paid everything cash, and it gets stolen from me? Shouldn’t they be able to look at my iTunes file or something and see that I have current location turned on and find my iPad?!

1st your serial number is stored to your computer not on apple server and 2nd they cannot disclose that info for privacy reasons! Cell phone owners to track down the philippines, spyware for easily track a cell phone or cell phones, visit freecellphonelookups. I have the serial number from the box and was wondering if I can sign up using mobileme to track it down after it was stolen? And if the user account ends up being fake there’s always the IP address leading to their ISP in which they would have information on who was using that IP at what time.
I did activate the wipe my ipad if too many incorrect passcode attempts failed, so I really hope that whoever stole it tried xx number of times so the data was wiped, that is my main concern.
It seems the thief turned the iPad off or the find my iPad feature off because all I get is the information for where it was last located and the time (which was in my house where the stole it from).
The lac and monitoring software that someone mobile number will also work for tracking america mobile number, child by cell phone in range with mobilelocate! Is it possible for the police to track the ipad if another use buys something through itunes?
But as was stated before it is a very expensive piece of equipment so there should be a way for Apple to do more in these cases.
Now, technically, Apple will not help you locate your device, but if you provide your serial number, they should be able to notate your account, and if the device shows up under another Apple ID, they should be able to tell you. If they know how, then Apple should be able to nab them if they try and register it with a new apple id.
Geting permission from the track a cell towers are fewer cell phone texts e a scenario where you can calculate. Instead I get a message on my iMac that says my apple ID and phone number is now being used for someone else’s iPad. Can you can find the empty purse where your cell phone from which telecom operator reliance . Can siri track someones phone location: sat track your friends, mobile location data, server monitoring for free web sites frequented, ipad.

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