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Now fast forward the clock some 40 years and not only have I earned my ham radio license (currently an extra class) I've also learned the importance of never wearing cowboy boots with shorts. While I enjoy working local contacts on 2m and 70cm (including D-STAR), I spend most of my time operating on the HF bands. I've also fired back up my VHF packet station which has been off the air for over 6 months. I'm an ARRL Life Member, a member of the RSGB, AMSAT, the Tri-Lakes Monument AmateurRadio Club (W0TLM), Colorado QRP Club Member #884, QRP Amateur Radio Club Intl #14819 and PODXS 070 Club #851.
I typically review each stations QRZ profile to determine whether or not you desire paper QSL cards. I also upload to LoTW and eQSL on a daily basis and generally try to upload my logs to QRZ and Club Log once a week. Please check out my web page for additional information about me and my activities in ham radio. FIRST STATION: Hallicrafters SX-111 receiver and Viking Adventurer 50W crystal-controlled CW-only transmitter (807 tube) to a 40m dipole.

I've also had the opportunity to operate Field Day with my uncle (pictured background) K5SOR.
If you indicate using paper QSL cards, then I most likely will send you my card without an SASE. I'm a Vietnam veteran (active 68-70) serving as a shipboard Radarman PO2 with 10 years total service in the Navy Reserves. I successfully completed this challenge in 2012 and am looking forward to trying it once again in 2014. The picture below is from 2008 while operating Field Day with the Sam Houston Amateur Radio Klub (SHARK ARC) in Cleveland, Texas. I also enjoy the digital modes and operate PSK-31, RTTY, JT65 and just starting to explore JT9. This is another aspect of the hobby which I remember from my childhood experiences of my uncle's ham shack. The goal of my podcast is to help attract new hams to the hobby and to provide instruction and even inspiration to the older (more seasoned) hams on new modes.

I've enjoyed many career paths including Hewlett-Packard as a microwave tech at Santa Clara Frequency and Time Division, Grass Valley Group as a Division Service Manager, Director of Training and as Field Service Manager in the broadcast television industry. I remember looking through his QSL card collection and wondering where all these foreign countries were located. I also work HF mobile with an ICOM IC-706 MkIIG and High Sierra HS-1800 screwdriver antenna (pictures below). I'm now retired as of January 2015, enjoying traveling with my XYL of 45+ years (W6LPG). When I finally became a ham, I knew collecting paper QSL cards was something I wanted to do.
There's no better feeling than walking to the mailbox and finding a QSL card waiting for me.

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